About Trundle Beds

What are Trundle beds?

A trundle bed can be defined as a bed that incorporates a trundle within it.A trundle is a bed designed to roll in and out beneath a normal bed. Trundle beds are a common place in modern homes. They help conserve space for most homes that are particularly  constrained with living space but more comfortable sleeping space is a necessity.

 When making a purchase for the trundle bed frame its only appropriate to purchase the full unit at the same time. This ensures that you get the actual trundle that will perfectly fit the underneath bed. Purchasing the trundle later may result to a mismatch as well as an increase in cost of buying as compared to initial cost. On the same note, It’s always wise to purchase the mattress .The retailers can easily assist you get a mattress that effectively fits to your upper and lower beds. Also ensure that the mattress is as comfortable as you would prefer. Most trundles will only accommodate thinner mattresses. This is to allow it to smoothly slide under the bed. For this factor; the trundle would not be an appropriate sleeping area for people with back pains. Most people purchase a trundle bed for occasional use of the trundle, say in case you have guests that require a sleeping space for the night

Types of trundle bed frames

DayBed with Trundle

Do you know you can add extra sleeping space in your living room? Well,Yes you can. If you are planning to furnish your living room with a daybed,This is a perfect time to think of purchasing a daybed with trundle.There are two types of daybeds;Twin sized daybed or a full sized daybed. If you are looking to have more sleeping furniture for your guest,then do not just buy a daybed.Think of purchasing a daybed with trundle.We have reviewed best full size daybeds with trundle here .

Most manufactures have perfectly crafted daybeds with trundle to ensure that they blend in with most home decors and that the trundle movements are smooth and do not alter your floor structure especially if you have a wooden floor. Once pulled in its not easy to tell if the trundle even exist.That is why a daybed with trundle is fair piece of furniture to have in your living room

Bunk beds with trundle

Bunk beds are mostly popular for raising kids. Kids love these beds for their nature of allowing them the excitement of climbing up or even sleeping at the top. You will even find them fighting for the top bed. Sometimes you may have more kids, or you are constantly having your kids come over for a sleep over. “You have popular kids!”. The bunk bed might not provide enough sleeping space and therefore a bunk bed with trundle may provide that extra needed sleeping space. You can always roll it out when ever need be. When not in use as a bed, the trundle can be used to store you kid’s cloths, skating boards, rollers and many more.

pop up trundle beds for adults

Some people do not go with the idea of sleeping too close to the ground as most of the trundle beds offer. Some people would like the feeling of the normal bed height provides. A trundle bed with pop up trundle is a perfect match for this scenario. The prop up trundle bed is made of metal and can spring up to the height of the normal bed when needed. Actually the name prop up comes from the fact that they can be risen up and affixed to the desired height when needed.

This are perfect beds for people with are tight on space but still would like a normal bed feel every time they go to sleep.The spring holding up the pop-up metal trundle bed are or strong design to guarantee sturdy structure all through the night and through the years as well.Your guest or Kids or guests will enjoy the normal bed setting with a trundle bed with prop up trundle.

The prop-up trundle bed frame can be used in its down position as well.If you have people naive of sleeping on it in the propped up position,just roll it out and have them sleep on it  without setting it up.This  is the beauty of this metal trundle bed.

Normal beds with Trundle

These are the usual beds that come with a sliding trundle. The trundle can be attached to the bed restricting any detachment attempts. Others may allow complete detachment giving you room to position the trundle bed frame wherever you want in the room. It all depends on your desire.

Trundle beds for adults sizes

The trundle beds are manufactured in in both Twin size and full size. Therefore when shopping for a bed on online platform its advisable to check the beds dimensions. Always check for:-

  • Twin size Trundle bed

Twin size trundle beds are most appropriate pieces of furniture for rooms that are tight on space like a studio room or a room that needs to accomodate many kids.

Twin size trundle bed are cheap and easy to set up.

Most people use this type to raise their kids on.The trundle can be used by the younger kids.

  • Full size Trundle bed

Full size trundle beds are a real saver when it comes to hosting guests.One bed can host up to a maximum of four people sleeping comfortably.You would need a full size trundle bed if you have many kids or constantly hosting visitors.

  • Queen size trundle bed

For lovers of queen beds,there are innumerable queen size trundle beds to choose from.

Material Used to make the beds with trundle

The most popular materials used for manufacturing these type of beds are as follows

  • Metal

Metal is most suited for constructing pop up trundle beds.Metal wouldn’t break easily as a result of setting a prop up bed on a daily basis.

  • wooden

For a solid quiet sleep experience,a wooden trundle bed is the go to solution.They are study and most of the time made from durable wood.For a long life great experience,purchase the pricey ones.they are made out of hard wood that is not vulnerable to termites destruction.

Hard wood beds also require little attention and maintenance.

DIY Trundle Bed for adults

Your room may be small to accommodate an extra full size bed ,but you may already be having a bed with enough underneath space to fit a trundle. To optimize the space, the most appropriate thing to do is to construct a trundle yourself. Can you make your own trundle bed? Yes. How, you may ask? If you are good at joinery or carpentry this is absolutely easy and possible.

General instructions

The most important factor is to ensure that the trundle will fit under the bed and that the final DIY trundle will accommodate a twin sized mattress that will allow a comfortable sleep.

  • Measurements

There two measurements you must observe.

    • The distance between the legs
    • The space height between the floor and bed’s Under

This will inform you of the size of the trundle bed frame you are going to make and also whether it will be feasible.

  • Materials

You are going to need wood pieces to construct the trundle frame that will hold the mattress. You may want to match the type of the wood with that of the main bed. For example if the main bed is made of pine, then source for pieces of pine wood. This helps create the impression that the trundle actually came with the main bed Paint that will be used to paint the trundle to match the main bed color. Strong plywood. Will be used as the trundles bottom .This is where the trundles mattress will lie Screws or nails to join the wood pieces Cut two pieces of wood according to a standard twin size width dimensions. Likewise cut two other pieces according to the main bed length size. This is the dimension of the space between the legs of the main bed. Leave an allowance of 2 centimeters between the trundle and the legs to allow free movement of the trundle. This means that the length of the trundle will be 4 cm less to the distance between the legs Now use your joinery expertise to construct a homemade trundle. Make sure everything fits perfectly to produce a sturdy trundle. Sturdiness is a necessity for the basic reason that the trundle will be involved in constant movement and should withstand any kind of shocks for the longest of time. Paint the trundle appropriately and allow it to completely dry before bringing it back to the house The advantage of a homemade trundle is that it saves you on cost and you get to design your own style trundle with materials you want. You also get to create the sturdiest bed as you implement the best joinery skills you know

Trundle beds compared to Bunk Beds

Sometimes its confusing and even challenging when it comes to making choices for a bed for your Kids. If presented with a bunk bed or a bed with trundle, which one would you opt for. Well it depends on the purpose of the bed and not space as both equally serve as a space optimizer. If the bed is going to be used by adults, then any bed could be an appropriate choice. Otherwise if the bed is to be used for raising your Kids then you might want to think twice. If you are purchasing your bed for your kids there are several things that should come to your mind

  • Style

Bunk beds are more stylish than trundle beds. If you are looking to add glamour to your children’s bedroom then a bunk bed is a go to bed. If you have girls, this would be a critical factor to look at, girls love stylish items. Given that there are beautiful and a variety of bunk beds to choose from then you may opt for a bunk bed.

  • Age of your Kids

If your kids are of the ages of between 2 to 3 years, then a bunk bed would not be advisable. Its obvious most kids would prefer the top bed. With their age, its high likely they are unaware of the danger of falling from the top bed. Most bunk beds come with ladders which are mostly not convenient for taking up kids of this age. Well you may opt to go with a trundle bed for your young kids then transition to a more stylish adult bunk bed when they grow up The only downsize with a trundle bed is that one of your kids may feel short changed for being the one to take the trundle. But of course you can have them sleep on a rotating basis to preserve harmony between them

  • Room Space

The bed with a trundle would require more space to roll out the trundle. Well if you are constrained on room space say you have a huge table in the room, then a trundle bed would not work for you. A bunk bed only takes a normal bed space while providing more sleeping space above. Today bunk beds come with stairs rather than a trundle thereby becoming more secure for the person sleeping on top

  • Other factors

You toddler could use the trundle as “a playground” and may lock up one of them and you would not want to know what follows The trundle bed frame may pinch your Kid when pulling in the trundle

  • Measures you should take

You should purchase a bunk bed that that can be converted into a separate individual bed. This will help you raise the young kids on separate bed up until when they are at least the age of 13 years when they are responsible enough .That way you reduce the risk of the toddlers falling of the top bed Purchase a bunk bed with a removable ladder,You only attach it at night when the Kids needs to ksleep and pull it off in the morning.It reduces the chances of the Kids to access the top Bed Implement a lock on the trundle bed frame .This way you only allow your kids on the trundle at night when sleeping. This way you will have reduced the risk of the kids locking one another on the trundle

My experience with Bunk Beds

I find the top bed not comfortable at all.The perso at the top is never fully asleep for the subconscious thought that He/She may fall especially if the bunk bed is not sturdy enough Speaking of sturdiness, if its not assured the bunk bed could produce squeaky noise that would be a nuisance to the person sleeping below All said and done,both beds if maintained well can serve your kids for a long time,till they graduate college or get married

Trundle bed Manufucturers

1. Ikea 2. DHP

What are the Pros and cons of trundle beds?


    1. They save a lot of space that would rather be occupied by two beds
    2. Saves on cost of purchasing two separate beds
    3. Appropriate for rooms with limited space
    4. Beds with trundle are easy to assemble


  1. Some trundle wheels may not work properly and may scratch your floor
  2. The wheels may not be replaceable
  3. The trundle may not hold up over time due to constant pullingin and out leaving your bed in an ugly looking position and may be rendered unusable eventually

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