15 Self-employment ideas

There is nothing in the world as good as working on your own terms, where no boss hovering and commandeering you left right and center.

Self-employment gives you the freedom to live the way you want while earning as much as you can think of.

The only thing between you and that freedom you so desire is self-drive.

Willingness to succeed should be the common driver every morning so that you always jump into money generating activities every day consistently without fail.

Here are the 15 self-employment ideas you could start today.

1. Become a freelancer.

The internet has opened a lot of avenues of earning cash from home that were not available a few decades ago.

For example, previously before the advent of the internet, if you wanted the services of a graphics designer, you had to visit them in their offices.

Not anymore,

Today, you can hire one right from the comfort of your house. You also get to evaluate a number of designers from thousands online and finally settle for the right one.

Why not join the bandwagon yourself.

Do you have skills you can offer to the world at a fee?

Here are some of the freelancing services you could offer include

  • Article writing.
  • Voice over.
  • Graphic design.
  • Web design.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Data entry.
  • Transcription.
  • Video editing.

To begin, you will need to list your services on freelancing platforms or start your own blog around the services you offer.

One last thing, you can increase your income by learning more skills other than what you already know. This way, you increase your chances of getting more jobs for the number of skills you have accumulated.

See,someone requiring article writing might as well be needing Logo design services. If you are a good writer and you also know how to design good logos, the two jobs become yours truly.

2. Start a dropshipping business.

Join the e-commerce business world and compete with big giants like Amazon and Walmart.

The internet offers an equal opportunity for all, be it amazon.com or small ecom business, they all have the same access to the market for products they want to sell.

How do you start?

You just need an eCommerce website,that’s it!

There are many e-commerce platforms out there that you could use.

Some are free, others come with a monthly fee charge.

Here are some of the examples

  • Woocommerce(Free package is enough to start)
  • Shopify(Monthly subscription)

Where do I get products?

Talk to manufacturers who sell products you want to dropship. Find out whether they accept the dropshipping business model. If so, you have just landed a source for products to sell online.

Load pictures and prices for your products into your eCommerce website and publish them.

Of course, you will have to buy a domain and host your website as well to go live. Choose a memorable domain name while at it. This is so that your clients can remember your site whenever they need to make another purchase order.

We recommend HostGator Hosting services, they have strong servers and awesome bonus services and perks. Check them out here

Tip 💡: Did you know that the majority of products come from China!

Why not import your dropshipped products directly from China.

To do this, use Aliexpress.com 

Copy the products you want from the site into your eCommerce store. Add your profit on top of the price indicated on Aliexpress.

Whenever someone purchases from your store, you head over to Aliexpress and purchase it, then enter your client address and let Aliexpress.com  ship it to your customer.

You simply don’t come into physical contact of the item ordered.

Choose the ePacket shipping method, it is more faster than other forms and costs less.

Some times, adding products to your store may be difficult and time-consuming.

However, there is an easier way to automate things.

Guys at Alidropship have developed a Woocommerce compatible system that imports products from Aliexpress.com to your Woocommerce store at a click of the button. Everything from pictures to item details and pricing. You only have to adjust the prices on your store to include your profit.

Learn more about Alidropship system here

3. Create a course.

Are you good at something and want to teach people how to do it?

You could create a course that people would want to buy. You could start making thousands of dollars from courses, if and only if your courses are helpful.

You can sell them through your own blog or platforms such as Udemy and Teachable.

Check out examples of courses created by other course creators here.

4. Sign up for delivery gigs.

This is an easy one.

You only have to be a licensed driver with no criminal record to start earning as a product delivery person.

A great place to start is at DoorDash.

Doordash is an app where people order food from restaurants. What the app does is to connect food clients (customer)with restaurants and the delivery person.

Whenever there is an order, you, the driver is notified on the app. You then pick the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer using your own car.

It is that simple.

Check out our full review of DoorDash here.

Other similar delivery jobs are:-

  • Postmates
  • Amazon Flex

5.Become a parttime proofreader

Do you love reading?

If yes, this is a good side gig for you.

There are many companies worldwide looking for proofreaders.

Millions of books are being published daily and the services of a proofreader are in high demand.

And the best part is that you work at home.

Click here to read a full post on how to go about it.

6.Participate in online surveys

People are making good money by participating in simple surveys online.

There is a potential of making $50 per survey.

This could rack up to a lot of cash by the end of the month if you do them consistently.

We did a review of the best survey sites that pay cash, Click here to read it.

Quick Ways to make Cash online

💎 Join Survey Junkey or Swagbucks and make at least $50 a day by answering 10 minutes long or so survey queries.

💎 Refer friends to Ebates and earn $10 per signup. Earn a commission on every purchase made by your referral.

💎 Invest shopping change for future profits with Acorns. Don’t waste your small change on trivial purchases, invest!

💎 Get cashback with Trim and Paribus anytime an item you purchased earlier falls in price.

Check out our full review of these mobile apps by clicking here

7.Become a dog sitter

Are you a Dogs person?

Do you love to give good care to pets as well as play with them?

Then this kind of job sits well with you.

Consider downloading Rover App and start earning right away.

What is all required of you is a clean criminal record to sign up.

Check out our full review of the rover app here.

8.Become a Youtuber

Did you know that you could earn as much as $5000 per month with google ads on your youtube videos?

The only trick is how to create captivating content to keep viewers coming for more.

Find something you are passionate about and create videos around it. Creating videos around your passion means that you will never lack content to post.

Youtube likes consistent posting, your viewers as well will like to view more awesome content from you every so often.

So, find out your passion and start earning money as soon as possible using youtube ads on your videos.

9. Rent out a room in your house.

Is there a room in your house that you don’t often use.

Instead of dust piling up in it, you could turn it into an income-generating source.

With Airbnb, you can rent out your room for some good returns to travelers who want to spend their time in a homely environment. Most people don’t like staying in a hotel. Homes are a great alternative.

Let us turn that extra room into some income stream by you joining Airbnb.

10. Start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people products for some agreed commission.

You get links from merchants you would want to promote and market them to your audience.

Marketing could be through social media pages, youtube channel or on your own website.

Read how to start a blog here and learn how to monetize it with affiliate marketing.

11.Rent out your car with Getaround

Do you have a car that you don’t use so often?

Don’t let it lie idle on the driveway collecting dust and losing value with time.

Start earning some good amount with Getaround.

It is a safe way to share your car when you are not using it and earn more than $500 per month.

12. Take up online tutoring jobs

  • Teach English (Qkids, VIPKID, English First)
  • Chegg

Above are some of the places you could get teaching gigs online.

Although these platforms require you to have some training in the area of study you are to teach, its a good starting point for people with requisite qualifications to make money online.

VIPKID, for example, requires you to have a degree in education and some experience.

However, these are lucrative places to work at home when you don’t want to be employed anymore.

You work on your own schedule and can earn as much as you want.

Find out more companies that are looking for English tutors by clicking here

13.Become a Tasker at TaskRabbit

Odd jobs could also help bring in that much-needed cash.

Find out some of these jobs in your area through the TaskRabbit website.

Here are some of the jobs you can take up. These are the most in-demand service jobs on TaskRabbit.

  • HandyMan
  • Cleaning
  • Delivery
  • Moving
  • Personal Assistant

To join, you only have to fill in your details online, then attend a training session in your area after which you can start offering your services.

Download TaskRabbit app, it will be notifying you of jobs near you. You can either accept or leave them if you have other things to do.

To succeed in TaskRabbit gigs, ensure you have skills for the job and you have relevant qualifications.

14. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a market place for hand made stuff.

This is a good avenue for creative individuals.

Are you a craftsperson?

You can make good money selling your wares here.

Make unique items, open an online shop on Etsy, optimize it for Etsy search and watch orders trickle in.

15.Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone hired remotely to continuously attend to some tasks over a length of time. Usually in a span of 3 months or 6 months and sometimes years.

To be hired as a virtual assistant, you must possess a given skill that you will offer to your clients.

Some of the virtual assistant jobs include

  • Content Management on a website.
  • User support.
  • eCommerce store order fullfilment.
  • Social Media Manager.

Where can you find these jobs?

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Problogger

But the best way to carry out your VA business is hosting your services on your own blog and have your client make orders from there. You cut out the middle man and have control over everything.

16.Lend money with Lending Club

Want to make extra cash?

Consider joining the Lending club. Its a peer to peer lending business model where people contribute while others borrow from the funds contributed.

You obviously benefit from the profit that comes in and there is a possibility of growing big income using the Lending Club.

People at Lending Club do a background check of borrowers so that their lenders rest assured that their money is in safe hands.

You can begin to invest as little as $25 as you asses Lending Club capability of growing your income.

If however, you want to borrow, you can check your rate

Well, those are some of the ways to make money you can evaluate and pick those that work for you.


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