26 ways to make money fast online

A List of 26 ways to make money fast online

Want to know which are the best paying easy jobs to do at home.

We have prepared a comprehensive list so that you can have an easy job at choosing which ones you can work on.

1..Sell services on fiverr and Upwork

Do you have a skill that you can sell online?

There are this two powerful websites where you can sell your skill.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

Services that you can offer include

  1. Voice Over
  2. Social media marketting and Management
  3. Data entry
  4. Translation
  5. Relationship Advice
  6. Fitness Lessons

And many more,You could earn alot of money at home just by exercising your passion.

2..Beocme a Writter

There are millions of websites created daily on the internet.These blogs need content.

Most website owners do not have time to write content.

Therefore,these people are looking for writers.

But they want a good writter while at it.

You can get writting jobs in the foolowing websites.

  • Zyrys
  • Text Broker
  • The content Authority

3..Become a Proofreader

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4..Become a Trancriptionist

This is an easy job that you can do at home.

It invoves you converting 5 Minutes video files into text.

You only need good internet connection and keen ear to capture every thing being said correctly.

Among the website you can find Jobs include

  • GoTrancript
  • Rev.com
  • Scribe.com

5..Participate in online surveys.

You can earn up to $50 per survey.

Participate in 5 surveys like these in a day you can easily make not less than $200 a day.

Surveys involve answering simple questionares about products or services that you use.

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6..Teach English Online

Do you have a degree in education?

Can you comfortably teach english?

Do you live in the USA?

If the answer is yes,then you are a perfect candidate for teaching Jobs online.

There are websites whose main purpose is to provide this opportunity for people who want to work from home.

There is hig possibility of earning $25 per hour

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7..Become a dropshipper.

You can begin your own e-commerce business just like Amazon.

All you have to do is set up an e-commerce website, add product pictures, product prices and begin selling today.

This could be your own products that you make or from other manufacturers out there.

A good place to source products is on aliexpress.com. There are many products on that website you could sell at a profit.

Just download images and descriptions of the products you would like to sell on the eCommerce website that you have just made. Then add a certain margin on the price(this is your profit).

Thereafter, market your products on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Then wait and see dollars trickling in.

Once someone makes a purchase on your site, head over to Aliexpress.com and purchase the same product.

Enter your customer’s details on the address page in the aliexpress site. Aliexpress will then send the item to your customer for you. The delivery time normally takes between 10 to 21 days.

We have just seen that you need an e-commerce system to start your business. A good platform to use is the Alidropship woocommerce WordPress plugin.

Alidropship plugin integrates with woocomerce easily.

The good thing about Alidropship is that it will reduce the work of importing products from aliexpress.com.

You can upload hundreds of products to your site in a matter of minutes.

Alidropship designers can even assist you in setting everything up.

Click here to head over to the alidropship website.

8..Become a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant helps companies and individuals in the management of thier day to day running of their business remotely.

You do such jobs such as customer support,Website editing ,content creation,email handling,digital marketing and many more.

You just choose the are in which you are good at and concentrate on building your virtual business around that.

You can get such jobs on fiverr.com and upwork.com.

You can also start you own website and start marketing it to get your own direct clients.

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9..Start a profiatble Blog

There are individuals online making as much as $5000 online through their blogs that they started from scratch.

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10..Become a Digital Marketter.

The digital realm is taking over.

People are buying goods and services more than ever.

But to become a successful seller online,you will have to acquire Digital marketiing skills.

These includes but not limited to

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Google ads.

If you are good at doing all the above,you can quickly rise as an online seller.

You could sell your skills as a service to people looking for a digital marketter.

The good thing with this kind of job is that you can do it remotely.You dont need to have an office.

11..Create and sell eBooks

Are you tallented in writting interesting novels?

Do you have something that you can teach?

You can write and sell ebooks online and make alot of dollars.

With the internet,you have a large pool of customers that runs into millions.

Where can I sell my Ebooks?

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Blurb
  • Lulu

12..Start online Coaching.

You can teach a subject that you are an expert in.

You can teach live using live cast or make videos that can continiously sell even when you are not actively online.

Here is where you can sell your content

  • Udemmy
  • Teachable
  • Digital Chalk

13..Start a Podcast.

Learn How to make money using Podcasts by clicking here

14..Become a Graphics Designer.

You have good graphics design , right?

You can earn good money from your skills.

Graphic designs are in high demand online world wide.

Check out 99designs.com for more information.

15..Sell Photos

Are you good at taking quality photos.

There is a huge market for good pictures online.

You can earn good money from your shots.

Here is the list to sell photos:-

  • Adobe stock
  • Shutter stock
  • Fotomoto

16..Create and sell mobile applications

Can you create mobile app games or other kind of soutions?

If yes,you can make money through mobile apps.

The way you make money with mobile apps is by subscription basis.

People subscribe to the services of you mobile apps.

It can be monthly or yearly subscription.

You can always upload your mobile apps on google play

17..Create and sell websites

Themeforest is a popular website selling platform.

If you have good programming skills ,you can make lots of dollars creating cool websites and selling them on themeforest.com

18.Become an Amazon FBA seller

This is similar to dropshipping,however,instead of selling on your website,you sell on Amazon.

Amazon.com is the world leader in eCommerce business.

So you are guaranteed quick sales once you join the Amazon FBA program.

Where do I get products to sell?

Well,you will have to accumulate enough capital first.This is because you will be purchasing products in bulk from manufuctures and selling them at a profit on Amazon.

There are local manufactures in your area that you can partner with or you can even decide to purchase from manufactures in China.

There is a popular website known as Alibaba.com where you can get good suppliers from China.

19..Sell on Etsy

This is a handmade product sales platform.

If you are good at crafting things such as earings,necklaces,this is the website for you.

There is a ready market for your wares,just sign up for etsy seller account and start selling from home.

20..Become a website flipper seller

This involves purchasing websites that are already making money online,then

21..Sell Tshirts online

You can start selling Tshirts on Amazon Merch or Tspring.

You just have to come up with creative designs,upload them on Tspring or Merch and start selling.

You can hire a graphic designer on Fiverr.com if you dont have design skills.

22..Sell stuff on Ebay

You can start selling your old stuff on Ebay.

There is also a possibility of doing Amazon-Ebay arbitrage

23..Do Amazon MTURK jobs

This will not make you much money,but are a necessity to cover some of your small bills.

24..Participate in Usability testing

You can get paid to review the easiness of using a website.

There are companies who offer this services and require the interaction of real humans with their clients website.

Your work will be to click around websites that you are given and give a report on how easy or not the websites are to navigate.

You can check the following websites.

  • UserTesting
  • UserFeel
  • WhatUsersDo
  • Testing Time

25..Make Money on Youtube

If you can make viral videos,you could make alot of money from google adsense.

It is a system where you share advertisers ads revenue with google when they run ads on your youtube account.

Check this post to learn more.

26.Become a pinterest VA

Pinterest involves frequent pinning of beautiful pins.

There are people who run pinterest accounts but dont have time to create pins.

Why not become a pinterest Virtual Assistant?