7 Best stock tank pools

Stock tanks were originally used as water troughs for livestock until someone decided that people could fit in there too, and have fun eventually making a homemade stock tanks swimming pool.

best stock tank pools
Nice idea on how to use a stock tank as a pool

Stock tanks being utilized as water pools was a good idea given than normal swimming pools are much more expensive to build and set up. It is way cheaper than something like a lap pool or a hot tub.

With a stock tank, you would just clean it, fill it with water, and voila you got yourself a swimming pool. Though it is usually not so deep, at least you have somewhere you could soak your whole self and cool down during hot summer days. It is simply a summer oasis, plus it is easy to set up too. See some of the best stock tank pools below.

You don’t need a cement slab to place the stock tank, the water in the pool is shallow. This means the stock tank will not exert much force on the ground. You will, however, need to level the ground to have a balanced water pool to avoid the chances of the tank tripping over due to unbalanced water weight levels for all points.

If setting up the pool becomes a little bit of a challenge to you, involve a qualified handyman who is experienced in fixing filter pumps and water heaters for it to have a professional touch. This stock tank pools if well set up, they could last for years. You would want the utmost safety particularly where electricity is involved, so get a handyman.

Here are our picks for the best stock tank pools

Best stock tank pools:METAL

The most outstanding feature of this stock tank is its sturdiness. These stock tanks are built as livestock waterers. You would expect severe conditions in a farm environment. Therefore the manufacturers have to see into it that the tank meets the standards of sturdiness to withstand knocks and hits of heavy animals such as Horses.


Its zinc coated, coating with zing reduces the chances of the metal below from rusting. Therefore, you are guaranteed of a rust-free pull for the longest of time.

Features a very strong bottom to protect against busting over the weight of the water above it.

You don’t have to worry about being cut by the stock tank lip. This is why it is one of the best stock tank pools. The lip is covered with a contoured reinforced steel tube rolled all around.

What about the size?

It is big enough to fit a grown adult seated, enjoy a cool splash during hot summers.

A release hex screw plug on the side near the bottom differentiates these stock tanks from the rest. It makes the job of clearing the tank easy

For exact size and dimensions click here


It cannot be used for a large family pool.

If you want a pool for just yourself, then this is a good pick.View its price on Amazon Here


This one is from the same company as the first one, though its bigger by a foot in diameter. This means it can now accommodate a number of people.It is appropriate for a stock tank pool.

The design just like the first one features ribs and corrugation for maximum strength

Has a drainage plug near the bottom for draining water.

It has got a heavy bottom and a smooth lip, perfect for swimming activities.

What is its size?

      • LENGTH INCHES 63-3/4 to 69-3/4
      • WIDTH INCHES 63-3/4 to 69-3/4
      • HEIGHT INCHES 23-1/2


Tank sizes are nominal and will be slightly less than stated size sometimes.


  •  CountyLine Extra Large Galvanized Round End Stock Tank  

countyline stock tank

Probably the largest with zinc galvanized metal and a smooth lip.

With 8 feet diameter, it works like a mini below the ground swimming pool.

The tank will hold approximately 700 gallons of water.

  •  CountyLine Large Galvanized Round End Stock Tank 

countyline stock tank

At 6 feet in diameter,its still good enough to act as a stock pool.

Built with heavy galvanized metal,it will last for long without rusting.

It is 2 feet high,meaning an adult seated will have water surface reaching to your nose.Here you are totally guaranteed of total immersion and an experience of a cool splash.

You could hold a pool party in it as its huge and wide enough.

  •  Behlen Country RE226 169-Gallon Galvanized Round-End Tank 

stock tank pool

At 6 feet in length and a height of 2 feet,this stock tank is a perfect design for a hot tub pool.

The heavy coating of the tank with zinc material will make the tank last long without developing rust spots.

Contoured lip eliminates chances of getting cut by the tank.You could even sit on it.

Just a little bit of customization as seen in the next video,and you have your self an outdoor hot tub.A cool idea if you still desire a splash in cold days.

Don’t forget that it comes with a drainage hole to ease water removal.

This could be arguably the cheapest replacement to a hot tub ever!

Best stock tank pools:PLASTIC

best stock tank plastic

6 feet in diameter!

What else would you ask for a plastic stock tank?

What is the height?

24 inches high,meaning an adult seated on it will have the surface of water reaching the nose area.

Having a capacity of about 350 gallons,its enough to soak in and enjoy a cool bath or splash.And just like the metal stock tanks above,this one has a drainage plug fitted to allow clearing of water once you are done.

With a 3 year warranty you have no reason hesitating to get your self one.

If you are a dog enthusiast,your puppies will like this plastic stock tank.

The best thing about plastic stock tanks is that corrosion is not among the things you have to worry about.This tank is made in such away as to protect it against UV rays,meaning,no fading soon.

plastic stock tank pool

Holds about 625 gallons of water and is 8 feet wide and a height of 24 inches.

Its corrosion free and would withstand hard blows since its made from sturdy poly material.

With such specification,this could be the best plastic stock tank pool around.It can hold several people in the pool.A whole family could fit in there.

Ideas on how to set up the best stock tank pools