best dslr camera backpack

Best camera backpack for dslr and laptop

Are you looking for the best camera backpack for DSLR that absorbs all your cameras, accessories, tripods and can fit a laptop too?

This DSLR camera backpack is your ultimate go-to camera bag that handles all your DSLR Cameras and their accessories such as lenses and even holds tripods in place at one go. It has several pockets that are carefully designed to hold your DSLR cameras and a laptop too.

For Laptop storage, just open the top part as shown in the video and slot in your Laptop. It fits most standard size Laptops. Please check the dimensions on the additional information tab above. Most DSLR camera backpacks do not come with this feature and that is why this bag stands out.

This DSLR camera bag comes with Soft pads that strategically partition the bag accordingly. This includes partitions to store the lenses, bigger partitions are meant to store the Cameras and so on. The purpose of these partitions is to ensure that your DSLR cameras do not knock each other while you are in transit, eliminating the chances of damaging each other.

Camera pockets are situated on each side of this camera backpack in order to facilitate easy access whenever you want to make a quick shoot, like snapping an exotic bird for example.

Is this DSLR camera backpack waterproof?

Well to start off, anything with zippers is not completely waterproof, although its material will not let water in.

But water could easily percolate through the zippers.

To make this camera backpack for DSLR waterproof, an extra thin bag is included. This light waterproof bag is completely waterproof. Whenever you’re in a rainy environment, put your DSLR bag into this waterproof bag and you are done.

When it is not needed, you can return it back to one of the pockets as it can be seen on the video.

Of course, make sure it is dry.

Is the bag appropriate for hiking or biking?


The bag is simple, not luggish.

It sits properly on your back, it handles perfectly fit on your shoulders as shown on the video. It feels like it is part of your body, hiking becomes easy with this DSLR bag.

Furthermore, the side pockets make it easy for you to access your camera easily and quickly without taking the bag off your shoulders.

As it can be seen on the video, the bag conveniently sticks to your back such that when cycling, it wouldn’t make uncomfortable side to side motions.

Is this the best DSLR camera backpack for Nikon and Canon cameras?


Most cameras will fit in the side pockets as you can clearly see on the video.

You could even carry two cameras, each sitting on either side of the bags pockets.

The bottom slot provides room for storing clothes, Maps and many more.

This is also a good mirrorless camera

Are there smaller versions for just carrying the camera alone?

Yeah Sure

We have appropriate camera bags for all photographer’s needs.