best wood chipper for small farm

We know that you do not want those big wood chippers.That is why you are looking for best wood chipper for small farm.

We took some effort and some extra curiosity to put together wood chippers that are appropriaate for a small farm.

We evaluated a number of wood chippper manufacture and shortlisted among the best chippers that can adequately cater for small farm needs.

A good Wood chipper for small farms will cost you between $100 to $300.

Here is our list.

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper

Key point:-

  • Can cut wood of diameter as wide as 1.7 inches.These are the diameter for most of the wood in small farms.
  • Its powerful motor will ensure that wood is mulch into size and will serve your farm for a long time.CJ603E’s 15-amp motor works to shred everything into small size.
  • Reduce the wood into a ratio of 21:1
  • If you are into a quiter machinery,this is the chipper to go for.
  • It shreds all manner of wood including bamboo.
  • Snow Joe + Sun Joe guarantees you a 2 TWO years warranty.This is enough assurance that the chipper is of top notch quality.
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Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper/Shredder, Collection Bin


The most outstanding feature about  this wood chipper is its collection been section located right below the chipper’s machinery.Its convinient compared to other Chippers in that,mulch will not be scattered all over.Collecting and disposing the mulch becomes much easier.


The input section is conviniently placed just below your chest.This gives  you a good view of wood entry and easier input as well.Just make sure you wear protective glasses.

Key features:-

  • A plastic 40 litter bin collection for easy mulch carrying.
  • It comes with a hand held  Lod that you will use to push the input into the chipper
  •  15-amp motor that runs up to 4500RPM will quickly turn your small  farm leaves and branches into nutritious mulch.
  • The chipper will shred upto 1.7 inches of wood.
  • This is an all electric chipper,no Gas needed.This means its quiter ,no air pollution and less maintainances required.
  • The wheels at the bottom of the chipper makes it easier to push or drag around your chipper in your farm when looking for a convinient location to work from.


  • You have to do the assembly yourself
  • You still have to push down the twigs and leaves down the feeder using the rod tool that comes with the chipper. Other chippers use gravity that drives down the wood naturally and smoothly.


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CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

This is a cheaper wood chipper compared to its counter parts above,though it has an almost similar functionality.


This wood chipper features a simple design which is ideal for a small farm.It has six inch wheels to help in towing or pushing around your farm.It will quickly mulch small brances and a leaves.Its easy to use and anyone can operate this chipper.

We love the fact that it comes with a TWO year warranty meaning,its a guarantee the wood chipper will serve you for the longest of time.

Key features:-

  • The input is at the waste level which make it easy to accurately enter your wood in =to the chipper’s feeder.
  • It Shreds all manner wood including bamboo trees.
  • 14-amp motor powerful motor has the capability to shred wood up to 1.5 diameter wide. That is as a result of this machine to rotate at 4300 RPM.
  • It produces mulch at the ratio of 16:1.
  • Has a safety locking knob so that the machine doesn’t continue rolling when its open. This feature prevents body injuries when you want to access the internal components.
  • Gas powered wood chippers are noisy, hard to operate, exhumes lots of smoke and have high maintenance cost. Well this is not a Gas powered chipper, it is all electric and plug and play once you have done the assembly right.


  • It doesn’t work well with wood chips, ensure that your wood is below 1.5 inches in diameter
  • You still have to do the assembly work.
  • There is no setting to change from chipping to mulching.
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