best wood chipper for small farm

We know that you do not want those big wood chippers.That is why you are looking for best wood chipper for small farm.

We took some effort and some extra curiosity to put together wood chippers that are appropriaate for a small farm.

We evaluated a number of wood chippper manufacture and shortlisted among the best chippers that can adequately cater for small farm needs.

A good Wood chipper for small farms will cost you between $100 to $300.

Here is our list.

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper

Key point:-

  • Can cut wood of diameter as wide as 1.7 inches.These are the diameter for most of the wood in small farms.
  • Its powerful motor will ensure that wood is mulch into size and will serve your farm for a long time.CJ603E’s 15-amp motor works to shred everything into small size.
  • Reduce the wood into a ratio of 21:1
  • If you are into a quiter machinery,this is the chipper to go for.
  • It shreds all manner of wood including bamboo.
  • Snow Joe + Sun Joe guarantees you a 2 TWO years warranty.This is enough assurance that the chipper is of top notch quality.
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Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper/Shredder, Collection Bin


The most outstanding feature about  this wood chipper is its collection been section located right below the chipper’s machinery.Its convinient compared to other Chippers in that,mulch will not be scattered all over.Collecting and disposing the mulch becomes much easier.


The input section is conviniently placed just below your chest.This gives  you a good view of wood entry and easier input as well.Just make sure you wear protective glasses.

Key features:-

  • A plastic 40 litter bin collection for easy mulch carrying.
  • It comes with a hand held  Lod that you will use to push the input into the chipper
  •  15-amp motor that runs up to 4500RPM will quickly turn your small  farm leaves and branches into nutritious mulch.
  • The chipper will shred upto 1.7 inches of wood.
  • This is an all electric chipper,no Gas needed.This means its quiter ,no air pollution and less maintainances required.
  • The wheels at the bottom of the chipper makes it easier to push or drag around your chipper in your farm when looking for a convinient location to work from.


  • You have to do the assembly yourself
  • You still have to push down the twigs and leaves down the feeder using the rod tool that comes with the chipper. Other chippers use gravity that drives down the wood naturally and smoothly.


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CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

This is a cheaper wood chipper compared to its counter parts above,though it has an almost similar functionality.


This wood chipper features a simple design which is ideal for a small farm.It has six inch wheels to help in towing or pushing around your farm.It will quickly mulch small brances and a leaves.Its easy to use and anyone can operate this chipper.

We love the fact that it comes with a TWO year warranty meaning,its a guarantee the wood chipper will serve you for the longest of time.

Key features:-

  • The input is at the waste level which make it easy to accurately enter your wood in =to the chipper’s feeder.
  • It Shreds all manner wood including bamboo trees.
  • 14-amp motor powerful motor has the capability to shred wood up to 1.5 diameter wide. That is as a result of this machine to rotate at 4300 RPM.
  • It produces mulch at the ratio of 16:1.
  • Has a safety locking knob so that the machine doesn’t continue rolling when its open. This feature prevents body injuries when you want to access the internal components.
  • Gas powered wood chippers are noisy, hard to operate, exhumes lots of smoke and have high maintenance cost. Well this is not a Gas powered chipper, it is all electric and plug and play once you have done the assembly right.


  • It doesn’t work well with wood chips, ensure that your wood is below 1.5 inches in diameter
  • You still have to do the assembly work.
  • There is no setting to change from chipping to mulching.
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best dslr camera backpack

Best camera backpack for dslr and laptop

Are you looking for the best camera backpack for DSLR that absorbs all your cameras, accessories, tripods and can fit a laptop too?

This DSLR camera backpack is your ultimate go-to camera bag that handles all your DSLR Cameras and their accessories such as lenses and even holds tripods in place at one go. It has several pockets that are carefully designed to hold your DSLR cameras and a laptop too.

For Laptop storage, just open the top part as shown in the video and slot in your Laptop. It fits most standard size Laptops. Please check the dimensions on the additional information tab above. Most DSLR camera backpacks do not come with this feature and that is why this bag stands out.

This DSLR camera bag comes with Soft pads that strategically partition the bag accordingly. This includes partitions to store the lenses, bigger partitions are meant to store the Cameras and so on. The purpose of these partitions is to ensure that your DSLR cameras do not knock each other while you are in transit, eliminating the chances of damaging each other.

Camera pockets are situated on each side of this camera backpack in order to facilitate easy access whenever you want to make a quick shoot, like snapping an exotic bird for example.

Is this DSLR camera backpack waterproof?

Well to start off, anything with zippers is not completely waterproof, although its material will not let water in.

But water could easily percolate through the zippers.

To make this camera backpack for DSLR waterproof, an extra thin bag is included. This light waterproof bag is completely waterproof. Whenever you’re in a rainy environment, put your DSLR bag into this waterproof bag and you are done.

When it is not needed, you can return it back to one of the pockets as it can be seen on the video.

Of course, make sure it is dry.

Is the bag appropriate for hiking or biking?


The bag is simple, not luggish.

It sits properly on your back, it handles perfectly fit on your shoulders as shown on the video. It feels like it is part of your body, hiking becomes easy with this DSLR bag.

Furthermore, the side pockets make it easy for you to access your camera easily and quickly without taking the bag off your shoulders.

As it can be seen on the video, the bag conveniently sticks to your back such that when cycling, it wouldn’t make uncomfortable side to side motions.

Is this the best DSLR camera backpack for Nikon and Canon cameras?


Most cameras will fit in the side pockets as you can clearly see on the video.

You could even carry two cameras, each sitting on either side of the bags pockets.

The bottom slot provides room for storing clothes, Maps and many more.

This is also a good mirrorless camera

Are there smaller versions for just carrying the camera alone?

Yeah Sure

We have appropriate camera bags for all photographer’s needs.

Stock tank pool heater

What is the best stock tank pool heater?

During winter, water in your pools will become chilly cold or even freeze.

That not to say that you can not enjoy a splash in cold weather.

You could make use of stock tank pool heaters to prepare your water for a warm bath in your stock tank.

stock tank pool heaters image

Or sometimes it is not winter season  yet but you want to turn your stock tank pool into a hot tub, why not use this electric stock tank pool heaters that we found to work well even for large pools.

Stock tank pools heaters are sometimes labeled as deicers in the store shelf. Therefore with this information, you can easily locate a stock tank heater.

Here are a few stock tank pool heaters you can try.

1.Farm Innovators Model H-418C 2-In-1 Cast Aluminum Convert-Able Plastic Tank De-Icer, 1,250-Watt

The cool thing about this stock tank pool heater is its ability to float on water. Given that the Ice is always at the top, this is the ideal stock tank heater to warm up the top of the water and always keep it off ICE.

The stainless steel is an admirable feature on this floating heater since most metals will rust in water, this one will not.

The anti-rub power cod ensures that it is durable and can comfortably coexist with your stock tank pool.

This deicer is recommended for stock tanks with a capacity of 100-300 gallons

With this heater, you don’t have to worry about when to shut it off. It has an inbuilt capability to automatically shut off when the water heater reaches some degree.

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2.Farm Innovators Model H-429 Economical Submergible Tank De-Icer with Attached Guard, 1,500-Watt

This deicer is controlled by a thermal start that switches off when the water is warm enough and switches on when the water goes down beyond the freezing point

This one rests at the bottom of the tank so that it doesn’t interrupt the animals’ natural way of consuming water.

It has a protective metal cage that will ensure that it survives the hard conditions in the farms. It can work with a variety of stock tanks as well, be it a plastic stock tank or the metal one.

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Farm Innovators Model C-500 Submergible Cast Aluminum “Around The Farm” Utility De-Icer, 500-Watt

This one is ideal for small pools, especially for ponds and bird births.

The aluminum construction ensures that the water doesn’t wear away the pool heater.

It can be used to warm water up to 50 gallons capacity.

2. FlowXtreme NS1004 Dome 21-in Pool Solar Heater, Black.

  • This pool heater is easy to install for all stock tanks
  • This is a solar-powered device, therefore it will not consume power meaning no power bills for you.
  • Can be used in all seasons to keep your stock tank pool water warm.
  • You will enjoy a one-year warranty to make sure that you receive the utmost service from this device.
  • Dimensions: 22.1-in L x 22.1-in w x 12.8-In H

3. 1000W Immersion Heater, Gesail UL-Listed Bucket Water Heater with Heating Element

  • It utilizes high power of 1000w to quickly heat up small amount of water but can work well in small pools too,like stock tank pool.
  • Has got a safety feature to ensure things work out as planned. It has a thermostat to control electric overload when water temperatures reach a certain point. How it does this is by switching on and off whenever necessary.
  • The bottom structure is designed to protect persons from coming into contact with the heating element. The holes busts out the heated water.
  • It is easy to use, it has an indicator to show the user that the heater is working. However, do not immerse it completely in water, its not designed to do so.
  • This is a perfect heater for most stock tank pools and hot tubs.

Plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket

Plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket.

Pink plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket


We know you want those plants that realy hang over the basket but dont have some of the branches shooting upwards towards the celing.

Here is a list of beautiful plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket that are attractive easy to maintain and will improve the outlook of your home.

hanging plant in a basket


Goes also by the name Senecio rowleyanus, has an outlook of a necklace made up of big rounded beads.
The branches hang beutifully over the basket creating an awesome appeal.
The plant is ideal for indoor decoration because in its nature,it doesnt require direct sunlight.
It actually likes to grow in the shadow of othe plants.
The stems of this plant can grow up to a maximum of 90 cm.
This hanging plant hails form desert environment.Actually its leaves are structured in search a way to consereve water in order to survive the harsh desert condition.
Hence,this plant will require less watering and can go for more days without requiring water as it will utilise water already stored in its leaves. 
devil ivy hanging plant for basket

Devil’s ivy

The plant gets the name because its very much impossible to kill.It continues to grow even when its kept completely away from sunlight.
It also goes by the name Epipremnum aureum .
You will some time see it labled Philodendron  in plant stores.
Simila to String‑of‑pearls, it doesnt really require direct sunlight.Too much sun will destroy the leaves.
It can also go for number of days without watering.It has survival mechanism engrained to enable it go for long without watering.
It has beautiful petal stucture and therefore a perfect plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket.

The plant is however toxic to pets and care should be taken to ensure that your pets such as Dogs and Cats dont ingest it.

To plant this Devil Ivy,cut a stem and plant in your nest basket.Make sure to put enough water as mosisture is necessary for the roots to sprout.
plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket

Chlorophytum comosum

Also known as Spider Plant.
It closely resembles a walking spider,hence the name.This hanging plant is perfect for outdoor decor.
The long leeaves extends upto a lenght of 20 to 45 cm.
hanging plant in a basket


This plant for hanging baskets requires a lot of water and sunlight too.

But it is very attractive to the eye.

It works best outdoors.

common ivy

Common ivy

This hanging plant has a lovely leave structure.

Common ivy like to climb,It will climb trees,houses e.t.c.

You can use it as a plant for hanging baskets.


There you have it,these are some of the best plants for hanging baskets that hang over the basket.

You can check more below.

Baby suddenly crying inconsolably

Why baby suddenly start crying inconsolably.

Here are the reasons why S/He will not stop crying.

  • Sleepiness or fatigue

This is most probably brought by lack of sleep during the day.Make sure that your baby gets adequate sleep during the day to cover for the exhaustion the baby may have experienced as S/He played in the day.

  • Wet or dirty diaper

Check out whether S/He is wet.Change the diaper  when necessary.

  • Hunger

May be S/He  did not eat or suckle enough.Mamas Milk could be all she wants.

  • Overstimulation from noise or activity

Ensure that all music is down so that the baby gets a cool environment to enjoy her sleep.

  • Colic, acid reflux, or food allergies

Recall what type of food S/He  ate during the day and try to findout if they are appropriate for babies their age

  • Pain or illness

S/He could be sick.Take your baby to the doctor for check up if the crying continues for more than a day.


Camisole with a built-in bra for large breasts

camisole with a built-in bra for large breasts onHave you been looking for camisoles with a built-in bra for large breasts with no success?

Are you always coming across smaller ones that don’t fit?

We can now show you, Camisole for people with large busts which comes with a cool built-in bra for all bust sizes.

We will, however, list camisole with a built-in bra for large breasts on this post.

Let us look at our best tank tops having a built-in bra.

1.Built-In Padded Bra Tank Top, tank tops with a built-in bra for large breasts

This tank top with a built-in bra features wider shoulder straps. This makes it perfect for holding up large breasts as they sometimes overwhelm thinner straps.

These tank tops will make it easy for people with big busts to work out, Cycling, climbing mountains or simply doing your daily chores.

These camisole with built-in bra for large breasts come in different colors for you to choose from.

2.Women’s Wireless Bras Seamless, tank tops with a built-in bra for large breasts

This camisole with built-in bra features this strong straps with enhanced capability to hold a big bust comfortably.

The shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure that the tank top fits, every time.

These are fine to wear during summer when it warm outside.

It is not recommended you wear these during your work out sessions, the first tank top works better in such instances.

3.Hanes Women’s Stretch Cotton Cami with Built-in Shelf Bra

This bra is made from cotton material and a little bit of spandex mixture. This allows the bra to stretch appropriately to cover a large part of your breast.

It also comes with an inbuilt bra, just make sure you select the correct size that matches your large bust.

There is a variety of colors for this camisole to choose from as well.

To make sure that the tank top fits as you would want, the straps have been designed in such a way they can be adjusted.

The adjusting handles have been carefully positioned at the back leaving you with a cool look at the front.

Have a look at this camisole below


Camisole with built-in bra for large breasts

4.Women’s Longline Sports Bra Camisole Crop Top with Cups and Built-in Bar for Yoga

This is a wonderful pick for women who are into yoga.

Not only is this a cool Tank top it is also a camisole with a built-in bra for large breasts.

Made of part Nylon and partly spandex,we can confidently say that this is a perfect fit for the workout. The cami reaches just below your breast and has thin straps meaning that it is 100% breathable wear.

The shelf bra on this cami comes with removable bra pads. That simply signifies that you can convert this camisole with a built-in bra for large breasts to whatever you want-

Remove the pads and it becomes a tank top.

The best part about the seller of this camisole is that 2 tank tops are included on this item. A white and a black cami is included in the package for a reasonable price.


5.RUNNING GIRL Yoga Tank Tops for Women Built in Shelf Bra B/C Cups

We love the design of this tank top.It features two straps on either side which we feel is essential for women with big breasts.These straps will maintain your breast in an up position which is a desire for many women.

It comes with almost 10 different colors to pick from. We also find the open back sexy which will give you an outstanding look.

It comes with a built-in bra, the only task is for you to select the best fitting tank top for you from the sizes given by the seller.

Check out this bra below.



6.Emmalise Women’s Camisole Built in Bra Wireless Fabric Support Short Cami

Made up of 95% cotton and adjustable straps, this is an exciting pick for people who like working out.

It comes with a built-in bra too. This camisole has a scoop-like neckline that you will love.

It comes with different sizes, you can’t miss your size even if you have a large burst.

Check it out below, you can click shop now to view larger images on amazon by clicking shop now on the image below.



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10 Unique bohemian fashion style to steal

1.Beach ware Boho style

Want to feel free while still wearing that boho look,this one covers all. You can stroll through the sunny beach with this stunning outfit without feeling too hot,as the clothing has enough opening to allow cool air in. Plus it showcases your beautiful boho style bikini ware.

2.Boho Mini Dress

This one features cool flowers stretching down the bosom.

Being white in color, it makes the flowers stand out. The boots complement the short dress, with the flower patterns on them matching those on the dress. Since the dress neck area is open all the way to the shoulder area, the red flowery necklace does a good job of taking away the viewer focus from the uncovered area back to it.

3.Long Dress/Top

White color goes well with the summer season.Keeps you cool all day.You could wear this top with your normal pants.You can see how it mixes well with this jeans.

A good alternative to the jean would be a tie waist trouser, white or black or any color that matches the flowers. You could put on a Hat or leave your hair free.

4.Free Dress

We don’t know what is your idea of a free dress, but the reason we call it a free dress is that it doesn’t hold on to your body. You can move freely because it not tightly held to you. Good for occasions such as birthday parties, Halloween and much more

5.Feeling Cold-Grab a Jacket

Who said you cant add a jacket on top of your boho outfit? See how cool it looks. The jeans jacket fits in well with the dress. You’ve got to look for what matches with your bohemian outfits – in case it gets cold. You want to remain in style.

6.Boho with High waist Jeans

7. Modern Boho Shoes

Cool bohemian sneakers with a modern touch to them.Good to go with a bohemian mini dress.

8.Horse rider boots

Good for wearing with long jeans pants.Keeps the cold weather out too.

9.Real Bohemian Bag

Bohemian fashion enthusiast should not miss this accessory in their collection.It signifies that you completely know how to dress up in this kind of exotic fashion.

10.Bohemian Sandals

You aren’t complete without a pair of bohemian boots or sandals. This ones will go well with a mini dress we showed you above.The flowers arrangement and choice on them makes you standout especially if you do your nails color to match some of the flowers

baby elephant pillow

Baby elephant pillow

Are you looking for these amazing baby elephant pillow?

These are the new sensation in town. They are cool, soft and babies love them too.

Made out of plush materials, your baby will have a comfortable sleep as these pillows are very soft on the skin. It is stuffed with polypropylene cotton, it, therefore, presses in and out easily. It returns to its original shape easily after pressing on it.

Its a perfect all occasions gift for your toddler or friends kids, good for cuddling and playing with when awake.

elephant pillow for babies
Baby elephant pillow

Consider this infant elephant pillow as a thoughtful baby shower gift for your friends baby.

Experts have identified that plush toys help bring out kids social emotions like love, cuddling, and sharing.

Plush toys can also help develop kids talking capability fast.

You will find them making conversations with the toys even if the toys are silent. They act as good listeners.

Safety standards for the Elephant Pillow

The Baby elephant pillow  is absolutely safe for your baby to use and sleep on.

The material is soft enough to ensure that it does not affect the babies teeth or gum.

It also doesn’t attract lots of dust and therefore safe to bite.

But we would like to mention that this pillow should be used with care for kids below the age of one.

This is so important to avoid the chances of your baby suffocating on this elephant pillow when left alone.

Always keep an eye on your baby as a good mum would always do.

Cleaning the elephant pillow.

The elephant is machine washable, but we would recommend cleaning it yourself to retain its construction.

Wash with cold soapy water, then hang it on the line in the sun to dry.

Leave it for a day or two to ensure this cuddle elephant pillow dries out completely.

Baby elephant pillow features

To ensure that it is safe, there are no removable parts that kids can swallow on this elephant pillow for babies. It is crafted very well to depict a real baby elephant, hence the name-baby elephant pillow. A long nose is an outstanding feature that your kid will cherish

What Sizes for this baby elephant pillow?

The sizes of all our plush elephant pillows are 60 cm in length.

The length is almost the height of a one-year-old kid

What are the Colors

They come in a set of a variety of colors

We have:-

  • Blue elephant pillow for baby

Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby

  • Grey Elephant pillow for baby

Baby  elephant pillow Grey

  • Purple baby elephant pillow

Elephant pillow for baby
Baby elephant pillow

  • Yellow baby elephant pillow

Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby

  • Pink baby elephant pillow

The choice of color depends on the Kid taste.

Girls usually go for purple and pink colors.

Choose a color that is not similar to other toys you have for your kid so that the baby can easily tell each toy apart.

Where to buy this baby elephant pillow

We sell them at a fair price of $29 with free shipping globally. We have all the five colors in stock for this cuddly plush toy

You can go ahead and visit the product page to check on the different colors and sizes available for sale.

Frequently asked questions on plush toys

  • Can plush toys be dry cleaned

Yes,Use a dry cleaner mesh bag to insert your plush toy before putting it in the machine. This will protect it from possible damage by the dry cleaner.

We would, however, recommend a hand wash for all your plush animal toys.

  • Are plush toys safe for babies?

This cuddly toys should be given to babies ages 1 or older. At least at this age kids are self-aware and have skills in handling items. At a younger age, do not give them big toys to avoid the chances of suffocating on them.

Also keep them clean always, kids like chewing stuff. and they will be chewing the plush animal toys too.

  • Can plush toys have bed bugs

Just like any other hiding place, plush toys are a perfect hideout for bed bugs.

Ensure that you have sprayed your home with insecticides that kill bed bugs. Soak your plush to in an insecticide solution for a day to ensure all of them hiding in there are all dead.

  • What are plush toys stuffed with

Plush animal toys are stuffed with polyester since its very light and can easily be compressed and expands quickly as well.

  • How to clean plush toys with batteries.

Please remove the batteries first before cleaning. Most manufacturers will protect the electronic parts from being affected by water as you clean it.

  • How to wash plush toys by hand.

Rub the fabric coat against another soft cloth or its self-using both your hands. Use soapy warm water to remove oil and other stains. Rinse and put it on a clothing line to dry in the sunlight.

  • Where to donate plush toys.

A good place to place your donation is finding your nearest charitable organization that caters for the well being of the children.

Don’t just donate the used toys, consider buying new ones too for your donation.

Best hay saver feeder

Are you looking for the Best hay saver feeder for your round hay bales.

We are going to review two types of hay feeder and possibly help you make an informed decision.

Below is a list of hay savers feeders we have reviewed

  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder
  • Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized
  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder
  • Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet
  • Livestock Round Bale Hay Net
  • Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

Why its necessary to pick best hay saver feeder

Its known that if you would use the normal trough or put hay on bare ground without any restriction to how your cattle access the hay,a loss of hay amounting to 20-25 percent of the hay is realized.

This is because cows will always trample on the feed.They will defecate on it and refuse to feed on the hay any longer.

A hay feeder should ensure that cattle feed on your hay bale to the maximum without much wastage. Probably,they should consume 95 % of the bale.If you are loosing 25 5 of the feed a day,just imagine how much that amounts to in a year.Huge loss!

Not all designs of hay feeders work effectively.That is why you have to make sure you are going with the best hay saver feeder.A feeder that will conveniently serve several heads of cows and in the process save your hay from being misused by the cattle.

Our Review on the best hay saver feeder.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder

Best hay saver feeder

This is a feeder available in the market.

Features diagonal slats that will restrain the cows or horses from throwing hay behind it as try to chase away flies on their back as they feed.

It is Huge enough to hold large-sized hay bale and serve several heads of cattle.Its 8 feet wide in diameter and a height of 45 inches.

With a weight of 185 lbs,its easy to move this hay feeder around in your field.

It has a strong metal build-up and the welding of parts is firm enough.The metal is galvanized as well to keep rusting at bay.

What’s the problem with this kind of hay feeder?

The bottom of the feeder is not solid. Doesn’t have a skirt that prevents excess hay from protruding out and get trampled upon by the cattle feet.

Farmers pointed out that calves got stuck in the square sections and sometimes broke their feet in there

This feeder does not have hay ring to hold the bale up.

We, therefore, can agree that this kind of a feeder doesn’t meet the standards of the Best hay saver feeder.

Click to View Price on AMAZON

Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized

This is a better alternative to the first hay feeder above.

Its features a galvanized metal construction to prevent rusting.

Just like the first hay saver feeder,its 8 feet in diameter but a height of 50 inches. This is a particularly good feeder for feeding horses.

It comes with a solid metal skirt at the bottom to prevent hay from exiting the feeder.

Loop legs are registered at the bottom to prevent your feeder from sinking and become harder to move.

The problem with this feeder is that it open at the top. Horses can swing their heads backward while holding hay in their mouth and spill it outside the feeder.

A good hay feeder should be closed up at the top to limit unnecessary movement.

There are no chains to hold up the hay. The chains help in keeping the hay above ground and slow feeding the hay. It ensures that cows or horses feed on every straw of the bale. Cows will mostly feed on the hay on the ground before accessing the bale seated on the ring.

So whenever the cattle bring down a portion of hay with their mouth, they first consume that before getting another bite on the bale.

For more information on this feeder on Amazon, click here.

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TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder

Best hay saver feeder

This hay saver feeder is one of the best hay feeders we could find.

The solid metal skirt around the bottom section will not allow any hay out.I

It is high enough not to allow cattle feet inside,

The top ring prevents the cattle from swinging their head backward while the S-Bar design restrains young calves from entry into the feeder.

If you want to want to install hay ring cone to hold up your bale, its easy. You just attach them on the top metal barring all around.

This hay feeder comes in three pieces which are easy to assemble and quickly get going.

And it weighs 168 pounds, its easy to move the feed around your field as you like.

Click to View Price on AMAZON
Detailed view of a perfect hay saver feeder

Hay Nets saver feeders

Nets work too in minimizing wastage drastically.

They work perfectly for round bale hay.

All you have to do is cover the round bale hay with the hay net and you are good to go.

You could introduce a metal hay saver feeder around it for maximum saving.

How the horses or cows feed on the hay is by pulling hays straws through net holes.

The livestock only grabs with their mouth only what they can chew.

The net’s openings restrict automatically how much a horse can grab at a go.

What to look for when you opt for a net hay saver feeder.

  • Size-should be large enough to cover huge bales if you are feeding multiple animals
  • Durability-The material used should serve your farm for many years before you replace.
  • Design-Net with smaller openings will save your hay bale as compared to larger opening nets.

Here are some of effective feeder nets we have found.

Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet

  • It is big enough to cover large square or round hay bales the sizes of 5 * 6 round and 4*4*8 square bale.
  • has a rope with a honda that tightens the ropes as the horses depletes the hay.
  • 2′ holes size to facilitate slow feeding for your horses or cattle.

    Click to View Price on AMAZON

Heavy Gauge Round Bale Hay Net

  • The strands making up this hay net are very strong. Good for deterring aggressive feeders from wasting hay.
  • The bigger holes reduce the struggle of cattle withdrawing straws from the bale.
  • You only need to be a little bit careful with horned animals, horses with shoes and cattle with ear-tags as these could stick in there. Or use a barrier such as a metal hay saver feeder to keep the animals at a reasonable distance from the bale
  • Click here to view it on amazon
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Livestock Round Bale Hay Net

  • Made of nylon protected from Ultra Violate rays. Therefore has a guarantee to last longer.
  • Features wide holes of 3”, cattle will have an easy time munching the hay. A perfect cover for hard straws that are difficult to withdraw. It also works for blind animals and those with dental issues as the big holes (3 inches) allows easy pulling.
  • It can cover a square bale of size 4*4*8 and a round bale
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Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

best hay saver feeder
  • 2 inches wide holes to allow slow feeding
  • Can fit a bale of 4 feet high and a diameter of 5 feet.
  • Strong enough to be reused several times.
  • Nylon Made
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Am looking at the hay nets, how do you make sure that the rope tying the hay at the bottom stay put and tight as the horses deplete the hay gradually?

As the bale goes down it creates a big pillow shape and expands the net and rope. That keeps the rope tight until the last day or so hay

What of durability, wouldn’t cattle expand the holes as they pull out the straws?

For cattle eating straw, I recommend a bigger hole. Either our 2.25″ or 3

Why should I buy a hay net?

  • The hay nets slow down the intake of hay so that the animal doesn’t overfeed.
  • Assists in improving digestion for your animals and brings down aggressive behavior among your animals.

How to cover the round bale or square bale hay.

Cover the hay like a blanket. Pull the ends down. Then pull the drawstring to tighten the net all around the bale.

If the bale is too big, start by covering from one end, then roll the net all through to the other end.

well there you have it, those are some of the best hay saver feeders

Automatic livestock waterers

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

There is a lot of money involved(A good waterer would be in the region of $200 to $700 in cost) in purchasing a good durable Automatic livestock waterer. Therefore we understand the need for you to look up what people have to say about them. This is a lifetime investment, a good cattle or horse waterer should last for more than 30 years without it calling for major maintenance or breaking down completely.

We took it to ourselves to get the first-hand experience of the waterers from the farms where farmers have already installed automatic waterers.

In order to provide you with the best  automatic livestock waterers reviews, we constrained our selves into researching on waterers from two companies only

  1. Ritchie
  2. Brower

And here are our findings and thoughts on Automatic livestock waterer.

We hope our automatic livestock waterer reviews will assist you in picking the best automatic livestock waterer for your farm.

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

Cattle and horse automatic waterer reviews

Brower MPO17E 17-Gallon Heated Poly Waterer, Red

17 gallon waterer
17-gallon waterer

  • electrically heated and water comes through to the waterer already preheated.
  • The supply line is already in the pipe, you don’t need extra heating for the above-ground pipe.
  • Has an 8*14 inch opening big enough to fit large animal mouths.The drinker is also 14 inches deep giving you animals a normal drinking experience.
  • Has a capacity of holding 17 gallons.
  • Can feed several heads of cattle in a day.
  • Its construction features a mold of poly materials designed to resist UV rays and therefore last longer outdoors.
  • These kinds of molds are made to withstand heavy blows from the cattle.
  • Make sure the feeder pipe is installed below freezing point to avoid water freezing in there.

Brower MK32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • Made of galvanized steel made to last long in your field.
  • Thick foam with an R-value of 7.14 per inch insulates this waterer. This foam (polyurethane made)holds firmly all round this automatic waterer.
  • If you want an energy-saving waterer, this one hits number one on this aspect. It is super-insulated to ensure the waterer doesn’t lose heat thereby minimizing the need for constant heating.
  • Most farmers said they have had this product working for them for more than 18 years.

Ritchie Industries Ritchie Waterers WaterMatic 300

  • doesn’t have  gaskets  so no  cracking, being torn by the cattle  or even  leak
  • Has  rugged fountain  main body
  • Has a very big side access trough
  • Sloping surfaces make it very easy for you to clean the waterer
  • A good fit for a small  number of animals

Automatic livestock waterer reviews for sheep and goats

Ritchie Watermatic 150S Designed for Goats – Sheep

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • You see the dome featured lid,its specifically designed to deter goats from standing on it.
  • It is fully insulated to keep the water cool for long.
  • Has a Low capacity with a fast refill valve to reduce water wastage and refill the waterer when need be.
  • However,a heating equipment is optional to keep the water warm in cold weather.

Automatic livestock waterer

Hog automatic livestock waterer reviews

Brower MC32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Double Drink Hog Waterer

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • Its properly insulated to conserve energy.
  • Tow openings on both sides to serve two pens.
  • Has rugged lids purposely made to keep out the dirt.Hogs are really dirty.Mud grates are also integrated to keep out mud.
  • Has got a mold of poly material just like the waterer above this.

Livestock waterers non electric

What about  a Solar livestock waterer?

A lot of sun would be needed to power an automatic waterer. Well, there isn’t much sunlight during winter, so they “May not” be as effective as the electric-powered automated heater.

Livestock waterer deicer

Livestock waterer accessories

Livestock waterer heater/immersion heater

If you are not reaady yet to purchase an expensive freezeless livestock waterer,you ccould make use of an immersion heater for your stock tank or trough to heat the water during hash winter seasons.

How an immersion heater works.

immersion heater for waterers

It works by electricity heating up the circular part of the heater. The hot part then heats the water in your tank.

It has a thermostat that regulates the water temperature by warming it whenever temperatures have fallen to a certain level and switching off after temperatures reach predetermined levels.

Do not allow the livestock close to the waterer until the water is warm enough. Animals may interrupt the working of the immersion heater.

Demerits of an immersion heater.

You have to keep an eye on it if it is not protected from interference from your livestock. This could be hectic especially in cold seasons when you would want to remain indoors.

They take longer to heat up the waterer, almost an hour.

The unit “might” burn out if not properly submerged into the stock tank.

It might consume lots of electric power.

So,save up and buy yourself an automatic cattle waterer.

How to install automatic livestock waterer

Here is a short video to show you how to install a heated automatic waterer.

How a livestock waterer works.

The livestock waterer works more or less the same as the toilet flash box. It has a floater that activates a pulley to control water entry through a valve in the trough.

The floater goes down with the water levels and opens the valve when it touches the bottom of the trough. When the water rises again, the floater goes up closing the valve and switches off the water.

That way, your cattle get fresh water always.

However, this kind of system depends on a pipe connected to an external bigger tank.

How a good waterer should be

  1. Should be able to withstand hard farm conditions: The pounding on the waterer by heavy animals such as horses and cattle should do absolutely nothing to it. The construction should be hard and sturdy enough to last for decades
  2. Corrosion-free: To ensure that its fit to act as a feeder to your livestock, the automatic anti-freezing waterer should not easily rust. Make sure that its made of steel and properly galvanized with steel to protect it against corrosion. Also, place it on a raised ground to keep it off from livestock urine. Urine has got chlorine that may accelerate rusting on your waterer. Or simply purchase a plastic UV protected waterer
  3. Insulated to keep the right temperature: Should have some sort of insulation around its body to protect the water from losing warmth and thereby saving on energy used to heat the water.
  4. Automatic: During winter, you would want to have peace of mind. That is, staying indoors without you constantly going into your paddock to refill your stock tanks or troughs. An automatic waterer will save you the hustle. It does the work for you on autopilot.
  5. Should have a release plug: Some waterers will require that you install them at a fixed position. This means that it will be impossible to tilt the waterer to splash out the water if it becomes dirty. A drainage valve will lighten the work of removing the water from the tank. Most plugs are positioned towards the bottom.
  6. Conserve energy: Though some automatic waterers serve their purpose very well, check out that they are not hard on your electric bill. Make sure that the manufacturer has indicated the wattage of the device so that you can do the math on how much power it will gobble.
  7. Easy to install and use: The automatic livestock waterer should be install-able right out of the box.Should have minimal installation procedures, or at least, the manufacturer should be ready to send an after-sales handyman to install it for you is the procedures are complicated. A good company should have user assistance online and on phone.
  8. Warranty: Electronic components are bound to fail from time to time. Since these automated waterers are expensive, the manufacturer should have a guarantee of a longer period than one year. This makes you rest assured that you are making the right investment.

Well those are our livestock waterer reviews.Make a choice now.