Best way to get burrs out of dog hair

What Best way to get burrs out of dog hair?

What are burrs? Burrs are kind of weed plants that have got seeds that have hooks.The hooks are all around the seed. Why do burrs stick on dogs hair? The purpose of the hooks is to enable the seed to stick into a moving host such that they can spread in other areas to grow and increase even more.     best way to get burrs out of dog hair  

How would you to get burrs out of dog hair?

There isn't an actual process on how best to remove burrs out of dogs hair,but we will try and outline what works for us.
  1. .Crush hard seeds with a pliers.Be careful not to hit the dog,do it gently.
  2. Remove the easy ones first.The ones close to the surface.You could make use of a metal comb while
  3. .Use coconut oil to soften the hair where the burr seeds are stuck.Other products you could use includes:-detangling sprays,Olive oil,vegetable oil or even coat conditioner
  4. .Use your fingers to slide out the burrs off your dog one by one.
  5. .Hold the hair strands where the burr has attached itself from the skin level with your left hand.The burr stuck part of the hair should be above your fingers now.Use your other hand to remove the burr as your other hand holds the hair tightly.This way,your dog would not feel pain when you are removing them.
  6. If they are excessive coat  and its becoming hectic to get burrs out of dog hair Consider visiting your veterinary to do it for you. Some burrs are so deep into the skin that scissors may be involved to remove them.Having a professional remove them will ensure you don't hurt the dog in the process.
  7. Give your dog a warm soppy bath to clear off dirt collected while S/He was out.Finally Comb you puppy's hair using a slicker brush to bring back the cool looking coat. This will allow the dog to relax and rest without him constantly scratching his skin to wade off the burrs.
  8. Consider purchasing a protective vest to deter lots of burrs from attaching themselves to your dog's fur next time you are out.The vest should cover almost 80% of the body.This is particularly necessary during seed dropping season of the burr.covering your dog with a dog vest means you will have little work of removing burrs from the exposed body parts.It also means that the dog will not have awful spots that are as a result of cutting the dogs hair when removing the burrs from your dog.
best way to get burrs out of dog hair
White Dog without Burrs
And the final obvious tip,keep your dog on the leash,or at least keep an eye on Him/Her.If your let the dog randomly wonder in to the bush,they will come carrying with them all manner of burr and stickers,Oh and mud too. So there you have it,that is simply the best way to get burrs out of dog hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about burrs

  • Can burrs make dogs sick.
Some burrs are toxic and may interfere with the dogs digestion.The dog will try to remove the nuisance burr from his skin using his mouth.In the event,he might swallow the burrs. If you suspect the dog has swallowed the burrs or appears sickly,its about time to take your Dog to a veterinary Doc. best way to get burrs out of dog hair
  • Can burrs harm dogs.
If they are not removed,they could make the dog have difficulty in having a normal sleep.They will keep on trying to remove them.The dog cant simply lie down. They could also damage the skin of your dog and inflict some infections.So the earlier you remove them,the better.possibly immediately you come back from the walk. Dogs while making an effort to remove the burrs,could chew them.Some burrs "could be poisonous".As we have said above,we would like to emphasize that if you see anything unusual about the dogs behavior,call a veterinary Doc.
  • Are burrs seasonal.
Burrs are seasonal,most of them will seed during summer. Final Thoughts To prevent burrs from germinating in your compound,burn all the seeds and hair removed from the dog. Don't put it in your dust bin or composter as this will be literally setting them free to establish their plants in your yard Sources: Wikihow Cuteness

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