Best circular saw blade for mdf

To have a smooth cut without chipping away the edges along the cut,you will need to use best jigsaw blade for plywood the best circular saw blade for mdf

best circular saw blade for mdf

For this to happen,you will need to have a closer look at the circular blade,you will need to evaluate the number of teeth on it.

The more teeth there is the better the blade in cutting the MDF.MDFs have a tendancy to chip away when cut by long teeth wch are wide apart.This is due to the construction of the MDF.

The only down side of using a blade with lots of teeth is that the circular saw will produce alot of dust.This dust might endup inside the saw clogging the motor.

So,you will have to keep an eye on this.

Another thing you have to look at when purchasing a new blade is its size.Make sure that the blade will fit perfectly in your circular saw.Just read the size in inches of the one that you are currently using then make an order using exactly those measurements.

Concord Blades WCB1000T080HP 10-Inch 80 Teeth TCT General Purpose Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

This blade is perfect  circular blade for cutting MDFs,

First,it has many teeth that facilitates cutting of soft wood up to one inch thick and hardwoood up to 3 and a half inch deep.

Secondly,it can work with several types of saws including Miter saws,circular sawa and chop saws.

It can work well with saws of with motors of  RPM of up to 5,500

Among the type of wood it can cut includes hardwood ,softwood,exotic wood and even MDFs

Do you want a smooth finish on your MDF,this is the circular blade for the job.It produces fine proffessional finish for your MDF cut ends.

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Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade ATB Ultra Fine Finishing 90 Teeth Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blades

Constructed with tunsten carbide material,this circular blade is strong enough to last 5 times longer than the normal blades

The design is in such a way that your saw will not make much noise and less vibrations.

The nature of the teeth of this circular blade guarantees smooth cutting and softer wood ends after cutting.

It can be used in a variety of devices including circular saw,table sawa and miter saws.

The good thing about this blade is that it can work with revolutions of up to 6000 RPM.

With 90 tooth on it,this is certainly the best circular saw blade for mdf

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