Companies that pay weekly.

Are you done with waiting every end of the month to get your pay?

Are you always tight on cash and looking for ways to make side cash as you wait for your monthly pay?

Then you should start looking for companies that pay weekly.

But before we begin with our best companies that will pay you weekly, check out these apps that will help you make quick cash online below.

Quick Ways to make Cash online

💎 Join Survey Junkey or Swagbucks and make at least $50 a day by answering 10 minutes long or so survey queries.

💎 Refer friends to Ebates and earn $10 per signup. Earn a commission on every purchase made by your referral.

💎 Invest shopping change for future profits with Acorns. Don’t waste your small change on trivial purchases, invest!

💎 Get cash back with Trim and Paribus anytime an item you purchased earlier falls in price.

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Companies that pay weekly

Most of these companies offer parttime jobs.

Some of these jobs can be done online while others require you to actively participate in gigs offline.

Here is our list of companies that pay weekly.

1.Deliver food with DoorDash app

Do you have a car or a bike?

You could start making up to $100 per day with DoorDash.

The way DoorDash works is by having you use your car to deliver food from local restaurants that people(customers) have ordered from the comfort of their homes.

People order food through DoorDash app, then you get notified on your app’s dashboard about the order. You then go to the restaurant that the client has ordered food from, pick the order and deliver.

It is just that simple.

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2. Become a Dog Sitter with Rover app.

Do you love being around dogs?

Guess what, you can get paid to sit your neighbor’s dogs.

You just have to be good with dogs, know how to feed them, wash them and walk them.

Many people are not often at home and would like their Dogs to have a normal life.

Most of the time, there is no one at home to attend their puppies.

Therefore, the services of a dog sitter are high in demand.

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3. Participate in Online surveys, make $150 per week or more.

Survey companies are always looking for more people to participate in their online surveys.

Some even give a bonus of $5 to entice people to join.

Survey questions are about 10 to 15 minutes long.

If you fill several of these survey forms, you could end up making as much as $50 per day.

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4. Make big Bucks with Fiverr.

Have you heard of how people are making good money on Fiverr?

Yes, they are.

You could earn up to $500 a week!

How so?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform which connects people looking for certain services to experts that are good at doing what they do.

Services you could offer your clients include graphic design, article writing, editing services, voice over, video editing, web design and many more.

Click here to learn more about Fiverr.

5. Become an article writer, make as much as $300 per week.

The blogging world is glowing in leaps and bounds.

The demand for content is at an all-time high.

Bloggers want to churn out content as much as they could, and since it is almost impossible to do this by themselves all the time, they are constantly looking for quality content writers to help them with the job.

The following content mills pay their writers every week through PayPal.

🌟London Brokers.

🌟The Content Authority.


🌟Text Brokers



If you consistently implement the above tips, you could end up making more money than you do at your current job.

Just put a little dedication and it might work out for you. Being independent is everyone’s dream, right?

Pick one or two ideas above and start earning today.


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