Best horse grooming kits & How to Groom

What are the best horse grooming kits currently?

We have detailed below some of the best horse grooming kits we could find.

Desert Equestrian Equestria Sport Grooming Set


  • Easy to carry,easy to hold and use brushes
  • Several pockets to slot in your tools as you work your horse
  • Stylish with different colors to choose from.Makes you love the job
  • Its easy to carry around too.
  • You could fit several cleaning materials in the center round compartment.


  • does not have a curry brush

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit


  • brushes handles are made of rubber.This is to give you a firm grip that doesnt slide as you clean your horse.
  • Comes with a full set of brushes for grooming work.7 in number.
  • All brushes have a wrist band which in our view is very practical in the sense that the brushes will not keep on falling off your hands.


  • Missing curry brush

Weaver Leather Trailer Grooming Bag

Grooming Kit


  • Well designed nylon bag with several pockets to hold your brushes.
  • Brushes handles are made of rubber for firm grip by your hands.
  • Has got a padded shoulder strap that gives you comfort when carrying the bag around during the grooming session.
  • Available in different colors.


  • The body brush falls apart most of the time,maybe because you have to apply more force than with the other brushes.Otherwise,the rest works just fine

Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package (8-Piece)


  • The brushes are a standard size the will perfectly fit in your hands and  enables a firm grip.
  • A rubber curry brush is included.
  • A long horizontal sweat scrapper.
  • Study bristles on all brushes.
  • Comes in different colors(6 colors) for the brushes and the tote.


  • The back rubber part for most of the brushes comes off after some time.


Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit

  • Features more tools than the previous grooming kits we have detailed above.
  • A shoulder strap for easy carry
  • A Contoured Sweat Scraper having a Rubber Edge and Shedding Blade Edge .This will assist you in shedding a horse that has not slicked yet

  • A washing sponge is also included so that you don’t go into the trouble of sourcing extra washing material .Meaning no added cost
  • This horse grooming box uses zippers and not a pull strap to safely secure your tools.So no loss whatsoever when in storage.

Tough 1 Great Grips 6 Piece Brush Set with Bag

Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer

You most probably by now have lots of horse grooming supplies. During the cleaning session, the tools tend to be scattered all over. The solution to this problem is getting yourself a Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer shown above.

  • Features a compartment that is closed with a zipper to secure all your tools after cleaning
  • Has several pockets to fit your brushes,sprays and formula.
  • A comfortable shoulder strap for easy carry around as you do the job.
  • Has two hooks for hanging your grooming box somewhere in your horse stable or on a fence.

Cleaning Your horse:Procedure

Noses-trills, Eyes, and ears-Use a sponge or a clean cloth to wipe dirt off of these parts. Ensure that your horse is leashed.

Shortening the mane-Its not advisable to use scissors for this function, instead, use a pulling comb to remove excessive hair on the mane. You could use your own fingers to pull out long hair. This ensures that the horse remains with shorter neat hair naturally. Pulling of hair ain’t painful to most horses.

Burrs and knots should not be combed out. -use baby oil or simply a de-tangler instead to soften the burrs first before you start pulling them off one after the other.

Do not use a comb at this instant. Simply put the hair strands apart as you use your hands to remove the burrs.

The slippery nature of the hair due to oiling will give your hands an irritating feel and may make the job go slow. Use your rubber gloves instead to speed up the process.

Finally, burn off all the burrs you have dislodged from your horse. Do not dispose of them into your compost pit as you will be giving the seeds a chance to sprout again and increase the menace to your horse hygiene.


Cleaning the body-

Key pointers on cleaning the Main body

  • Use a curry comb to loosen the mud and debris.
  • Use a softer body brush to remove small dirt and loosened hair brought up of the surface from the first step.Usually this brush has longer bristles
  • Lastly use a more softer brush to iron out the texture of your horse’s hair.
  • Take note of tickling parts especially on the hind legs to avoid him reacting with a Kick.
  • Have all you grooming tools in a box at arms length.


Cleaning the sheath-smegma or excretions from the horse’s penis will tend to build upon your horse’s sheath forming beans like nods on your horse sheath.

It is not mandatory to clean the sheath, but with constant consultation with your vet, you should do so like every 6 months.

Take care though, male horse genitalia is very sensitive to touch.

  • Make sure you are doing this activity on an open ground,so that you have enough room to run in the event He starts kicking.
  • Wear latex gloves.
  • leash your horse
  • Make sure you are at a safe distance from the hind leg.This is to ensure you receive a blow when He starts kicking as you touch the sheath. Don’t stick your head beneath the horse’s belly,that’s a sure bet of you getting kicked.
  • In order to gauge the horse movement while cleaning the sheath down there,place one of your hand on His back.This also increases His trust towards you.
  • Splash some water using a hose pipe starting from the belly on towards the sheath.This makes not to be surprised or spooked when you begin grooming work on his sheath.
  • Lubricate the sheath area with a commercially accepted lube for horse.This will help loosen the beans grip on the sheath.
  • With a clean cloth on your hand,move it around the sheath are.try to locate the beans where they are and gently removing them.
  • Pull back the sheath for like 2 inches to check on the penis.Sometimes smegma lodges on it.Pull it off gently with both hands.Its usually rusty in color.

The reason for cleaning the sheath is to reduce the chances of bacterial infections.

Cleaning the Hooves-You will need a hoof pick, a hoof brush, files, and working gloves.

  • Create trust first with your horse as we have discussed above.
  • Keep your horse grooming kit within arms reach.
  • Squeeze the backs of the front legs so that it can raise them.
  • Check for debris stuck in there such as pebbles,manure, grass and so on
  • Using the hoof pick,dig up the stones and other debris from the frog.However,proceed with care not to damage the hooves.
  • Use the hoof brush to strike-off smaller debris still stuck in there.
  • Thereafter,do some filling to trim and even out the hooves,but don’t overdo it so that you don’t affect the horse’s gait.
A Clean Horse Frog

Cleaning the tools after the horse grooming exercise

For utmost hygiene, clean your tools after every groom with some disinfectant and safely store the horse grooming kit in a cool, clean, and dry place.

Frequently asked questions on Horse Grooming

  • What’s in a grooming kit for horses?
best horse grooming kits
Contents of a horse grooming kit

The best horse grooming kit should contain all the above as a bare minimum.

  • How do I get my horse to slick off?

If your horse wouldn’t slick off naturally, you could assist by brushing the coat with a dandy brush.

  • What does a dandy brush look like?

Here is an image showing how a dandy brush looks like

dandy brush
Dandy Brush
  • Why is horse grooming important?

You want to ride in a good-looking and healthy horse right. Cleaning your horse facilitates aeration of the skin and healthy growth of the hair. This in the end gives your horse a good outlook. It also helps prevent some hygiene-related diseases, particularly in the hooves.

  • Do horses like being groomed?

If horses still live in the jungle today, they would be doing the grooming themselves. Just observe the wild animals and see how they love to do it so often. So, the horse isn’t an exception; they love it. A human touch in the grooming work provides an even reach to all parts of the horse body.

  • How long does it take to groom a horse?

To have the best result, it would take an hour or two to do all the work. That is when working alone. But with a helping hand involved, things could move faster.

  • How often should you groom a horse?

Every two days, but most people do it weekly.

Other horse grooming products

what are the best horse grooming brushes?

  • How do i clean horse grooming brushes?

Use warm soapy water(add some disinfectant to kill bacteria) to remove grease from the brushes. You can use the backcomb against the brushes to pull out the hair.

Leave them in the sun to dry and store them safely

how to disinfect horse grooming brushes

Your safety when cleaning your horse

  • Keep a distant from the rear of the horse to avoid back kiks.
  • Do not put your head under your horse’s belly.Some times horses Kick under their belly to chase away flies and you do not want to be on the horse legs way.
  • Do not make quick and abrupt movements,horses are easily scared,they may try to run away making the whole process of grooming difficult.
  • Avoid stepping on the horse lead rope,if for any case the horse decides to run away,you don’t want to be swept to the ground in such an instance.
  • Find hard shoes to wear during horse grooming. This will protect your feet from being injured in the event your horse steps on your feet.



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