10 Unique bohemian fashion style to steal

1.Beach ware Boho style


Want to feel free while still wearing that boho look,this one covers all. You can stroll through the sunny beach with this stunning outfit without feeling too hot,as the clothing has enough opening to allow cool air in. Plus it showcases your beautiful boho style bikini ware.

2.Boho Mini Dress


This one features cool flowers stretching down the bosom.

Being white in color, it makes the flowers stand out. The boots complement the short dress, with the flower patterns on them matching those on the dress. Since the dress neck area is open all the way to the shoulder area, the red flowery necklace does a good job of taking away the viewer focus from the uncovered area back to it.

3.Long Dress/Top


White color goes well with the summer season.Keeps you cool all day.You could wear this top with your normal pants.You can see how it mixes well with this jeans.

A good alternative to the jean would be a tie waist trouser, white or black or any color that matches the flowers. You could put on a Hat or leave your hair free.

4.Free Dress


We don’t know what is your idea of a free dress, but the reason we call it a free dress is that it doesn’t hold on to your body. You can move freely because it not tightly held to you. Good for occasions such as birthday parties, Halloween and much more

5.Feeling Cold-Grab a Jacket


Who said you cant add a jacket on top of your boho outfit? See how cool it looks. The jeans jacket fits in well with the dress. You’ve got to look for what matches with your bohemian outfits – in case it gets cold. You want to remain in style.

6.Boho with High waist Jeans


7. Modern Boho Shoes


Cool bohemian sneakers with a modern touch to them.Good to go with a bohemian mini dress.

8.Horse rider boots


Good for wearing with long jeans pants.Keeps the cold weather out too.

9.Real Bohemian Bag


Bohemian fashion enthusiast should not miss this accessory in their collection.It signifies that you completely know how to dress up in this kind of exotic fashion.

10.Bohemian Sandals


You aren’t complete without a pair of bohemian boots or sandals. This ones will go well with a mini dress we showed you above.The flowers arrangement and choice on them makes you standout especially if you do your nails color to match some of the flowers