Elephant Pillow for babies

Elephant Pillow for babies

Are you looking for these amazing elephant pillow for babies?

These are the new sensation in town. They are cool, soft and babies love them too.

Made out of plush materials, your baby will have a comfortable sleep as these pillows are very soft on the skin. It is stuffed with polypropylene cotton, it, therefore, presses in and out easily. It returns to its original shape easily after pressing on it.

Its a perfect all occasions gift for your toddler or friends kids, good for cuddling and playing with when awake.

elephant pillow for babies
Elephant pillow for babies

Consider this infant elephant pillow as a thoughtful baby shower gift for your friends baby.

Experts have identified that plush toys help bring out kids social emotions like love, cuddling, and sharing.

Plush toys can also help develop kids talking capability fast.

You will find them making conversations with the toys even if the toys are silent. They act as good listeners.

Safety standards for the Elephant Pillow

The elephant pillow for babies is absolutely safe for your baby to use and sleep on.

The material is soft enough to ensure that it does not affect the babies teeth or gum.

It also doesn’t attract lots of dust and therefore safe to bite.

But we would like to mention that this pillow should be used with care for kids below the age of one.

This is so important to avoid the chances of your baby suffocating on this elephant pillow when left alone.

Always keep an eye on your baby as a good mum would always do.

Cleaning the elephant pillow.

The elephant is machine washable, but we would recommend cleaning it yourself to retain its construction.

Wash with cold soapy water, then hang it on the line in the sun to dry.

Leave it for a day or two to ensure this cuddle elephant pillow dries out completely.

Baby elephant pillow features

To ensure that it is safe, there are no removable parts that kids can swallow on this elephant pillow for babies. It is crafted very well to depict a real baby elephant, hence the name-baby elephant pillow. A long nose is an outstanding feature that your kid will cherish

What Sizes for this baby elephant pillow?

The sizes of all our plush elephant pillows are 60 cm in length.

The length is almost the height of a one-year-old kid

What are the Colors

They come in a set of a variety of colors

We have:-

  • Blue elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
  • Grey Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant Pillow for babies Grey
  • Purple Elephant pillow for babies
Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for babies
  • Yellow Elephant pillow for babies
Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
  • Pink Elephant pillow for babies

The choice of color depends on the Kid taste.

Girls usually go for purple and pink colors.

Choose a color that is not similar to other toys you have for your kid so that the baby can easily tell each toy apart.

Where to buy this elephant pillow for babies

We sell them at a fair price of $29 with free shipping globally. We have all the five colors in stock for this cuddly plush toy

You can go ahead and visit the product page to check on the different colors and sizes available for sale.

Frequently asked questions on plush toys

  • Can plush toys be dry cleaned

Yes,Use a dry cleaner mesh bag to insert your plush toy before putting it in the machine. This will protect it from possible damage by the dry cleaner.

We would, however, recommend a hand wash for all your plush animal toys.

  • Are plush toys safe for babies?

This cuddly toys should be given to babies ages 1 or older. At least at this age kids are self-aware and have skills in handling items. At a younger age, do not give them big toys to avoid the chances of suffocating on them.

Also keep them clean always, kids like chewing stuff. and they will be chewing the plush animal toys too.

  • Can plush toys have bed bugs

Just like any other hiding place, plush toys are a perfect hideout for bed bugs.

Ensure that you have sprayed your home with insecticides that kill bed bugs. Soak your plush to in an insecticide solution for a day to ensure all of them hiding in there are all dead.

  • What are plush toys stuffed with

Plush animal toys are stuffed with polyester since its very light and can easily be compressed and expands quickly as well.

  • How to clean plush toys with batteries.

Please remove the batteries first before cleaning. Most manufacturers will protect the electronic parts from being affected by water as you clean it.

  • How to wash plush toys by hand.

Rub the fabric coat against another soft cloth or its self-using both your hands. Use soapy warm water to remove oil and other stains. Rinse and put it on a clothing line to dry in the sunlight.

  • Where to donate plush toys.

A good place to place your donation is finding your nearest charitable organization that caters for the well being of the children.

Don’t just donate the used toys, consider buying new ones too for your donation.

Best hay saver feeder

Are you looking for the Best hay saver feeder for your round hay bales.

We are going to review two types of hay feeder and possibly help you make an informed decision.

Below is a list of hay savers feeders we have reviewed

  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder
  • Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized
  • TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder
  • Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet
  • Livestock Round Bale Hay Net
  • Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

Why its necessary to pick best hay saver feeder

Its known that if you would use the normal trough or put hay on bare ground without any restriction to how your cattle access the hay,a loss of hay amounting to 20-25 percent of the hay is realized.

This is because cows will always trample on the feed.They will defecate on it and refuse to feed on the hay any longer.

A hay feeder should ensure that cattle feed on your hay bale to the maximum without much wastage. Probably,they should consume 95 % of the bale.If you are loosing 25 5 of the feed a day,just imagine how much that amounts to in a year.Huge loss!

Not all designs of hay feeders work effectively.That is why you have to make sure you are going with the best hay saver feeder.A feeder that will conveniently serve several heads of cows and in the process save your hay from being misused by the cattle.

Our Review on the best hay saver feeder.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder

Best hay saver feeder

This is a feeder available in the market.

Features diagonal slats that will restrain the cows or horses from throwing hay behind it as try to chase away flies on their back as they feed.

Its Huge enough to hold large sized hay bale and serve several heads of cattle.Its 8 feet wide in diameter and a height of 45 inches.

With a weight of 185 lbs,its easy to move this hay feeder around in your field.

It has a strong metal build up and the welding of parts is firm enough.The metal is galvanized as well to keep rusting at bay.

Whats the problem with this kind of hay feeder?

The bottom of the feeder is not solid. Doesn’t have a skirt that prevents excess hay from protruding out and get trampled upon by the cattle feet.

Farmers pointed out that calves got stuck in the square sections and sometimes broke their feet in there

This feeder does not have hay ring to hold the bale up.

We therefore can agree that this kind of a feeder doesn’t meet the standards of the Best hay saver feeder.

You can go ahead and click here to view more details on this feeder.

Titan Round Hay Bale Feeder | 6′ | Galvanized

This is a better alternative to the first hay feeder above.

Its features a galvanized metal construction to prevent rusting.

Just like the first hay saver feeder,its 8 feet in diameter but a height of 50 inches.This is particularly good feeder for feeding horses.

It comes with a solid metal skirt at the bottom to prevent hay from exiting the feeder.

Loop legs are register at the bottom to prevent your feeder from sinking and become harder to move.

The problem with this feeder is that it open at the top.Horses can swing their heads backwards while holding hay in their mouth and spill it outside the feeder.

A good hay feeder should be closed up at the top to limit unnecessary movement.

There are no chains to hold up the hay.The chains helps in keeping the hay above ground and slow feeding the hay.It ensures that cows or horses feeds on every straw of the bale.Cows will mostly feed on the hay on the ground before accessing the bale seated on the ring.

So whenever the cattle bring down a portion of hay with their mouth,they first consume that before getting another bite on the bale.

For more information on this feeder,click here.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder

Best hay saver feeder

This hay saver feeder is one of the best hay feeder we could find.

The solid metal skirt around the bottom section will not allow any hay out.I

Its high enough not to allow cattle feet inside,

The top ring prevents the cattle from swinging their head backwards while the S-Bar design restrains young calves from entry into the feeder.

If you want to want to install hay ring cone to hold up your bale,its easy.You just attach them on the top metal bar ring all around.

This hay feeder comes in three pieces which are easy to assemble and quickly get going.

And it weighing 168 pounds,its easy to move the feed around your field as you like.

For more information on this feeder,click here.

Detailed view of a perfect hay saver feeder

Hay Nets saver feeders

Nets work too in minimizing wastage drastically.

They work perfectly for round bale hay.

All you have to do is cover the round bale hay with the hay net and you are good to go.

You could introduce a metal hay saver feeder around it for maximum saving.

How the horses or cows feed on the hay is by pulling hays straws through net holes.

The livestock only grabs with their mouth only what they can chew.

The net’s openings restricts automatically how much a horse can grab at a go.

What to look for when you opt for a net hay saver feeder.

  • Size-should be large enough to cover huge bales if you are feeding multiple animals
  • Durability-The material used should serve your farm for many years before you replace.
  • Design-Net with smaller openings will save your hay bale as compared to larger opening nets.

Here are some of effective feeder nets we have found.

Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet

  • Its big enough to cover large square or round hay bales the sizes of 5 * 6 round and 4*4*8 square bale.
  • has a rope with a honda that tightens the ropes as the horses depletes the hay.
  • 2′ holes size to facilitate slow feeding for your horses or cattle.
  • Check more nets like this here.

Heavy Gauge Round Bale Hay Net

  • The strands making up this hay net are very strong.Good for deterring aggressive feeders from wasting hay.
  • The bigger holes reduces the struggle of cattle withdrawing straws from the bale.
  • You only need to be a little bit careful with horned animals,horses with shoes and cattle with ear-tags as these could stick in there.Or use a barrier such as a metal hay saver feeder to keep the animals at a reasonable distance from the bale
  • Click here to view it on amazon

Livestock Round Bale Hay Net

  • Made of nylon protected from Utra Violate rays.Therefore has a guarantee to last longer.
  • Features wide holes of 3” ,cattle will have an easy time munching the hay.A perfect cover for hard straws that are difficult to withdraw.It also works for blind animals and those with dental issues as the big holes (3 inch) allows easy pulling.
  • It can cover square bale of size 4*4*8 and a round bale
  • Click here to view it on amazon

Goodwin Netting 4′ x 5′ Round Bale Slow Feeder Hay Net 2″

best hay saver feeder
  • 2 inches wide holes to allow slow feeding
  • Can fit a bale of 4 feet high and a diameter of 5 feet.
  • Strong enough to be reused severally.
  • Nylon Made
  • Check it on Amazon by clicking here

Am looking at the hay nets,how do you make sure that the rope tying the hay at the bottom stay put and tight as the horses depletes the hay gradually?

As the bale goes down it creates a big pillow shape and expands the net and rope. That keeps the rope tight until the last day or so hay

What of durability,wouldn’t cattle expand the holes as they pull out the straws?

For cattle eating straw, I recommend a bigger hole. Either our 2.25″ or 3

Why should I buy a hay net.

  • The hay nets slows down the intake of hay so that the animal don’t overfeed.
  • Assists in improving digestion for your animals and brings down aggressive behavior among your animals.

How to cover the round bale or square bale hay.

Cover the hay like a blanket.Pull the ends down.Then pull the draw string to tighten the net all around the bale.

If the bale is too big,start by covering from one end,then roll the net all through to the other end.

well there you have it,those are some of the best hay saver feeder

Automatic livestock waterers

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

There is a lot of money involved(A good waterer would be in the region of $200 to $700 in cost) in purchasing a good durable Automatic livestock waterer .Therefore we understand the need for you to look up what people have to say about them.this is a life time investment,a good cattle or horse waterer should last for more than 30 years without it calling for a major maintenance or breaking down completely.

We took it to ourselves to get first hand experience of the waterers from the farms where farmers have already installed automatic waterers.

In order to provide you with the best review on automatic livestock waterers,we constrained our selves into researching on waterers from two companies only

  1. Ritchie
  2. Brower

And here are our findings and thoughts on Automatic livestock waterer.

We hope our automatic livestock waterer reviews will assist you in picking the best automatic livestock waterer for your farm.

  1. Brower MPO17E 17-Gallon Heated Poly Waterer, Red

  2. Brower MK32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer

  3. Brower MC32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Double Drink Hog Waterer
  4. Brower MPO6E 6-Gallon Heated Poly Waterer, Red

  5. Brower MH30E Super Insulated Heated Livestock Waterer

  6. Brower MC32N Super Insulated Unheated Double Drink Hog Waterer

  7. Brower MC32HN Super Insulated Unheated Double Drink Horse Waterer

  8. Brower MK32N Super Insulated Unheated Livestock Waterer

  9. Ritchie Watermatic 150S Designed for Goats – Sheep

  10. Ritchie Watermatic 100 Automatic Cattle Horse Waterer

  11. Ritchie Omni Fount 3 Automatic Heated Cattle, Horse Waterer

  12. LITTLE GIANT FW16BLUE FW16 Blue Automatic Waterer

Automatic livestock waterer

Cattle and horse automatic waterer reviews

Brower MPO17E 17-Gallon Heated Poly Waterer, Red

17 gallon waterer
17 gallon waterer

  • electrically heated and water comes through to the waterer already preheated.
  • The supply line is already in the pipe,you dont need extra heating for the above ground pipe.
  • Has a 8*14 inch opening big enough to fit large animals mouths.The drinker is also 14 inch deep giving you animals a normal drinking experience.
  • Has a capacity of holding 17 gallons.
  • Can feed several heads of cattle in a day.
  • Its construction features a mold of poly materials deigned to resist UV rays and therefore last longer outdoors.
  • These kind of molds are made to withstand heavy blows from the cattle.
  • Make sure the feeder pipe is installed below freezing point to avoid water freezing in there.

Brower MK32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Livestock Waterer

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • Made of galvanized  steel made to last long in your field.
  • A thick foam with an R-value of 7.14 per inch insulates this waterer . This  foam (polyurethane made)holds firmly all round this automatic waterer.
  • If you want an energy saving waterer,this one hits number one on this aspect.Its supper insulated to ensure the waterer doesn’t loose heat thereby minimizing need for constant heating.
  • Most farmers said they have had this product working for them  for more than 18 years.

Ritchie Watermatic 100 Automatic Cattle Horse Waterer

Automatic livestock waterers
Automatic livestock waterers

  • doesnt have  gaskets  so no  cracking , being teared by the cattle  or even  leak
  • Has  rugged fountain  main body
  • Has a very big side access trough
  • Sloping surfaces make it very easy for you to clean the waterer
  • A good fit for a small  number of animals
  •  Comes with a generous waranty of 10 years
  • Has a 10  litter capacity ,a width of 35cm and lenth of 62 cm and a height of 59cm

Automatic livestock waterer review for sheep and goats

Ritchie Watermatic 150S Designed for Goats – Sheep

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • You see the dome featured lid,its specifically designed to deter goats from standing on it.
  • Its fully  insulated to keep the water cool for long.
  • Has a Low capacity with  fast refill valve to reduce water wastage and refill the waterer when need be.
  • However,a heating equipment is optional to keep the water warm in cold weather.

Automatic livestock waterer

Hog automatic livestock waterer reviews

Brower MC32E Super Insulated Electric Heated Double Drink Hog Waterer

Automatic livestock waterer reviews

  • Its properly insulated to conserve energy.
  • Tow openings on both sides to serve two pens.
  • Has rugged lids purposely made to keep out the dirt.Hogs are really dirty.Mud grates are also integrated to keep out mud.
  • Has got a mold of poly material just like the waterer above this.

Livestock waterers non electric

What about  a Solar livestock waterer?

A lot of sun would be needed to power an automatic waterer. Well there isn’t much sunlight during winter,so they “May not” be as effective as electric powered automated heater.

Livestock waterer deicer

Livestock waterer accessories

Livestock waterer heater/immersion heater

If you are not reaady yet to purchase an expensive freezeless livestock waterer,you ccould make use of an immersion heater for your stock tank or trough to heat the water during hash winter seasons.

How an immersion heater works.

immersion heater for waterers

It works by electricity heating up  the circular part of the heater.The hot part then heats the water in your tank.

It has a thermostart that regulates the water temperature by warming it whenever temperatures have fallen to a certain level and switching off after temperatures reach predetermined levels.

Do not allow  the livestock close to the waterer until the water is warm enough. Animals may interrupt the working of the immersion heater.

Demerits of an immersion heater.

You have to keep an eye on it if its not protected from interference from your livestock.This could be hectic especially in cold seasons when you would want to remain indoors.

They take long to heat up the waterer,almost an hour.

The unit “might” burn out if not properly submerged into the stock tank.

It might consume lots of electric power.

So,save up and buy yourself an automatic cattle waterer.

How to install automatic livestock waterer

Here is a short video to show you how to install a heated automatic waterer.

How a livestock waterer works.

The livestock waterer works more or less the same as the toilet flash box.It has a floater that activates a pulley  to control entry through a valve of water in the trough.

The floater goes down with the water levels and opens the valve when it touches the bottom of the trough.When the water rises again,the floater fgoes up closing the valve annd switches of the water.

That way, your cattle gets fresh water always.

However,this kind of system depends on an a pipe connection to an external bigger tank.

How a good waterer should be

  1. Should be able to withstand hard farm conditions:The pounding on the waterer by heavy animals such as horses and cattle  should no absolutely nothing to it.The construction should be hard and sturdy enough to last for decades
  2. Corrosion free:To ensure that its fit to act as a feeder to your livestock,the automatic anti-freezing waterer should not easily rust.Make sure that its made of steel and properly galvanized with steel to protect it against corrosion. Also place it on a raised ground to keep it off from livestock urine.Urine has got chlorine that may accelerate rusting on your waterer. Or simply purchase a plastic UV protected waterer
  3. Insulated to keep the right temperature:Should have some sort of insulation around its body to protect the water from loosing warmth and thereby saving on energy used to heat the water.
  4. Automatic:During winter,you would want to have a peace of mind.That is,staying indoors without you constantly going into your paddock to refill your stock tanks or troughs.An automatic waterer will save you the hustle.It does the work for you on auto pilot.
  5. Should have a release plug:Some waterers will require that you install them at a fixed position.this means that it will be impossible to tilt the waterer to splash out the water if it becomes dirty.A drainage valve will lighten the work of removing the water from the tank.Most plugs are positioned towards the bottom.
  6. Conserve energy:Though some automatic waterers serve their purpose very well,check out that they are not hard on your electric bill.Make sure that the manufacturer has indicated the wattage of the device so that you can do the math on how much power it will gobble.
  7. Easy to install and use:The automatic livestock waterer should be install-able right out of the box.Should have minimal installation procedures,or at least , the manufacturer should be ready to send an after sales handyman to install it for you is the procedures are complicated.A good company should have user assistance online and on phone.
  8. Warranty:Electronic components are bound to fail from time to time.Since this automated waterers are expensive,the manufacturer should have a guarantee of a longer period than one year.This makes you rest assured that you are making the right investment.

Well those are our livestock waterer reviews.Make a choice now.




Best way to get burrs out of dog hair

What Best way to get burrs out of dog hair?

What are burrs?

Burrs are kind of weed plants that have got seeds that have hooks.The hooks are all around the seed.

Why do burrs stick on dogs hair?

The purpose of the hooks is to enable the seed to stick into a moving host such that they can spread in other areas to grow and increase even more.



best way to get burrs out of dog hair


How would you to get burrs out of dog hair?

There isn’t an actual process on how best to remove burrs out of dogs hair,but we will try and outline what works for us.

  1. .Crush hard seeds with a pliers.Be careful not to hit the dog,do it gently.
  2. Remove the easy ones first.The ones close to the surface.You could make use of a metal comb while
  3. .Use coconut oil to soften the hair where the burr seeds are stuck.Other products you could use includes:-detangling sprays,Olive oil,vegetable oil or even coat conditioner
  4. .Use your fingers to slide out the burrs off your dog one by one.
  5. .Hold the hair strands where the burr has attached itself from the skin level with your left hand.The burr stuck part of the hair should be above your fingers now.Use your other hand to remove the burr as your other hand holds the hair tightly.This way,your dog would not feel pain when you are removing them.
  6. If they are excessive coat  and its becoming hectic to get burrs out of dog hair Consider visiting your veterinary to do it for you. Some burrs are so deep into the skin that scissors may be involved to remove them.Having a professional remove them will ensure you don’t hurt the dog in the process.
  7. Give your dog a warm soppy bath to clear off dirt collected while S/He was out.Finally Comb you puppy’s hair using a slicker brush to bring back the cool looking coat. This will allow the dog to relax and rest without him constantly scratching his skin to wade off the burrs.
  8. Consider purchasing a protective vest to deter lots of burrs from attaching themselves to your dog’s fur next time you are out.The vest should cover almost 80% of the body.This is particularly necessary during seed dropping season of the burr.covering your dog with a dog vest means you will have little work of removing burrs from the exposed body parts.It also means that the dog will not have awful spots that are as a result of cutting the dogs hair when removing the burrs from your dog.

best way to get burrs out of dog hair
White Dog without Burrs

And the final obvious tip,keep your dog on the leash,or at least keep an eye on Him/Her.If your let the dog randomly wonder in to the bush,they will come carrying with them all manner of burr and stickers,Oh and mud too.

So there you have it,that is simply the best way to get burrs out of dog hair.


Frequently Asked Questions about burrs

  • Can burrs make dogs sick.

Some burrs are toxic and may interfere with the dogs digestion.The dog will try to remove the nuisance burr from his skin using his mouth.In the event,he might swallow the burrs.

If you suspect the dog has swallowed the burrs or appears sickly,its about time to take your Dog to a veterinary Doc.

best way to get burrs out of dog hair

  • Can burrs harm dogs.

If they are not removed,they could make the dog have difficulty in having a normal sleep.They will keep on trying to remove them.The dog cant simply lie down.

They could also damage the skin of your dog and inflict some infections.So the earlier you remove them,the better.possibly immediately you come back from the walk.

Dogs while making an effort to remove the burrs,could chew them.Some burrs “could be poisonous”.As we have said above,we would like to emphasize that if you see anything unusual about the dogs behavior,call a veterinary Doc.

  • Are burrs seasonal.

Burrs are seasonal,most of them will seed during summer.

Final Thoughts

To prevent burrs from germinating in your compound,burn all the seeds and hair removed from the dog. Don’t put it in your dust bin or composter as this will be literally setting them free to establish their plants in your yard



Stock tank problems and how to solve them

  • Algae and mosquitoes.

Algae will thrive in stagnant water so do mosquitoes.

Algae will make your stock tank pool slippery and enjoying a good splash won’t be possible anymore.

Mosquitoes may bring malaria.

to avoid these chlorinate your water.Or get a filter pump to clean your stock tank pool regularly.

Also drain your stock tank from time to time.

  • Rusting

If your tank ain’t properly galvanized,strains of rust will start to emerge.

Other than that,using a lot of chlorine to clean your water will accelerate corrosion. Use chlorine sparingly to preserve your metal tank.

Magic tracks car not working

Solutions to magic tracks car not working

Sometimes the cars may not work as expected,they may refuse to move at all.

magic tr

Here are three reasons as to why your magic tracks car is not working.
  1. Batteries are dead:Please check the expiry date of your magic tracks cars batteries.In most cases they are already expired.Another thing about the batteries is that,you may have wrongly fixed them or two,you did not put them all in.Please read the batteries slot on the proper way to slot in the batteries.Thirdly,ensure the right type of batteries is used.Does it use AA or AAA.Check the appropriate one needed.Buy strong batteries such as energizer.they last long.
  2. The electronic system may be faulty:If you are not into electronics repair,you cant possibly fix your kids toy.Visit your nearest electronic device repair store for fixing.To avoid future failure,instruct your kids not to put the toys in water or knock them over.If this happens so often,it distorts the electronic components.
  3. Start Button:Maybe you are not pushing the start button.It is either on top of the toy car or at the bottom.
  4. If the cars have totally died out,consider purchasing another magic tracks car for replacement Here.


There is no much difference between the two products.Its just that they are made by different manufactures

7 Best stock tank pools

Stock tanks were originally used as water troughs for livestock until someone decided that people could fit in there too;and have fun.A home made stock tanks swimming pool.

best stock tank pools
Nice idea on how to use a stock tank as a pool

A stock tanks being utilized as water pools was a good idea given than normal swimming pools are much more expensive to build and set up.It is way  cheaper than something like a lap pool or a hot tub.

With a stock tank,you would just clean it,fill it with water and vuala you got yourself a swimming pool.Though not its usually not so deep,but at least you have somewhere you could soak your whole self and cool down during hot summer days.Its simply a summer oasis,plus its easy to set up too.See some of the best stock tank pools below.

You don’t need a cement slab to place the stock tank,the water in the pool is shallow.This means the stock tank will not exerts much force on the ground.You will however need to level the ground to have a balanced water pool to  avoid chances of the tank tripping over due to unbalanced water weight levels for all points.

If setting up the pool becomes a little bit of a challenge,involved a qualified handyman who is experienced in fixing filter pumps and water heaters for it to have a professional touch.This stock tank pools if well setup,they could last for years.You would want utmost safety particularly where electricity is involved,so get a handyman.

Here is our picks for the best stock tank pools

Best stock tank pools:METAL

The most outstanding feature about this stock tank is its sturdiness.These stock tanks are built as livestock waterers .You would expect severe conditions in a farm environment.Therefore the manufacturers has to see into it that the tank meets the standards of sturdiness to withstand knocks and hits of heavy animals such as Horses.

Its zinc coated,coating with zing reduces chances of the metal below from rusting.Therefore,you are guaranteed of a rust free pull for the longest of time.

Features a very strong bottom to protect against busting over the weight of the water above it.

You don’t have to worry about being cut by the stock tank lip.This is why its one of the best stock tank pools.The lip is covered with a contoured reinforced steel tube rolled all around.

What about the size?

Its big enough to fit a grown adult seated,enjoy a cool splash during hot summers.

A release hex screw plug on the side near the bottom differentiate this stock tanks from the rest.It makes the job of clearing the tank easy

For The exact size and dimensions click here


Cannot be used for a large family pool.

If you want a pool for just your self,then this is a good pick.View its price on Amazon Here


This one is from the same company as the first one,though its bigger by a foot in diameter.This mean,it can now accommodate a number of people.its appropriate for a stock tank pool.

The design just like the first one features ribs and corrugation for maximum strength

Has a drainage plug near the bottom for draining water.

Has got a heavy bottom and a smooth lip,perfect for swimming activities.

What is its size?

      • LENGTH INCHES 63-3/4 to 69-3/4
      • WIDTH INCHES 63-3/4 to 69-3/4
      • HEIGHT INCHES 23-1/2


Tank sizes are nominal and will be slightly less than stated size sometimes.

  •  CountyLine Extra Large Galvanized Round End Stock Tank  

countyline stock tank

Probably the largest with zinc galvanized metal and a smooth lip.

With 8 feet diameter,it works like a mini below ground swimming pool.

The tank will hold approximately 700 gallons of water.

  •  CountyLine Large Galvanized Round End Stock Tank 

countyline stock tank

At 6 feet in diameter,its still good enough to act as a stock pool.

Built with heavy galvanized metal,it will last for long without rusting.

It is 2 feet high,meaning an adult seated will have water surface reaching to your nose.Here you are totally guaranteed of total immersion and an experience of a cool splash.

You could hold a pool party in it as its huge and wide enough.

  •  Behlen Country RE226 169-Gallon Galvanized Round-End Tank 

stock tank pool

At 6 feet in length and a height of 2 feet,this stock tank is a perfect design for a hot tub pool.

The heavy coating of the tank with zinc material will make the tank last long without developing rust spots.

Contoured lip eliminates chances of getting cut by the tank.You could even sit on it.

Just a little bit of customization as seen in the next video,and you have your self an outdoor hot tub.A cool idea if you still desire a splash in cold days.

Don’t forget that it comes with a drainage hole to ease water removal.

This could be arguably the cheapest replacement to a hot tub ever!

Best stock tank pools:PLASTIC

best stock tank plastic

6 feet in diameter!

What else would you ask for a plastic stock tank?

What is the height?

24 inches high,meaning an adult seated on it will have the surface of water reaching the nose area.

Having a capacity of about 350 gallons,its enough to soak in and enjoy a cool bath or splash.And just like the metal stock tanks above,this one has a drainage plug fitted to allow clearing of water once you are done.

With a 3 year warranty you have no reason hesitating to get your self one.

If you are a dog enthusiast,your puppies will like this plastic stock tank.

The best thing about plastic stock tanks is that corrosion is not among the things you have to worry about.This tank is made in such away as to protect it against UV rays,meaning,no fading soon.

plastic stock tank pool

Holds about 625 gallons of water and is 8 feet wide and a height of 24 inches.

Its corrosion free and would withstand hard blows since its made from sturdy poly material.

With such specification,this could be the best plastic stock tank pool around.It can hold several people in the pool.A whole family could fit in there.

Ideas on how to set up the best stock tank pools

Best horse grooming kit & How to Groom

Best horse grooming kit

What are the best horse grooming kits currently?

Keeping your horse hygienic at all times should be your goal.It makes the horse relax and keeps off most of preventable diseases.

We have detailed below some of the best horse grooming kits we could find.

Equestria Sport Series 8-pc Boxed Horse Grooming Sets

best horse grooming set

Equestria horse grooming kit


  • Easy to carry,easy to hold and use brushes
  • Several pockets to slot in your tools as you work your horse
  • Stylish with different colors to choose from.Makes you love the job
  • Its easy to carry around too.
  • You could fit several cleaning materials in the center round compartment.


  • does not have a curry brush


Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit

best horse grooming set
Oster horse grooming kit


  • brushes handles are made of rubber.This is to give you a firm grip that doesnt slide as you clean your horse.
  • Comes with a full set of brushes for grooming work.7 in number.
  • All brushes have a wrist band which in our view is very practical in the sense that the brushes will not keep on falling off your hands.


  • Missing curry brush

Weaver Leather Trailer Grooming Bag

Grooming Kit

best glrooming kit for horses
Weaver Grooming kit for Horses


  • Well designed nylon bag with several pockets to hold your brushes.
  • Brushes handles are made of rubber for firm grip by your hands.
  • Has got a padded shoulder strap that gives you comfort when carrying the bag around during the grooming session.
  • Available in different colors.


  • The body brush falls apart most of the time,maybe because you have to apply more force than with the other brushes.Otherwise,the rest works just fine


Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package (8-Piece)

best horse grooming set
Great grip horse grooming kit


  • The brushes are a standard size the will perfectly fit in your hands and  enables a firm grip.
  • A rubber curry brush is included.
  • A long horizontal sweat scrapper.
  • Study bristles on all brushes.
  • Comes in different colors(6 colors) for the brushes and the tote.


  • The back rubber part for most of the brushes comes off after some time.


Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit

best horse grooming set
Derby Horse Grooming Kit
  • Features more tools than the previous grooming kits we have detailed above.
  • A shoulder strap for easy carry
  • A Contoured Sweat Scraper having a Rubber Edge and Shedding Blade Edge .This will assist you in shedding a horse that has not slicked yet
Contoured sweat scraper
Contoured sweat scraper
  • A washing sponge is also included so that you don’t go into the trouble of sourcing extra washing material .Meaning no added cost
  • This horse grooming box uses zippers and not a pull strap to safely secure your tools.So no loss whatsoever when in storage.

Tough 1 Great Grips 6 Piece Brush Set with Bag

horse grooming set
Tough one horse grooming set
  • Good rounded design with pockets all round.
  • The tote uses a zipper to close.
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Probably the cheapest.

Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer

You most probably by now have lots of horse grooming supplies.During the cleaning session,the tools tend to be scattered all over.The solution to this problem is getting yourself a Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer shown above.

  • Features a compartment that is closed with a zipper to secure all your tools after cleaning
  • Has several pockets to fit your brushes,sprays and formula.
  • A comfortable shoulder strap for easy carry around as you do the job.
  • Has two hooks for hanging your grooming box somewhere in your horse stable or on a fence.
Our Pick
Here is our best pick

Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit

Reason:It meets almost every need when it comes to grooming

That’s our list of 7 best horse grooming kit.

Cleaning Your horse:Procedure

Noses-trills,Eyes and ears-Use a sponge or a clean cloth to wipe dirt off of this parts.Ensure that your horse is leashed.

Shortening the mane-Its not advisable to use scissors for this function,instead,use a pulling comb to remove excessive hair on the mane.You could use your own fingers to pull out longer hair.This ensures that the horse remains with shorter neat hair naturally.Pulling of hair ain’t painful to most horses.

Burrs and knots should not be combed out. -use baby oil or simply a de-tangler instead to soften the burrs first before you start pulling them off one after the other.

Do not use a comb at this instant.Simply put the hair starnds apart as you use your hands to remove the burrs.

The slippery nature of the hair due to oiling will give your hands irritating feel and may make the job go slow.Use your rubber glooves instead to speed up the process.

Finally,burn off all the burrs you have dislodged from your horse.Do not dispose them into your compost pit as you will be giving the seeds a chance to sprout again and increase the menace to your horse hygiene.


Cleaning the body-


Key pointers on cleaning the Main body

  • Use a curry comb to loosen the mud and debris.
  • Use a softer body brush to remove small dirt and loosened hair brought up of the surface from the first step.Usually this brush has longer bristles
  • Lastly use a more softer brush to iron out the texture of your horse’s hair.
  • Take note of tickling parts especially on the hind legs to avoid him reacting with a Kick.
  • Have all you grooming tools in a box at arms length.


Cleaning the sheath-semgma or excretions from the horses penis will tend to build up on your horses sheath forming beans like nods on your horse sheath.

Its not mandatory to clean the sheath,but with constant consultation with your vet,you should do so like in every 6 months.

Take care though,male horse genitalia are very sensitive on touch.

  • Make sure you are doing this activity on an open ground,so that you have enough room to run in the event He starts kicking.
  • Wear latex gloves.
  • leash your horse
  • Make sure you are at a safe distance from the hind leg.This is to ensure you receive a blow when He starts kicking as you touch the sheath. Don’t stick your head beneath the horse’s belly,that’s a sure bet of you getting kicked.
  • In order to gauge the horse movement while cleaning the sheath down there,place one of your hand on His back.This also increases His trust towards you.
  • Splash some water using a hose pipe starting from the belly on towards the sheath.This makes not to be surprised or spooked when you begin grooming work on his sheath.
  • Lubricate the sheath area with a commercially accepted lube for horse.This will help loosen the beans grip on the sheath.
  • With a clean cloth on your hand,move it around the sheath are.try to locate the beans where they are and gently removing them.
  • Pull back the sheath for like 2 inches to check on the penis.Sometimes smegma lodges on it.Pull it off gently with both hands.Its usually rusty in color.

The reasons for cleaning the sheath is to reduce chances of bacterial infections.

Cleaning the Hooves-You will need a hoof pick,a hoof brush,files and working gloves.

  • Create trust first with your horse as we have discussed above.
  • Keep your horse grooming kit within arms reach.
  • Squeeze the backs of the front legs so that it can raise them.
  • Check for debris stuck in there such as pebbles,manure, grass and so on
  • Using the hoof pick,dig up the stones and other debris from the frog.However,proceed with care not to damage the hooves.
  • Use the hoof brush to strike-off smaller debris still stuck in there.
  • Thereafter,do some filling to trim and even out the hooves,but don’t overdo it so that you don’t affect the horse’s gait.
Clean horse frog
A Clean Horse Frog

Cleaning the tools after the horse grooming exercise

For utmost hygiene,clean your tools after every groom with some disinfectant and safely store the horse grooming kit in a cool,clean and dry place.

To avoid passing on communicable organism to the next horse,its highly advisable that you purchase a horse grooming box for each of your horse.

Make sure you have selected the best horse grooming kit that will be durable for long to conduct numerous of this grooming exercises.

Frequently asked questions on Horse Grooming

  • What’s in a grooming kit for horses?
Contents of a horse grooming kit
Contents of a horse grooming kit

A horse grooming box will contain all the prerequisite grooming items.It should normally include,A hoof pick,a rubber curry comb,a stiff  bristle brush,a soft brush and Mane and Tail Comb

  • Hoof Pick

A hoof Pick is used to remove debris from the horse’s frog.

Some picks will come double edged,one side has a pick while the other is a small brush.The brush side ensures that you don’t leave even the smallest amount of debris from the hooves.

Hoof Pick
Hoof Pick
  • Mane and Tail Comb

Used to straighten out the tails hair as well as remove mud entangled within.Use it to clear the mane off burr and knots.Its bristles are a little bit stiffer,purposefully made for this task.

oyster mane and tail comb
oyster mane and tail comb
  • Curry Comb

Used particularly on the horse main body to scrap off hard mud.Use it in a circular motion to ensure the bristles reach deep down to the skin.This removes mud from the bottom up and any other dirt material.

curry comb
curry comb


  • Sweat Scrape

If your horse is sweaty,this tool comes in handy.Most of the sweat scrap are contour in shape.And has got a handle attached to ease sweat scraping downwards.See picture below.Some sweat scrape may be double edged featuring a rubber on one side and a metal blade on the other.The blade part could be applied in removing excessive hair particularly when the horse is shedding the coat

contour scrape
Contour sweat scrape
  • Stiff bristle Brush

Used after the curry combs have done their work.Its purpose is to wipe out loosened hair from the horses body.

Stiff Brush
Stiff Brush
  • Sarvis Curry Comb

Used to remove sticky lumps of mud.It has strong bristles for this work.

Sarvis Curry Comb
Sarvis Curry Comb

The best horse grooming kit should contain all the above as a bare minimum.

  • How do I get my horse to slick off?

If you horse wouldn’t slick off naturally,you could assist by brushing of the coat with a dandy brush.

  • What does a dandy brush look like?

Here is an image showing how a dandy brush looks like

horse grooming dandy brush
Dandy Brush
  • Why is horse grooming important?

You want to ride in a good looking and healthy horse right.Cleaning your horse facilitates aeration of the skin and healthy growth of the hair.This in the end gives your horse a good outlook.It also helps prevent some of hygiene related diseases particularly in the hooves .

  • Do horses like being groomed?

If horses still lives in the jungle today,they would be doing the grooming themselves.Just observe the wild animals and see how they love to do it so often.So,the horse isn’t an exception;they love it.A human touch in the grooming work provides an even reach to all parts of the horse body.

  • How long does it take to groom a horse?

To have the best result,it would take an hour or two to do all the work.That is,when working alone.But with a helping hand involved,things could move more faster.

  • How often should you groom a horse?

Every two days,but most people do it weekly.

Other horse grooming products

what are the best horse grooming brushes?

  • How do i clean horse grooming brushes?

Use warm soppy water(add some disinfectant to kill bacteria) to remove grease from the brushes.You can use the backcomb against the brushes to pull out the hair.

Leave them in the sun to dry and store them safely

how to disinfect horse grooming brushes

Your safety when cleaning your horse

  • Keep a distant from the rear of the horse to avoid back kiks.
  • Do not put your head under your horse’s belly.Some times horses Kick under their belly to chase away flies and you do not want to be on the horse legs way.
  • Do not make quick and abrupt movements,horses are easily scared,they may try to run away making the whole process of grooming difficult.
  • Avoid stepping on the horse lead rope,if for any case the horse decides to run away,you don’t want to be swept to the ground in such an instance.
  • Find hard shoes to wear during horse grooming. This will protect your feet from being injured in the event your horse steps on your feet.







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