6 best strapless bra that stays up

Factors to check when selecting the best strapless bra that will stay up

  1. It Should have a silicone coating along the edges of the cups to allow the bra to stick to your skin.
  2. Should have boning to prevent it from swinging left and right.
  3. Elastic band along the bottom part of the strapless bra for extra support.
  4. Underwire for the breast support

Here is our list of the best strapless bra that stays up

1…Chirrupy Chief Strapless Bra Bandeau Wire-Free Shape Silicone Non-Slip

We love this bra because it is a full breast cover as can be seen from the picture. It is one of the best strapless bras that stay up for a big bust.

This one has got silicone coating along the top edge on the inner side. Usually, the best strapless bra that lifts has got this kind of feature. The sticky silicone will attach to your skin to keep your bra up all day long.

Some ladies do not like underwire in their bras, well this one is wire-free and therefore a perfect pick for you.

Although it doesn’t have an underwire, it is highly unlikely for it to budge.

best strapless bra that stays up
  • It has a thick material that is comfortable and easy to hand wash. The material is partly polyamide and partly Spandex.
  • It comes with straps that you can attach to it for extra support.
  • The silicon coating on this bra will make it stay up.
  • The material is breathable too, so no lot of sweating especially in summer.

2…Maidenform Women’s Push-Up Combo Wing Bra with Underwire and Adhesive Wings

The good thing with this bra is that its wings are adhesive, they are meant to stick to the sides. It is one of those best strapless bras that won’t fall down.

Another feature of this bra is that the straps that come with it can be attached on the side,i.e, the straps do not pass over the shoulder but rather, they pass around your back.

best strapless bra that stays up


  • The sticky part of this strapless bra is made of acrylic adhesive applied to polycarbonate/polyester film
  • You can hand wash this bra.
  • It is 
  • Hand Wash 0.7″ high and 14″ wide.
  • The package contains one pair of wing tapes-side which have silicone adhesive on one side and the other side has acrylic adhesive.

3…Wingslove Women’s Strapless Full-Figure Bra Underwire Multiway Contour Plus Size Bra Red Carpet

This bra comes packed with Convertible shoulder straps for versatility,

It has all sizes too, even for people with large breasts.

best strapless bra that stays up


  • It is made of Nylon and spandex
  • You can easily handwash it to prevent damages caused by washing machines
  • This one has detachable straps too so that you can convert it anytime you want.
  • Has a silicone coating for the purpose of the bra attaching to your skin.

4…DELIMIRA Women’s Underwire Contour Multiway Full-Coverage Strapless Bra Plus Size

This one is a perfect bra for women with big breasts. Most women choose this bra and report that it is the best bra that stays up for a big bust.

It features cool cups that cover most parts of your bra, especially for women with big “girls”.

Provided you choose the correct size for your breast, this one will definitely fit as expected as it can be seen from the picture below.

best strapless bra that stays up


  • It is made from polyamide and spandex which makes this bra smooth on your skin.
  • The underwire facilitates proper support for your boobs.
  • If you want to convert it to a strapless bra, it is very much possible because it comes packed with detachable straps.
  • The wings have breathable mesh so that you do not sweat a lot, the wings have boning to prevent the bra from moving from side to side.
  • This bra will stay put all day, especially for full-figured women.

As you can see, this is definitely the best strapless bra that stays up for a big bust.

5…DELIMIRA Women’s Slightly Lined Lift Great Support Lace Strapless Bra

This one has a nice-looking floral feature that makes it very attractive to look at, not to mention that it really stays up and will not fall down during the day.

This is because it is constructed with power bands with a grip strip for total support. There is no need for silicone as the bands completely prevent sliding.

best strapless bra that stays up


  • The designer used polyamide and spandex to come up with this strapless bra.
  • There is an outstanding structure inside the cups
  • It has a very attractive passion lace, you will love it.


  • Does not come packed  with  detachable straps

6…DOBREVA Women’s Strapless Push Up Bra Padded Underwire Multiway Bra

This is an amazing best strapless bra that stays up from DOBREVA.

It is a completely non-slip strapless bra.

The best part about this bra is that you can pair it with other strapless clothing such as a shoulderless top or dress and it works absolutely well.

It will project a very good cleavage which is the ultimate desire for most ladies.

best strapless bra that stays up


  • The designer has created this strapless bra from polyester and spandex making it smooth and snuggly.
  • The silicone lining on the wings ensures that the bra won’t fall down
  • It is a pushup bra that enhances your look. It is actually one of those best strapless bras that lift.
  • There is a breathable wing mesh on each side making it good underwear during the hot season.

Final thoughts on the best strapless bra that stays up

  • Make sure that you know your bra size before you make a purchase online to avoid the inconveniences of having to return the bra several times just because they don’t fit.
  • Read the reviews of previous buyers online about the bra you are about to purchase so that you can make an informed decision. Read both positive and negative reviews.
  • Buy at least two bras so that if one of them disappoints you, you always have an alternative in hand to jump to. This is so that you don’t have to change the dress that you intended to wear for that special occasion just because the only bra you bought did not work

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