Best Automatic livestock waterers

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

There is a lot of money involved(A good waterer would be in the region of $200 to $700 in cost) in purchasing a good durable Automatic livestock waterer. Therefore we understand the need for you to look up what people have to say about them. This is a lifetime investment, a good cattle or horse waterer should last for more than 30 years without it calling for major maintenance or breaking down completely.

Automatic livestock waterer
Cow Drinking from an Automatic Cattle waterer

We took it to ourselves to get the first-hand experience of the waterers from the farms where farmers have already installed automatic waterers.

In order to provide you with the best  automatic livestock waterers reviews, we constrained ourselves into researching on waterers from two companies only

  1. Ritchie
  2. Brower

And here are our findings and thoughts on Automatic livestock waterers.

We hope our automatic livestock waterer reviews will assist you in picking the best automatic livestock waterer for your farm.


Automatic livestock waterer reviews

Cattle and horse automatic waterer reviews

Brower MPO17E 17-Gallon Heated Poly Waterer, Red

  • electrically heated and water comes through to the waterer already preheated.
  • The supply line is already in the pipe, you don’t need extra heating for the above-ground pipe.
  • Has an 8*14 inch opening big enough to fit large animal mouths.The drinker is also 14 inches deep giving you animals a normal drinking experience.
  • Has a capacity of holding 17 gallons.
  • Can feed several heads of cattle in a day.
  • Its construction features a mold of poly materials designed to resist UV rays and therefore last longer outdoors.
  • These kinds of molds are made to withstand heavy blows from the cattle.
  • Make sure the feeder pipe is installed below freezing point to avoid water freezing in there.

Brower MK32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer

  • Made of galvanized steel made to last long in your field.
  • Thick foam with an R-value of 7.14 per inch insulates this waterer. This foam (polyurethane made)holds firmly all round this automatic waterer.
  • If you want an energy-saving waterer, this one hits number one on this aspect. It is super-insulated to ensure the waterer doesn’t lose heat thereby minimizing the need for constant heating.
  • Most farmers said they have had this product working for them for more than 18 years.

Ritchie Industries Ritchie Waterers WaterMatic 300

  • doesn’t have  gaskets  so no  cracking, being torn by the cattle  or even  leak
  • Has  rugged fountain  main body
  • Has a very big side access trough
  • Sloping surfaces make it very easy for you to clean the waterer
  • A good fit for a small  number of animals

Automatic livestock waterer reviews for sheep and goats

Ritchie Watermatic 150S Designed for Goats – Sheep

  • You see the dome featured lid,its specifically designed to deter goats from standing on it.
  • It is fully insulated to keep the water cool for long.
  • Has a Low capacity with a fast refill valve to reduce water wastage and refill the waterer when need be.
  • However,a heating equipment is optional to keep the water warm in cold weather.

Hog automatic livestock waterer reviews

Brower MC32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Double Drink Hog Waterer

  • Its properly insulated to conserve energy.
  • Tow openings on both sides to serve two pens.
  • Has rugged lids purposely made to keep out the dirt.Hogs are really dirty.Mud grates are also integrated to keep out mud.
  • Has got a mold of poly material just like the waterer above this.

Livestock waterers non electric

Looking for freeze-proof cattle waterers?

How about a Solar livestock waterer?

A lot of sunlight would be needed to power an automatic waterer. Well, there isn’t much sunlight during winter, so they “May not” be as effective as the electric-powered automated heater.

Here is another non-electric livestock waterer.

Little Giant 88SW All Purpose Automatic Stock Waterer for Horses, Cattle and Other Outside Animals

It features a solid sturdy construction to withstand the harsh farm environment.

The metal is designed to not rust and will serve your cattle watering needs for a very long time.

It can adapt to most farms’ water horses.

It has a toilet cistern water management system that only releases water when it has gone down a certain level. This ensures that your cattle do not waste any water.

You can view this items price on Amazon by clicking Here

Livestock waterer deicer

Livestock water deicers are another great alternative if you are short of budget to purchase a costlier automatic livestock waterer.

They sink at the bottom of your farm watering stock tank. This means that your cattle will not come into contact with the hot part of the deicers.

You can click this link to see a variety of deicers available.

Livestock waterer heater/immersion heater

If you are not ready yet to purchase an expensive freezeless livestock waterer, you could make use of an immersion heater for your stock tank or trough to heat the water during harsh winter seasons.

How an immersion heater works.

It works by electricity heating up the circular part of the heater. The hot part then heats the water in your tank.

It has a thermostat that regulates the water temperature by warming it whenever temperatures have fallen to a certain level and switching off after temperatures reach predetermined levels.

Do not allow the livestock close to the waterer until the water is warm enough. Animals may interrupt the working of the immersion heater.

Demerits of an immersion heater.

You have to keep an eye on it if it is not protected from interference from your livestock. This could be hectic especially in cold seasons when you would want to remain indoors.

They take longer to heat up the waterer, almost an hour.

The unit “might” burn out if not properly submerged into the stock tank.

It might consume lots of electric power.

So, save up and buy yourself an automatic cattle waterer.

How to install automatic livestock waterer

Here is a short video to show you how to install a heated automatic waterer.

How a livestock waterer works.

The livestock waterer works more or less the same as the toilet flash box. It has a floater that activates a pulley to control water entry through a valve in the trough.

The floater goes down with the water levels and opens the valve when it touches the bottom of the trough. When the water rises again, the floater goes up closing the valve and switches off the water.

That way, your cattle get fresh water always.

However, this kind of system depends on a pipe connected to an external bigger tank.

How a good waterer should be

  1. Should be able to withstand hard farm conditions: The pounding on the waterer by heavy animals such as horses and cattle should do absolutely nothing to it. The construction should be hard and sturdy enough to last for decades
  2. Corrosion-free: To ensure that its fit to act as a feeder to your livestock, the automatic anti-freezing waterer should not easily rust. Make sure that its made of steel and properly galvanized with steel to protect it against corrosion. Also, place it on a raised ground to keep it off from livestock urine. Urine has got chlorine that may accelerate rusting on your waterer. Or simply purchase a plastic UV protected waterer
  3. Insulated to keep the right temperature: Should have some sort of insulation around its body to protect the water from losing warmth and thereby saving on energy used to heat the water.
  4. Automatic: During winter, you would want to have peace of mind. That is, staying indoors without you constantly going into your paddock to refill your stock tanks or troughs. An automatic waterer will save you the hustle. It does the work for you on autopilot.
  5. Should have a release plug: Some waterers will require that you install them at a fixed position. This means that it will be impossible to tilt the waterer to splash out the water if it becomes dirty. A drainage valve will lighten the work of removing the water from the tank. Most plugs are positioned towards the bottom.
  6. Conserve energy: Though some automatic waterers serve their purpose very well, check out that they are not hard on your electric bill. Make sure that the manufacturer has indicated the wattage of the device so that you can do the math on how much power it will gobble.
  7. Easy to install and use: The automatic livestock waterer should be install-able right out of the box.Should have minimal installation procedures, or at least, the manufacturer should be ready to send an after-sales handyman to install it for you is the procedures are complicated. A good company should have user assistance online and on phone.
  8. Warranty: Electronic components are bound to fail from time to time. Since these automated waterers are expensive, the manufacturer should have a guarantee of a longer period than one year. This makes you rest assured that you are making the right investment.

Well, those are our livestock waterer reviews. Make a choice now.




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