Best cordless worm drive circular saw

Looking for the best cordless worm drive circular saw for the job?


Most cordless worm drive circular saw use Lithium-Ion batteries to power them. These have a longer lifetime as well as sustaining longer cutting jobs 

Here is our list of choices for the best cordless worm drive circular saw.

Makita SH02R1 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw Kit, 3-3/8″

This one has a high RPM of around 1500 to sustain all your cutting needs.

It uses 12 Volts Max CXT Lithium-Ion batteries which are easy to slide in. The positioning of the battery section on the device is such that it provides good balance making it easy and comfortable to control. The LED on the worm drive will help you know when the charge is almost used up so that you can recharge.

The design of the batteries in use is in such a way that it protects them from overloading or even overheating.

Best cordless worm drive circular saw

If you are looking for a cordless lightweight circular saw, this is a convenient saw to go for. It weighs only 3.5 Pounds, battery weight included.

It has a one-inch capacity which means cutting plywood, pegboard melamine, and MDF an easy peasy job.


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SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

Looking for a lightweight cordless worm drive circular saw, then this is the right tool for you. Despite it being affordable it is easy to use too.

It is easy to adjust and cuts at different angles.

With a power of 15 Amp guarantees sawing of more wood quickly.


The motor construction ensures that the wires have more surface area. This means that the motor remains cool for the most part of the job.

It weighs around 13.3 pounds the cord, oil, and Diablo 24 tooth blade all put together.


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Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

It is built up with gears that facilitate more power. You will realize that the best cordless worm drive circular saw has larger surface contact for a better cutting experience. 


Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

The primary reason people like worm drive circular saw is the fact that it provides a clear view of the cutting line. There is no guesswork or mistakes when cutting thereby rendering an efficient use of your lumber.


This circular saw is from Bosh company known for producing quality devices.

This one features a strong magnesium cover and a die-cast magnesium footplate, this is a design meant to make your saw durable.

The brushes in this bosch worm drive are easily serviceable not to mention that it comes with large enough levers which are also easily adjustable to fit your cutting levels.

There is an access spindle lock for quick blade replacement

A Powerful 15 amp motor gives power for different cutting needs

The saw hook on this worm drive lets you easily store it in between tasks.

The best thing about this circular saw is its soft handle that guarantees a tight grip which in turn facilitates comfortable movement, accuracy in cutting, and overall control of the worm drive circular saw.

The following are in the box:-

  •  Magnesium Worm Drive. CSW41 7-¼ in.
  • One Multi-Function Blade Wrench
  • One Carbide Blade
  • A Built in Saw Hook for easy storage
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