Best glass dry food storage containers

The main reason people like glass container is that they do not have chemical compounds such as BPA

BPA stands for bisphenol A. 

This is a chemical used in manufucture of some plastics.

Some research has revealed that BPA can penetrate into your food and course some bodily harm to the comsumer.

It can course possible health effects to the brain,postrate glands and  children.

But that aside,the USA FDA has established that BPA can be safe if maintained at very low levels.

However,to be BPA-free,it wise to only use Glass food storage containers. 

Here is our list of the best glass dry food storage containers

[20 Piece] Glass Food Storage Containers Set with Snap Lock Lids.

The glass storage containers are beautiful and very sturdy,Their lids clip in tightly on all four corners making it air tight.The handles on all coners are conveniently built to allow you to cover or opeen the glass container.

The are BPA-free,meaning your dry food will be safe to eat all the time.

These can be used in freezing food in your fridge or even warming food in your microwave(Oven Safe up to 750 °F).However,make sure you remove the lid when warming you food using these dry food storage container.

The glass (Borosilicate glass ) can withstand higher degrees of heat without cracking of crashing.

dont worry about the grass crashing in your dish washer,they are fairly sturdy