Buy Replacement cars for Magic Tracks Cars – As seen on TV

Magic tracks cars and magic tracks accessories

Cars for Magic tracks or magic tracks accessories, where do you I buy them?

Well, to find a store that sells these replacement cars for magic tracks separately is rare. The store owners sell magic tracks with magic tracks cars as a package therefore finding the best replacement cars for magic tracks or accessories in a store near you is difficult.

However, you can click the link below to see all replacement cars for magic track and accessories.

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Key features of Magic Tracks

  • The serpentine structure can swing twist and bend easily.
  • Different colors of tracks pieces that glow in the dark once hit by Led light from the moving magic tracks cars.
  • A variety of cars includes police cars, fire trucks, and sports cars.
  • Fun magic tracks accessories to make racing even more exciting including bridges, junctions, traffic signs, and swirls.
  • More track pieces to create a long snake-like track that can run from room to room.

What colors are available?

There are different colors available that you can choose from

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
replacement cars for magic tracks

There are different makes as well for the magic tracks replacement cars. These includes

  • Fire engine trucks
  • Police Cars
  • Sports Cars

What are the prices for replacement cars for Magic Tracks.

Do you have magic tracks accessories?

Magic tracks accessories are available to make your race tracks event real lifelike.

These includes

  • Traffic lights signs
  • Road Junctions
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Swirls
  • Road Corner
  • Rolling Gates
  • Tracks Joiner

and much more fun magic tracks accessories for your Kids

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What about magic tracks extra tracks?

Apart from replacement cars for magic tracks, tracks pieces for replacement or making the tracks longer are available too. They come in different packages each carrying some amount of tracks pieces.

You will find packages in:-

  • 240 tracks pieces
  • 200 tracks pieces
  • 120 tracks pieces
  • 80 tracks pieces

How many replacement magic tracks cars should I buy?

You may purchase as many as you like and magic tracks accessories as well.

This is a game that requires many participants and therefore getting many magic tracks extra cars is advisable.

So that you and your kids can create long long tracks for cars to travel on, It’s more fun that way.

Magic track mega set

The magic track mega set is the latest in the magic tracks world.

The good thing about the magic track mega set is that it gives you the flexibility to do a variety of things.

How is that possible? you may ask.

One thing is that it comes packed with numerous amount of tracks,360 to be precise.

This means you can lay out a full highway in your house. This will facilitate longer runways for your kid’s magic tracks vehicles to run on. All track pieces joined together to create a race track of approximately 18 ft. You can imagine the length.

Your kids could make many overfly and road junctions as they wish.

Apart from that, the magic track mega set comes with 2 race cars, meaning you are set to go out of the box. However, you could still purchase more cars and magic tracks accessories to make it more exciting.

You could create your own mega set by purchasing as many magic tracks and magic tracks accessories as you could.

Where do I buy replacement cars for magic tracks ?

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Why Magic tracks cars break

As with all other electronics, cars for magic tracks are bound to break, Kids are not as careful as we adults and will “find a way ” to break them.

I saw a clip on youtube where kids run the magic tracks cars on the swimming pool. Water may tamper with the electronic parts of the magic tracks cars.

Some wheels may come off if kids force the cars to move on the tracks(Cars should move automatically when you turn them on), while at other times the kid may destroy the car completely by accidentally stepping on it. This will force you to look for the best replacement cars for magic tracks.

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Magic Tracks are fun

best replacement cars for magic tracks

If you are a grown-up and get to interact with these toys, you will immediately learn the fun in Magic Track cars. You would wish back your childhood days.

Kids love them and are high in demand since late 2016. However, one light-up magic tracks car box comes with only one car. If you want more fun, you would like to add extra magic tracks cars to your collection.

We specialize in selling magic tracks full set, replacement cars for magic tracks, and other magic track accessories in this online store.

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The toys come with tracks that you can snap together to create a long track where the magic tracks cars will run. It’s easy to snap the tracks together. The kids can do these by themselves. The ease of assembling and dismantling the structures makes the Glow in the dark Race Track toys even more fun and enjoyable.

The tracks setup activity will trigger your kid’s creativity. They give your children a challenge to set up near real-life road structures. The tracks setup is flexible enough to facilitate layouts such as over the bridge, Sharp turn, and swirls over the hills, overpasses, and many more.

We have come to notice that kids in the neighborhoods like to meet up, each with his/her set of toys to create racing tracks for competition among them on who has the fastest car.

Are these components portable so my kids can take them to His friend in the next block?

Oh yes, the packaging is easily portable and can fit in any medium backpack.

How to make the tracks glow

The most outstanding factor about Glow in the dark magic track cars is the glowing aspect.

They glow really well in the dark. When you have completely set up the tracks, switch off the lights of your house to experience the glowing effect. The exciting part of having these magic track toys is that your kids experience the day and night racing feel. It emulates real-life driving right indoors.

It is a good game to keep your kids entertained especially if it is cold outside.

How do magic Tracks cars Work?

Once you have created the track, the inner part forms a kind of a trough that keeps the magic car within the track and keeps it from falling off. The tracks form a rugged structure keeping the magic tracks car glued to it as it runs through.

The car wheels are made in such a way that they can stick to the tracks as well as maintaining movement.

How Many Pieces in the Box?

The magic tracks come packed with 220 pieces or more that you will stick together. For a better experience, purchase at least two boxes. This will give you more pieces to construct a better layout of tracks.


The battery life is fairly long. If used continuously, they can sustain a race of not less than eight hours. For better results and extended fun, purchase stronger batteries.

The cars are not shipped with batteries for purposes of preserving the magic tracks cars’ shelf life.

Each magic car track would require 2 AAA battery


The Glowing Race Tracks car comes in four distinct colors. Green, Red, Yellow, and blue.

The track’s colors can be interchanged when putting the magic track up to create an appealing driveway.

The replacement cars for magic tracks are produced in different colors too, we have Red, Green, Blue, Black and light blue currently in our store.


They come with one car per package but you can still purchase an extra car in our store.

Since you are having kids playing with these toys, most of the time these very cars for magic tracks may break down and would require some replacement. We advise you purchase at least an extra car.

To start the car, just press its roof button and you are set to go.


The package may come stocked with a backpack for portability so that your kids can move with the twister cars to their neighbors’.

Also included inside are stickers to label your racing cars. They are awesome.

Finally, accompanying the Glow in the dark Race Track cars are some instructions on a booklet to let you start off easily on setting up and racing.

Magic Tracks Accessories

Most magic tracks accessories to the magic track come as ad-dons from different manufactures. Some of the accessories include:-

  • Mountains
  • Bridges
  • Trees
  • Fountains
  • Glow in the dark Race Track extra cars

Check out some of these Here

Who is Glow in the dark Race Track cars for?

This is a game enjoyed by both boys and girls. It’s a combination of creativity and fun while at it. The adults can tag along to assist the kids in setting up and cheering on. We recommend that each member of the family possess a car. That is why you need to buy more magic Track cars for everyone to enjoy.

Can I purchase replacement cars for magic tracks only?

Yes, absolutely.

We do understand that the current replacement cars for magic tracks may break down.

You may also want more cars for racing. We do sell magic Track extra cars at a reasonable price.

Kindly hit the link below to find a variety of magic tracks extra cars. We have got, police cars, sports cars, Racing cars, and fire trucks that your kids will love.

It is good to purchase all of them to make your game all exciting.

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How to repair broken light-up cars
We understand that the replacement cars for magic tracks may break down just like any other electronics.
To repair the glowing cars, take them to any electronics repairer near you.
They can easily bring them to functionality.

You can also buy replacement cars for magic tracks to replace broken ones.

Taking good care of the magic tracks cars could go a long way in preserving the magic tracks cars functionality for long

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How do you Store Magic tracks accessories and cars

Find a box or carton to store the toys after use

The toys are made up of plastic, so don’t put heavy objects on them

Put them on top of a drawer or under the bed if you want your kids to easily access them.

Always dust them before use because they may accumulate dust while in storage

Also, ensure you remove the batteries so that they don’t rot while still in the cars. A good thing is to keep on replacing them whenever you feel they are used up

 Frequently asked questions

  1. How do you make magic tracks grow?

When LED light hits the tracks, the colored tracks do glow. They are built with material that reflects light and are well visible in the dark.

  • Is magic tracks compatible with glow tracks

Yes, Magic tracks will easily integrate with your glow tracks package.

  • What age is magic tracks for?

Kids of the ages between 3 to 7 years will enjoy these types of toys. Older kids will need more challenging toys.

  • Do Magic tracks glow in the dark?

Magic tracks are meant to glow in the dark. Once you put on the car, the LED lights on the car will produce light that hits the tracks. This LED light makes the tracks glow.

  • What batteries do magic tracks take?

Magic tracks will require batteries of size AAA

  • How do you turn on a magic tracks car?

Push the button on either at the top of the vehicle or at the bottom of the car

Do Magic Tracks need batteries?

Yes,they need batteries for them to operate.

Do Magic tracks come with batteries?

No, the batteries have to be bought separately.