About Bunk beds

Why you should choose a bunk bed?

What is a bunk bed?
A bunk bed is a bed that has a normal bed affixed on top of a normal bed.
The idea of a bunk bed is to conserve space as it takes less room and at the same time providing extra sleeping area for more people.
Bunk beds come in different sizes, styles and designs aimed at suiting a variety of people desires. They come in simple to exquisite designs which range in prices. The pricy items have the best design and quality.

Twin over full bunk beds

You can choose any of the above depending on your family needs.
Here are some of examples of the best bunk bed of 2017

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps and 2 Under Bed Drawers, Gray

This is a contemporary design with a lot of useful design input implemented on.It has an attractive gray finish that can blend well with white bedroom.
The drawers have been incorporated into this design both underneath and on the stair way. It provides storage facility eliminating the need to purchase a drawer for your kids cloths and other items especially when you are constrained on budget or the room is just not enough to take in more bedroom sets
The top bed has a high guard rail that will protect your kid from falling off at night. The stair way for this twin over twin bunk bed is smartly designed .Attached at the footer, it ensures that the person at the top does not hang when they roll over out as opposed to other bunk beds.It also gives an easy access to the top bed too.
The bed is versatile too, if you are having young kids for whom you care about their safety at top, then this bed is for you. It comes with capability of disengaging the top bed into two separate twin beds. Therefore each kid will be securely sleeping on the ground bed. One bed will have a smaller foot board though. Talk of convenience here!
The bunk bed comes in a variety of colors to match different people taste and personalities. You have the options of gray, espresso, white or gray to choose from.

Sturdiness of these solid Brazilian pine wood bunk beds is top notch. The only catch is to keenly follow the instructions when assembling.
What we liked about these beds
They can be disjoined to separate twin beds.

Angel Line Creston Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

This is a twin size bunk bed that comes with a slightly slanting ladder. The ladder is so positioned to allow your kids to effortlessly access the top bed safely.

What we love about this bed is that it is easy to assemble and can as well be disjoined into separate beds not to mention its utmost sturdiness.
What we did not like about this bed
The space between the beds is small, however, it is a good bed for kids who are not too old.
Twin Full Size Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers in Cherry Finish
We have seen a bed with storage on the stairs, well this is another variation of a full size bunk bed with storage underneath.
It has two drawers with rolling wheels attached to each to allow smooth pulling and pushing.
The ladder orientation is uniquely done to add both style and ease of access to the top bed.
This twin over full bunk bed is good fit for a single mom with a young kid. Kid can take the top bed. It can as well be used by your kids if you have a number, the older one taking the top bed.

Coaster Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack, Black Finish

Bunk beds are space savers as we highlighted above. If you are having a kid who loves gaming, programming or simply reading and do not have enough room to place a reading table, then this is a big win.
It comes with a corner desk affixed instead of a bottom bunk. Between the desk and the footer legs, there is enough space to place an extra seat or a chaser.
The top bed has good solid guard rails for safety and we like the way the ladder is positioned; It is right behind on the foot board. This helps in reducing the amount of space that would otherwise have been needed for a slanting ladder.

Coaster Home Furnishings 460074 Transitional Under Bed Storage, Cappuccino

This is a multipurpose stylish exquisite piece of furniture to put in your kids’ bedroom .It functions both as a bunk bed as well as a trundle bed. The ladders fixed at a position at the fore of the bed and the good thing is that it is removable.
The bed can be detached to independent twin beds that you can choose to place in separate bedrooms. I have outlined the importance of detaching the bed below.
The trundle easily slides out smoothly. It can be detached as well and put anywhere in the room.
The bed is mostly available in two colors; espresso and cappuccino.

Most people purchase bunk beds for raising their kids, here are some of the concerns of many parents when deciding to purchase a bed for their kids.
Most popular sizes for beds today are the twin size beds and the full size beds. A twin size bed is mostly preferred because its cheap and especially where the kids do not want to share the bed. However, if you have a number of kids, it better to go for a full size bed that allows more than one person to share the bed.
Bunk beds comes in these sizes too, You will find full over full bunk beds that is good for adults and can serve as a guest bed .Twin over full bunk beds are a common place nowadays, Its mostly bought by single mothers, the mom takes the lower bed while your kid may take the twin bed. While Twin over twin bunk beds is the most common bunk beds, they are the best space savers when it comes to small room’s considerations.

The two popular materials used to construct these beds are Metal and wood.
Manufactures of bunk beds have been made to observe quality standards such as the CPSC and the ASTM.Kids like to taste things; you will find them biting the wooden or th metal bed frame. Therefore the builders of these beds have to ensure that they have perfect finish that does not pose health risk to your kids.
Safety of the kids
It is only natural for kids to want to take some adventure and try out things such as jumping off the top bed, or change the orientation of the bed. This is inevitable and we can always predict that it will happen someday.
What we advise is to wait until your kids are old enough, say over 10 years old before purchasing a bunk bed.
However, some parents cannot wait to get that awesome piece of furniture.
Well, the manufactures of bunk beds have you covered.
One of the solutions is to produce detachable bunk bed, meaning, you can separate the top bed from the lower one and have it placed separately in the kids bedroom up until that time when the kids are old enough to sleep on the bunk bed. This way you reduce the risk of your young kids from falling off badly when they try to jump off like a superman.
Another solution is to make the beds exciting by providing a slide way, this discourages jumping off as they enjoy the slides
The stairs provide a natural way of accessing the top bed as opposed to using a ladder where the kid might miss a step and slip off. Some manufactures have optimized the stairs and included drawers I there increasing storage facility.
Guard rails protects the kid sleeping on top, many producers have made them taller to really discourage jumping off
Detachable ladder; you can always take it away in the morning. This way, the kids have no means to access the top bed. You can always re attach it during sleeping hours.
You as a parent should take the initiative of teaching your kids the dangers of flying from the top as a precaution. You can keep the bedroom out of bound during the day.
It’s a good decision to invest in a good bed. You will be having your kids for a long time, up until they graduate college. Therefore, invest in a good bed, probably a full over full bunk bed. This means you should be willing to pay more to get a full over full bunk bed.
Well, if you are constrained on your budget you can go for a cheaper bed that you can dispose of and upgrade to a better one.
Why you should purchase a bunk bed for you kids?
Bunk bed adds glamour to your kids room especially if you purchase the stylish ones
Leaves more space for your kids to play
A bunk bed with desk will provide extra space for installing your kids computer or a play station where your bedroom space is small.
Some bunk beds provides an adventure for your kids such as bunk beds with slide and bunk beds with stairs
Creates bonding between your kids as they can now share a bedroom and narrate stories
Creates more sleeping space for sleep overs
Bunk beds with storage do provide extra storage area for your kids gaming items.

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