How to Raise Chicken

Its easy to raise chicken in your back yard.

You only need some know how on raising chicks up-to when they mature.And ready to be turned into a delicious meal,or let them stay a little longer so that they can lay eggs for your family.


If they don’t have a mother chicken to look after them,its up to you to take up its role.

  1. Heating:Use a bulb to heat the room.A 100 watts bulb will do just fine.The only thing you have to do is to readjust the height of the bulb to increase heating or to reduce it.You will know when to adjust as for example,if the chicks are tucked away in a corner,it means the brooder is too hot There are special bulbs too for heating that you can purchase from your local farm equipment supplier.
  2. Food: supply the chicks with fresh food daily. Keep clean water in a waterier. Constantly check the chicks to see into it that they don’t drown into water or get chocked with food.Or if the water is depleted. Feed them a particular type of feed known as “chick starter”. It is specifically made for their dietary needs and may be medicated or not. Medicated feed has a small amount of Amprolium drugs that prevents Coccidiosis
  3. Play Time:Move the chicks outside for them to enjoy sunlight.keep an eye on them though to fend off predators.You could use a chicken run instead.This allows them to exercise,an important aspect for their healthy growth.
  4. Chick Health:Some time their poop may block its exit which might end up killing it.Keep on checking this and wipe them off.
    apply a little Vaseline or vegetable oil to the area. Also ,apple cider vinegar put in their drinking is found to prevent this condition
Chicken Run
Chicken Run

Why chicken stop laying Eggs

  1. Hen Age-just like humans,animals slow down as they age.Lifespan of chicken is about 8-10 years.As they approach this age ,they start laying less eggs.
  2. Molting-at around the age of 18 months,chicken dedicate most of their energy in development of more feathers .At this time,you will experience less eggs lays than normal.Molting will normally last for a month or two after which eggs laying will resume after they have developed a new set of feathers.
  3. Too much treat-Chicken only need 4 grams of calcium per day.Too much of it will result in diluting of nutrients.Give them
    complete formulated layers feed that gives them every nutrients they need.
  4. Stress- This may greatly affect eggs laying pattern.Forms of stress include:-
    predators, over-crowding, aggressive hens, loud noises, too much heat or cold, poor nutrition and illness.As a farmer,strive to minimize these stress.
  5. Lighting-Chicken need longer lighting for optimum egg laying,16 hours actually.Ensure that your chicken coop is well light for success in laying eggs especially when the days are shorter than the night in winter.

Stand Up Pouches

Do you want to stand out on a rather crowded competition in your product line?

Well,this is the ultimate desire for each business man/woman.

First impressions determine how your product will perform on the market.

And by impression we mean,the outlook of the product on the prospective customer eye before they even try out the content of the container.

What will make them pick your product from the store shelves?

What catches their eye,almost immediately?

How would you as a seller have your product screaming for attention?

These are mind boggling questions that any business need to ponder if they want to succeed in consistent sales.

The answer lies in how you package your merchandise.

Be it food,detergents or anything else,Packaging is key.

Customers are attracted to products that are elegantly packaged.

Stand up pouches act as a good representative of your product and brand.

In their very nature -upright state at all time, means that its always visible to buyers eyes whenever they are scanning the shelves. The stiffness of the material utilized in the design of the stand up pouch ensures that brand names and logos are at all times vivid.

The round bottom design also ensures that your products seat perfectly on the shelf.

Manufacturers have been creative enough to come up with designs that are transparent on one side and opaque on another.

This way,contents of the stand up pouch are immediately visible,your customers have a chance to ascertain the contents of the bag before purchase. A smart marketing front.

You can imprint your cool company logo,brand and product name on the opaque side.

How to source for a good Real estate management software.


The nature of property management business requires a definitive organization to acquire a software solution that sufficiently covers its specific business needs. Effective management of multiple properties manually in most of the case may not come easily to you and your staff. With an array of records to go through on a daily basis touching on tenant management, listing, broker management, manual property management only becomes more stressful as the business grows.

There are a number of property management software solutions providers out there, each promising to deliver a perfect solution for the current necessities in your business. While some solutions are top notch in the market, some are just a rip off and do not give appealing results of what is exactly expected from them.

That said it is important for any serious business to evaluate feasible software before making purchase decision. There are key items on a scrutiny checklist you need to tick before giving it a go on a software a vendor proposes.

Here are some of the pointers to give much attention to when selecting a solution

Online Integration

A huge percentage of property searches today happen majorly on the internet. Your business should exist on platforms where prospective clients hangout and have higher chances finding you. If you are purchasing standalone software for back office management purposes, it is highly advisable to integrate the system with online outlets. This includes websites and mobile apps.

Do these come as a package from the vendor?

It should.

Apart from clients interacting with your business round the clock online, your staff can leverage the possibility of remotely accessing the system. This means, listing of a property can be done right on the spot where you find it. Your website should also be integrated with IDX ,a technology that pulls listings from MLS databases.

Online payment through multiple gateways should be part of a system that aims at transacting online. A real estate management system accepting online payments makes customer list booking, rent payments and similar transactions easy and readily accessible.


Is the system ready for use without much training yet provides the requisite solutions to the organization?

Users should have an easy time interacting with the system. It should automate most of the tasks while providing detailed reports on demand. A system that profiles data graphically eases understanding and saves on time.

User Support

Choose a system that has a comprehensively prepared offline support and an all year round support from the developers through diverse communication media such us online live support, phone calls and workstation in person support. The support team should be reachable on first contact .This ensures smooth business from prompt support.

How do you ascertain this? Well do your research for the preferred optimal solutions that are reliable and sustainable.


Opting for a cloud hosted over a local hosted solution would cut on huge initial investment on server hardware and software. A cloud based system hosts your system on a remote server that is managed by third party providers. Security and delivery of your records is serviced by such companies. The down side of taking this route is that data is only available only when there is internet and you lose full control of the data.


Is pricing commensurate to what is being marketed to you?

Does it have maximum returns on investment?

To ascertain these, request a software demo or a software trial version that last for a month or two to give you ample time to interact and assess its performance.

Most software will come with hidden charges in form of upgrade fees, subscription fees or maintenance fee. Seek to establish straight up front, the existence of such so that you are completely aware of what business deals you are about to get into.

Finally, social proof has its place here too. Are there verifiable businesses using the solution fronted to you and what is the level of satisfaction. You can write to friends in other organizations to get insights of the systems they are using and whether the package you are about to purchase meets the industry standards.


To remain competitive in a rather clouded property market, its paramount to position your business  to as many eyeballs as possible. Apart from having your own website, the system should seamlessly integrate with other bigger marketing systems such as Zillow. This should happen with a simple import and export functionality that facilitates transfer of listings from your standalone system to other giant systems effortlessly.

Data ownership and security

It would be disheartening to realize that you can’t move with your crucial data to the next provider. This happens especially when you opt for a cloud based systems. The data lives in your providers servers. They may place prohibitive rules for exporting data without your prior knowledge inconveniencing you eventually. Seek to understand data ownership policies early on in the negotiation process to evade such instances.

To top it up, data security is always a priority number one for any business out there. Seek to understand how secure your information is. Establish what security mechanisms are in place and how to trigger them. If you host your system on the clouds, let the vendor spell out the policies of enforcing security of your data and measures taken if any of the party involved violates them

In the end, choose a solution that is scalable as well as evolving with the current trends going deep into the future of your business.

We have put together a review of two comprehensive softwares that fascinated our scrutinizing eyes. These softwares have wound into their structure most of the features we have highlighted above.

APPFOLIO property Manager

The vendor has gone into great lengths of producing a solution package for each recognizable sub sector in the realtor business. Notably, from residential, commercial, student housing to community associations, agents have been wholesomely covered.

Some of the outstanding features include

  • Account and bookkeeping-Never again worry about having a separate system to maintain your books of accounts.Appfolio integrates accounts and bookkeeping feature that automates financial profiling bringing flexibility to your business in the end.
  • It is a Cloud based software.
  • Self Service portal for renters-payment and maintenances requests are fulfilled online.
  • Engaged property owner-Capability of files and funds transfer between the agent and the property owner safely online.
  • Built in text messaging
  • Mobile app technology for each participant party
  • Tenant screening to get a compliant tenant.
  • Handles online leasing
  • Ability to schedule rent increase
  • Excellent support service through escalating support tickets, a community of appfolio users, self-guided easy to follow course and complete a FAQ page. You will never be stuck when using appfolio.
  • Slick and professional website that makes almost all property managements processes possible online. Appfolio guarantees a customizable site to fit whatever property you intend to list.



  • Though it’s a thorough system with almost every imaginable aspect of real estate business completely covered, we did not see any attempt of the vendor to integrate with external online marketing channels like Zillow. This means, you will be limited to your own marketing platforms.
  • Does not integrate with existing financial management systems such as QuickBooks. What this means is, you will have to migrate all your data to the new system. Most businesses are privy of new systems and hesitant to do a complete changeover.



If you are looking for a system for your real estate brokerage firm that is robust but yet integrates with your already existing systems, then Brokermint is the go to solution. Brokermint makes your business operations better without having to start over.

Some of the outstanding features include

  • Transaction Management

Brokermint monitors and automates transactional processes through organized filling and detailed work flows. It strives to consolidate vital files in one place to ease accessibility. The realtor will know at any instant the state of a running transaction, whether it is pending, due or already completed.

  • Commission Management

Losing track of commission payment to your agents is common to most business owners. Eliminate the pain by employing Brokermint software solution. It will monitor sales, automatically assign your set commission to the right agent once a transaction is closed. Reviewing commissions paid out to each agent has been simplified with a complete profiling added to it.

  • Quickbooks intergration

Most businesses yearn for a solution that will marry with their existing systems and exchange information seamlessly. Brokermint understands this. They have made it easier to import data from your QuickBooks system. Better still, you can sync your data between the two systems eliminating the needs for double entry. This covers both QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop.


Your accountant will not have to learn how to use the financial module on Brokermint. The structure of this feature simulates that of QuickBooks making your staff adapt to it much faster.


It also boast of capability of integrating with other popular solutions sales force, propertybase, mls,quickbooks, xero amongst others. Brokermint does not work in isolation which makes it more appealing.




  • It occurs to us that the system is only suitable for property owners.It does not accommodate other industry players such as agents and tenants. It locks this group out and therefore limited in some functionalities such as online rent payment or agents online listing.



Buy Replacement cars for Magic Tracks Cars – As seen on TV

Magic tracks cars and magic tracks accessories

Cars for Magic tracks or magic tracks accessories, where do you I buy them?

Well, to find a store that sells these replacement cars for magic tracks separately is rare. The store owners sell magic tracks with magic tracks cars as a package therefore finding the best replacement cars for magic tracks or accessories in a store near you is difficult.

However, we have a dedicated store where we sell replacement cars for magic tracks and Accessories online.

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Key features of Magic Tracks

  • The serpentine structure can swing twist and bend easily.
  • Different colors of tracks pieces that glow in the dark once hit by Led light from the moving magic tracks cars.
  • A variety of cars includes police cars, fire trucks, and sports cars.
  • Fun magic tracks accessories to make racing even more exciting including bridges, junctions, traffic signs, and swirls.
  • More track pieces to create a long snake-like track that can run from room to room.

What colors are available?

There are different colors available that you can choose from

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
best replacement cars for magic tracks

There are different makes as well for the magic tracks replacement cars. These includes

  • Fire engine trucks
  • Police Cars
  • Sports Cars

What are the prices for replacement cars for Magic Tracks.

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best replacement cars for magic tracks

Do you have magic tracks accessories?

Magic tracks accessories are available to make your race tracks event real lifelike.

These includes

  • Traffic lights signs
  • Road Junctions
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Swirls
  • Road Corner
  • Rolling Gates
  • Tracks Joiner

and much more fun magic tracks accessories for your Kids

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What about magic tracks extra tracks?

Apart from replacement cars for magic tracks, tracks pieces for replacement or making the tracks longer are available too. They come in different packages each carrying some amount of tracks pieces.

You will find packages in:-

How many replacement magic tracks cars should I buy?

You may purchase as many as you like and magic tracks accessories as well.

This is a game that requires many participants and therefore getting many magic tracks extra cars is advisable.

So that you and your kids can create long long tracks for cars to travel on, It’s more fun that way.

Magic track mega set

The magic track mega set is the latest in the magic tracks world.

The good thing about the magic track mega set is that it gives you the flexibility to do a variety of things.

How is that possible? you may ask.

One thing is that it comes packed with numerous amount of tracks,360 to be precise.

This means you can lay out a full highway in your house. This will facilitate longer runways for your kid’s magic tracks vehicles to run on. All track pieces joined together to create a race track of approximately 18 ft. You can imagine the length.

Your kids could make many overfly and road junctions as they wish.

Apart from that, the magic track mega set comes with 2 race cars, meaning you are set to go out of the box. However, you could still purchase more cars and magic tracks accessories to make it more exciting.

You could create your own mega set by purchasing as many magic tracks and magic tracks accessories as you could.

Where do I buy replacement cars for magic tracks ?

Hit the link below to check on all items related to magic tracks in our store. All magic tracks items enjoy free shipping.

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Why Magic tracks cars break

As with all other electronics, cars for magic tracks are bound to break, Kids are not as careful as we adults and will “find a way ” to break them.

I saw a clip on youtube where kids run the magic tracks cars on the swimming pool. Water may tamper with the electronic parts of the magic tracks cars.

Some wheels may come off if kids force the cars to move on the tracks(Cars should move automatically when you turn them on), while at other times the kid may destroy the car completely by accidentally stepping on it. This will force you to look for the best replacement cars for magic tracks.

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Magic Tracks are fun

best replacement cars for magic tracks

If you are a grown-up and get to interact with these toys, you will immediately learn the fun in Magic Track cars. You would wish back your childhood days.

Kids love them and are high in demand since late 2016. However, one light-up magic tracks car box comes with only one car. If you want more fun, you would like to add extra magic tracks cars to your collection.

We specialize in selling magic tracks full set, replacement cars for magic tracks, and other magic track accessories in this online store.

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The toys come with tracks that you can snap together to create a long track where the magic tracks cars will run. It’s easy to snap the tracks together. The kids can do these by themselves. The ease of assembling and dismantling the structures makes the Glow in the dark Race Track toys even more fun and enjoyable.

The tracks setup activity will trigger your kid’s creativity. They give your children a challenge to set up near real-life road structures. The tracks setup is flexible enough to facilitate layouts such as over the bridge, Sharp turn, and swirls over the hills, overpasses, and many more.

We have come to notice that kids in the neighborhoods like to meet up, each with his/her set of toys to create racing tracks for competition among them on who has the fastest car.

Are these components portable so my kids can take them to His friend in the next block?

Oh yes, the packaging is easily portable and can fit in any medium backpack.

How to make the tracks glow

The most outstanding factor about Glow in the dark magic track cars is the glowing aspect.

They glow really well in the dark. When you have completely set up the tracks, switch off the lights of your house to experience the glowing effect. The exciting part of having these magic track toys is that your kids experience the day and night racing feel. It emulates real-life driving right indoors.

It is a good game to keep your kids entertained especially if it is cold outside.

How do magic Tracks cars Work?

Once you have created the track, the inner part forms a kind of a trough that keeps the magic car within the track and keeps it from falling off. The tracks form a rugged structure keeping the magic tracks car glued to it as it runs through.

The car wheels are made in such a way that they can stick to the tracks as well as maintaining movement.

How Many Pieces in the Box?

The magic tracks come packed with 220 pieces or more that you will stick together. For a better experience, purchase at least two boxes. This will give you more pieces to construct a better layout of tracks.


The battery life is fairly long. If used continuously, they can sustain a race of not less than eight hours. For better results and extended fun, purchase stronger batteries.

The cars are not shipped with batteries for purposes of preserving the magic tracks cars’ shelf life.

Each magic car track would require 2 AAA battery


The Glowing Race Tracks car comes in four distinct colors. Green, Red, Yellow, and blue.

The track’s colors can be interchanged when putting the magic track up to create an appealing driveway.

The replacement cars for magic tracks are produced in different colors too, we have Red, Green, Blue, Black and light blue currently in our store.


They come with one car per package but you can still purchase an extra car in our store.

Since you are having kids playing with these toys, most of the time these very cars for magic tracks may break down and would require some replacement. We advise you purchase at least an extra car.

To start the car, just press its roof button and you are set to go.


The package may come stocked with a backpack for portability so that your kids can move with the twister cars to their neighbors’.

Also included inside are stickers to label your racing cars. They are awesome.

Finally, accompanying the Glow in the dark Race Track cars are some instructions on a booklet to let you start off easily on setting up and racing.

Magic Tracks Accessories

Most magic tracks accessories to the magic track come as ad-dons from different manufactures. Some of the accessories include:-

magic tracks cars accessory
  • Mountains
  • Bridges
  • Trees
  • Fountains
  • Glow in the dark Race Track extra cars

Check out some of these Here

Who is Glow in the dark Race Track cars for?

This is a game enjoyed by both boys and girls. It’s a combination of creativity and fun while at it. The adults can tag along to assist the kids in setting up and cheering on. We recommend that each member of the family possess a car. That is why you need to buy more magic Track cars for everyone to enjoy.

Can I purchase replacement cars for magic tracks only?

Yes, absolutely.

We do understand that the current replacement cars for magic tracks may break down.

You may also want more cars for racing. We do sell magic Track extra cars at a reasonable price.

Kindly hit the link below to find a variety of magic tracks extra cars. We have got, police cars, sports cars, Racing cars, and fire trucks that your kids will love.

It is good to purchase all of them to make your game all exciting.

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How to repair broken light-up cars
We understand that the replacement cars for magic tracks may break down just like any other electronics.
To repair the glowing cars, take them to any electronics repairer near you.
They can easily bring them to functionality.

You can also buy replacement cars for magic tracks to replace broken ones.

Taking good care of the magic tracks cars could go a long way in preserving the magic tracks cars functionality for long

Hit the button below to check on  prices

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How do you Store Magic tracks accessories and cars

Find a box or carton to store the toys after use

The toys are made up of plastic, so don’t put heavy objects on them

Put them on top of a drawer or under the bed if you want your kids to easily access them.

Always dust them before use because they may accumulate dust while in storage

Also, ensure you remove the batteries so that they don’t rot while still in the cars. A good thing is to keep on replacing them whenever you feel they are used up

 Frequently asked questions

  1. How do you make magic tracks grow?

When LED light hits the tracks, the colored tracks do glow. They are built with material that reflects light and are well visible in the dark.

  • Is magic tracks compatible with glow tracks

Yes, Magic tracks will easily integrate with your glow tracks package.

  • What age is magic tracks for?

Kids of the ages between 3 to 7 years will enjoy these types of toys. Older kids will need more challenging toys.

  • Do Magic tracks glow in the dark?

Magic tracks are meant to glow in the dark. Once you put on the car, the LED lights on the car will produce light that hits the tracks. This LED light makes the tracks glow.

  • What batteries do magic tracks take?

Magic tracks will require batteries of size AAA

  • How do you turn on a magic tracks car?

Push the button on either at the top of the vehicle or at the bottom of the car

Do Magic Tracks need batteries?

Yes,they need batteries for them to operate.

Do Magic tracks come with batteries?

No,the batteries have to be bought seperately.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps origin can be traced from the Himalaya Mountains in Pakistan.

Why are these lamps so dear to most people?

We have sought to gather enough knowledge on Himalayan salt lamps and provide you with an in-depth researched piece to educate you on what they are, their benefits to your health and why you should own a few pieces.

Right on set, the Himalayan salt lamps provide a candle like glow that will render your bedroom appealing and creates a traditional lamps lighting feel. You will fall asleep faster that you normally do as the lighting is dim to a standard level.

When the bulb within is lit, the heat emanating from the bulb excites the negative ions within the Himalayan salt rock lamp. It is said that these ions combines with positive ions in the air. The positive ions carry pollutants, but when they combine with the negative ions from the salt lamp, they fall down to the ground as dust

Negative ions from Himalayan Lamps Helps in cleaning the air Click to Tweet

These leaves the air cleansed off impurities that previously existed. You have lighter, pure air in your room to breathe making your sleep more comfortable.

With this in mind, let’s examine the chemical composition of the salt lamps.

Chemical composition
Himalayan salts are a mixture of several minerals including magnesium and iodine.
1.White-This color is hard to find, no wonder people prefer it over other colors. There is a believe that they work better in cleaning the air and provides better room lighting compared to other salt lamps on the list
2.Pink – It provides a beautiful light for your bedroom creating an impression of pink roses glowing in the dark. It has been rumored to excite emotions like love, passion and some sense of partnership.
3.Orange– they emits a burning molten magma impression mostly seen on volcanic craters. It covers the room with a warm feel associated with day light sun.
4.Red-it excites the heart making you happy.

The salts do not disappoint in terms of aesthetic characteristics. It comes in a variety of colors depending on the rock that it was cut from.

Depending on the person mining and carving the salt lamp, different sizes are abounding.
Most people prefer the 5-7 lbs lamps for their small size and portability.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

These are not just your normal electric lamps or candles, they have an added advantage of cleaning the air as we mentioned earlier.
Have you ever experienced the scent at the sea shore, it was nice was it? The expect the same occurrence when you bring these fine piece of art into your room. It’s advisable to have these lamps in all your rooms to create a uniform feeling throughout the house of clean air and nice scent.
Many people have indicated increased level of happiness and overall mood when these lamps are around. How about that? These lamps glow as pointed earlier create a warm comforting feeling that facilitates relaxation, you finally feel at home.
Himalayan Salt Benefit

Where to buy Himalayan Salt lamps
Due to a proliferation of fake Himalayan Salt Lamps out there,it counts to have a good supplier of you lamps.So where would we advice you to purchase the himalayan salt lamp.Well,the best places to purchase these lamps is on online platforms where tyou can read reviews from actual sellers with experience with the items you are interested in.Check out this store.

Its important to purchase the salt lamps online.
Why do we say so.
You are exposed to a wide range of lamps
You get to evaluate numerous reviews from buyers who have already made a purchase.
This way,you are able to pick the original lamps from theonline shelves.
Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved Natural Glow Pink Hymalain Salt Lamps

The lamp has a smart steel base giving it a modern look as well as controlled drainage.
It has a tap feature to dim the bulb,adjusting the brightness has been made easier.

WBM Himalayan Glow 1002 Hand Carved Natural Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base/Bulb and Dimmer Control, Crystal, Amber, 8 – 9-Inch, 8 – 11 lb

WBM are known for their original products.This item is sourced straight from pakistan.
You are ensured all the benefits that come with salt lamps.
The wooden base is well structured and gives your lamp a traditional look.Its termite free too.


Syntus Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Light Glow Hand Carved

The hand crafting of this salt lamp is just admirable.It presents a modern look and will blend with other
lighting systems in your room.Sourced directly from Pakistan,your are assured of the benefits we have highlighted above.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

The basket is adorable.The designer crafted flowery structures that look amazing when you light the lamp.
The good thing about this salt lamp is the ability to hold each piece block of the salt.
Meaning,you can always remove the salt blocks and replace them with new ones.

How to Identify a fake salt Lamp.
Due to high demand for the Himalayan Lamps for their incomparable benefits,Scammers have found another easy root to make a quick cash by selling you substandard himalayan lamps.

So,how do you avoid being ripped off your money right on set.

Here are crusial things to look for.

Is the salt lamp fragile or not

Salts structure is very weak compared to other rocks.Its crystals are bound to crumble with any instant of grinding or a fall.If you grind your lamp against a wall or something brittle and nothing happens,then your lamp seller has credibility issues.You have been sold a rock instead.

Something else to observe is the packaging.The Lamps must have a protective gear wrapped around it when you unbox. This is meant to prevent the salt rock from absorbing moisture.Its natural for any salt to quickly absorb water and dissolve.Immerse a piece in some water,if you do not get the same result then you have every reason to doubt the salt.

You have bought the lamp in order to experience the benefits that you have heard being talked about all round.If you do not in any way get a difference in your room environment or body response then you have a fake lamp in your possession. You should,at bare minimum, notice some change of state,be it sleeping or feeling relaxed or any of the benefits we have highlighted above.

Lastly,Compare the brightness of the lamp with normal lighting from the other rooms.If the difference is not noticeable,then its not a lamp from Himalayan you have there.If the brightness is excessive,most definitely,its a fake. Himalayan Lamps are known to light in a dim light,more like you are using a candle to light your room

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs

To get the maximum value of your Himalayan Lamp,its advisable to use specific bulbs to light them.The bulb should be economical in terms
Electric power consumption but not compromising on the energy they emit.

Enough amount of heat is a requirement to exit the negative ions and give substantial amount of light in the long run.

How to Care for the Himalayan Salt Lamp
The salt lamps are fragile and can easily absorb moisture from the air as well.

To maintain its shape for long do the following;

Keep it out of reach of small kids,mind you they are edible
Its advisable to keep the lamp lit for the longest of time.This makes the lamp maintain the appropriate heat to avoid collecting moisture
If switched off,wrao it with a polythene paper to guard against moisture
Make this observations and the lamps will serve you for the longest of time.

Mermaid Tail Blankets to Keep you warm this winter

This winter,look for comfortable and warm stylish cover for you as you enjoy your relaxing time,whether its watching TV,movies working on your laptop or even reading.Do not freeze during the winter period.

Here we bring you some of the best mermaid styled blankets for mermaid lovers.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet Mermaid

  • It is Crocheted and super light which makes it easy to roll around
  • Comes in Aqua marine colors.
  • Has an opening down the back but closes up towards the bottom to cover your feet.
  • Though,there is a little opening at the bottom for you to pop out your fit when need be.
  • It is soft on your skin too.
  • The item comes with a backpack and a mermaid necklace
  • Adult sizes are  71″x35.5″
  • kids sizes are 56″x28″

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DDMY Mermaid Tail Blanket

  • The best thing that makes this blanket outstanding is that it features scales in its design.A true delight to mermaid lovers or fish in general.
  • It is very warm but light to some degree making it usable in all seasons.
  • Just like the item above, it is open both at the top and the bottom of it.This feature ensures that you do not have to roll your self into it.You can jump out of it easily any time.The opening at the bottom allows your feet to have some breather.
  • Adult sizes are 74” * 35”

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Are there specific Mermaid Blankets for Kids?

Absolutely,kids are not left out,check out two of them below.

Amyhomie Mermaid Blanket Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket,  Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls

  • The Item is made from acrylic,very smooth and soft as well to your kids skin.
  • Specifically cool for them if they like to read on the floor,will keep them warm from the cold floor.
  • Kids who like mermaid and mermaid stories will love this.Its a perfect gift.
  • With blanket,you wont need to worry about kids snuggling with large blankets in the living room.


All Seasons Seatail Sleeping Bag Blanket by Jr.White (Kids-Purple)

  • The good thing about this is that it comes with a necklace gift.
  • The product features an open top and bottom for easy in and out for your girls.
  • Comes in variety of colors and design in sizes of 140*70 cm.
  • This is a perfect gift for your girls or grand children any time of the year.

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What other alternative products to this one

Yes there,Here is one funny product we discovered.
Have you ever had a dream being sucked in by a shack,well this could be mede a reality right eithin your living room.
Have a look at this creative.

Blankie Tails Shark Blanket, Gray and Deep Blue

  • Being 16.6 x 13.9 x 2.7 inches long,the item is fit for kids ages 5 to 12 years old.Kids 5 feet tall could still feet in this.
  • It brings the effect of being advencourous by trying out swallows by the shark.
  • It is both a toy and a blanket,we must say.Kids love it.
  • Its double sided with good construction made of fleece


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