Baby suddenly crying inconsolably

Why baby suddenly start crying inconsolably.

Here are the reasons why S/He will not stop crying.

  • Sleepiness or fatigue

This is most probably brought by lack of sleep during the day.Make sure that your baby gets adequate sleep during the day to cover for the exhaustion the baby may have experienced as S/He played in the day.

  • Wet or dirty diaper

Check out whether S/He is wet.Change the diaper  when necessary.

  • Hunger

May be S/He  did not eat or suckle enough.Mamas Milk could be all she wants.

  • Overstimulation from noise or activity

Ensure that all music is down so that the baby gets a cool environment to enjoy her sleep.

  • Colic, acid reflux, or food allergies

Recall what type of food S/He  ate during the day and try to findout if they are appropriate for babies their age

  • Pain or illness

S/He could be sick.Take your baby to the doctor for check up if the crying continues for more than a day.