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best hay saver feeder
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Are you looking for the Best hay saver feeder for your round hay bales?

In this post, We are going to review two types of hay feeder (Metalic Hay saver feeder as well as slow feeding nets)and possibly help you make an informed decision on the best hay saver feeder for cattle to purchase,

Below is a list of hay savers feeders we have reviewed

  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder
  • Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized
  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder
  • Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet
  • Livestock Round Bale Hay Net
  • Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

Why its necessary to pick best hay saver feeder for cattle

It is known that if you would use the normal trough or put hay on bare ground without any restriction to how your cattle access the hay, a loss of hay amounting to 20-25 percent of the hay is realized.

This is because cows will always trample on the feed. They will defecate on it and refuse to feed on the hay any longer.

A hay feeder should ensure that cattle feed on your hay bale to the maximum without much wastage. Probably, they should consume 95 % of the bale. If you are losing 25 5 of the feed a day, just imagine how much that amounts to in a year. Huge loss!

Not all designs of hay feeders work effectively. That is why you have to make sure you are going with the best hay saver feeder. A feeder that will conveniently serve several heads of cows and in the process save your hay from being misused by the cattle.

Our Review on the best hay saver feeder for cattle.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder

This is a feeder available in the market.

Features diagonal slats that will restrain the cows or horses from throwing hay behind it as try to chase away flies on their back as they feed.

It is Huge enough to hold large-sized hay bales and serve several heads of cattle. It is 8 feet wide in diameter and has a height of 45 inches.

With a weight of 185 lbs, it is easy to move this hay feeder around in your field.

It has a strong metal build-up and the welding of parts is firm enough. The metal is galvanized as well to keep rusting at bay.

What’s the problem with this kind of hay feeder?

The bottom of the feeder is not solid. Doesn’t have a skirt that prevents excess hay from protruding out and get trampled upon by the cattle feet.

Farmers pointed out that calves got stuck in the square sections and sometimes broke their feet in there

This feeder does not have a hay ring to hold the bale up.

We, therefore, can agree that this kind of feeder doesn’t meet the standards of the Best hay saver feeder for cattle.

So,keep reading on

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Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized

This is a better alternative to the first hay feeder above.

It features a galvanized metal construction to prevent rusting.

Just like the first hay saver feeder, it is 8 feet in diameter but a height of 50 inches. This is a particularly good feeder for feeding horses.

It comes with a solid metal skirt at the bottom to prevent hay from exiting the feeder.

Loop legs are registered at the bottom to prevent your feeder from sinking and become harder to move.

The problem with this feeder is that it open at the top. Horses can swing their heads backward while holding hay in their mouth and spill it outside the feeder.

A good hay feeder should be closed up at the top to limit unnecessary movement.

There are no chains to hold up the hay. The chains help in keeping the hay above ground and slow feeding the hay. It ensures that cows or horses feed on every straw of the bale. Cows will mostly feed on the hay on the ground before accessing the bale seated on the ring.

So whenever the cattle bring down a portion of hay with their mouth, they first consume that before getting another bite on the bale.

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TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder

This hay saver feeder is one of the best hay feeders we could find for handling round bales.

The solid metal skirt around the bottom section will not allow any hay out.

It is high enough not to allow cattle feet inside,

The top ring prevents the cattle from swinging their head backward while the S-Bar design restrains young calves from entry into the feeder.

If you want to want to install a hay ring cone to hold up your bale, it is easy. You just attach them on the top metal barring all around.

This hay feeder comes in three pieces which are easy to assemble and quickly get going.

And it weighs 168 pounds, it is super easy to move the feed around your field as you like.

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Hay Nets saver feeders

Nets work too in minimizing wastage drastically.

They work perfectly for round bale hay.

All you have to do is cover the round bale hay with the hay net and you are good to go.

You could introduce a metal hay saver feeder around it for maximum saving.

How the horses or cows feed on the hay is by pulling hays straws through net holes.

The livestock only grabs with their mouth only what they can chew.

The net’s openings restrict automatically how much a horse can grab at a go.

What to look for when you opt for a net hay saver feeder.

  • Size-should be large enough to cover huge bales if you are feeding multiple animals
  • Durability-The material used should serve your farm for many years before you replace.
  • Design-Net with smaller openings will save your hay bale as compared to larger opening nets.

Here are the best hay saver round bale feeder nets we have found.

Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet

  • It is big enough to cover large square or round hay bales the sizes of 5 * 6 round and 4*4*8 square bale.
  • has a rope with a honda that tightens the ropes as the horses depletes the hay.
  • 2′ holes size to facilitate slow feeding for your horses or cattle.

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Heavy Gauge Round Bale Hay Net

  • The strands making up this hay net are very strong. Good for deterring aggressive feeders from wasting hay.
  • The bigger holes reduce the struggle of cattle withdrawing straws from the bale.
  • You only need to be a little bit careful with horned animals, horses with shoes and cattle with ear-tags as these could stick in there. Or use a barrier such as a metal hay saver feeder to keep the animals at a reasonable distance from the bale
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Livestock Round Bale Hay Net

  • Made of nylon protected from Ultra Violate rays. Therefore has a guarantee to last longer.
  • Features wide holes of 3”, cattle will have an easy time munching the hay. A perfect cover for hard straws that are difficult to withdraw. It also works for blind animals and those with dental issues as the big holes (3 inches) allows easy pulling.
  • It can cover a square bale of size 4*4*8 and a round bale
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Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

  • 2 inches wide holes to allow slow feeding
  • Can fit a bale of 4 feet high and a diameter of 5 feet.
  • Strong enough to be reused several times.
  • Nylon Made
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Am looking at the hay nets, how do you make sure that the rope tying the hay at the bottom stays put and tight as the horses deplete the hay gradually?

As the bale goes down it creates a big pillow shape and expands the net and rope. That keeps the rope tight until the last day or so hay

What of durability, wouldn’t cattle expand the holes as they pull out the straws?

For cattle-eating straw, I recommend a bigger hole. Either our 2.25″ or 3

Why should I buy a hay net?

  • The hay nets slow down the intake of hay so that the animal doesn’t overfeed.
  • Assists in improving digestion for your animals and brings down aggressive behavior among your animals.

How to cover the round bale or square bale hay.

Cover the hay like a blanket. Pull the ends down. Then pull the drawstring to tighten the net all around the bale.

If the bale is too big, start by covering from one end, then roll the net all through to the other end.

Well there you have it, those are some of the best hay saver feeders for cattle.

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