Best grass seed spreader

Looking for best grass seed spreader?

We will assist you in getting a good grass spreader for your lawn based on our research and present to you with the most liked grass spreaders by people out there.

best grass seed spreader
Grass seed spreader

There are different types of spreaders .Variation among them depends on how you use them


  1. Push spreaders/walk behind spreaders
  2. Pull spreaders

How they spread

  1. Broadcast spreaders
  2. Broadcast spreaders spread the seeds in a cyclone manner in front of the spreader as you walk.By doing this the seeds are broadcast in a wider area.Though we notised that on both ends of the spreader,few seeds fall there.It is therefore a good thing that you ensure to partially overlap the rows so that you have an even spread of the seeds on your lawn.
  3. Drop spreaders
  4. Drop spreaders drops seeds between the wheels of the grass seeds spreader.This ensures that there is an even distribution of the seeds as the only fall within the width of the opening between the wheels.

Can you use fertilizer spreaders as grass seed spreaders too?
The mechanism is similar for spreading fertilizers.You just have to do some readjustment to your equipment to suit your current purpose.

Some of the best grass seed spreaders includes

Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader with EdgeGuard

Has a Dual rotor technology than enhances accuracy.It also gives a 6ft spread pattern wide enough to cover the whole lawn.
Can cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. on a continious basis.
Strong tires that can handle any terrain easily.
Easy to use handle featuring a smartphone holder
Can start working with it right out of the box,very minimal amount of assembly time required.You should remove agitator pins when spreading coarse rock salt

best grass seed spreader

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Tow

Features a strong design that will enable continuous spreading over a long time. Its large 4′. to 8′. spread covers approximately 12,000 sq.’., meaning,large area coverage in no time. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene to resist rust- & corrosion for performance in all weather. Its heavy-duty steel tubular frame is made to last for years and is easy to adjust from the seat of your tractor. Its designed to fit almost all tractors.
Pneumatic tires allows mobility on different terrain.





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