elephant pillow baby – Best in the market

Elephant Pillow for baby

Are you looking for these amazing elephant pillow for baby.

These are the new sensation in town.They are cool and soft and babies love them too.

Made out of plush materials,your baby will have a comfortable sleep as these pillows are very soft on skin.Its stuffed with  with polypropylene cotton,it therefore presses in and out easily.

Its a perfect all occasions gift for your toddler or friends kids,good for cuddling and playing with when awake.elephant pillow for baby

Safety standards for the Elephant Pillow

The elephant pillow for baby are absolutely safe for your baby to use and sleep on.

The material is soft enough to ensure that it does not affect the babies teeth or gum.

It also doesn’t attract lots of dust and therefore safe to bite.


Cleaning the elephant pillow.

The elephant is machine washable,but we would recomend cleaning it yourself to retain its construction.

Wash with cold water,then hang it on the line in the sun to dry.

Baby elephant pillow features

To ensure that its safe,there are no removable parts that kids can swallow on this elephant  pillow for baby.It is crafted very well to depict a real baby elephant,hence the name-baby elephant pillow.A long nose is an outstanding feature that your kid will cherish


The sizes  are in 40 cm and 60 cm in length.

This is the length of the whole baby elephant from tail to the tip of the long nose.


They come in a set of a variety of colors

We have:-

  • Blue elephant pillow
  • Grey Elephant pillow
  • Purple Elephant pillow
  • Yellow Elephant pillow
  • Pink Elephant pillow

The choice of color depends on the Kid taste.

Girls usually go for purple and pink colors

Where to buy this elephant pillow for baby

We have a store that is dedicated for selling purely elephant pillows for baby.You can go ahead and vist the site to check on the different colors and sizes available for sale.