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Buy Magic Tracks Extra Cars – As seen on TV

Replacement cars for magic tracks

Why they break

As with all other electronics,magic tracks cars are bound to break,Kids are not as careful as we adults and will “find a way ” to break them.I saw a clip on you tube where kids run the cars on swimming pool.Water may tamper with  the electronic part of the magic tracks cars.Some wheels may come off,while at other times the kid may destroy the car completely by accidentally stepping on it.This will force you to look for replacement cars for magic tracks

magic tracks replacement cars

where to buy replacement cars for magic tracks

So,where do you buy replacement cars for magic tracks?

Well,to find a store that sells this cars separately is rare.The store owners sell magic tracks  with cars as a package and finding magic tracks  extra cars is difficult.

However,we found this store where they sell magic tracks replacement cars online.

What colors are available?

replacement cars for magic tracks

there are different colors available that you can choose from

  •  Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black

There are different makes as well for the magic tracks extra cars.These includes

replacement cars for magic tracks

  • Fire engine trucks
  • Police Cars
  • Sports Cars

Are there accessories for magic tracks?

Accessories are available to make your race tracks event real life like.

These inclides

  • Traffic lights signs
  • Road Junctions
  • Bridges and over passes

replacement cars for magic tracks

and many more

What about magic tracks extra tacks ?

Apart from replacement cars for magic tracks ,tracks pieces for replacement or making tha tracks longer are available too.They come in different tracks pieces numbers packed in one package.

You will find packages  in :-

How many replacement cars should I buy?

You  may purchase as many as you like.

This is  a  game that requires many participants and therefore getting jmany magic tracks extra cars is advisable.

So what next?

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