baby elephant pillow

Baby elephant pillow

Are you looking for these amazing baby elephant pillow? These are the new sensation in town. They are cool, soft and babies love them too. Made out of plush materials, your baby will have a comfortable sleep as these pillows are very soft on the skin. It is stuffed with polypropylene cotton, it, therefore, presses in and out easily. It returns to its original shape easily after pressing on it. Its a perfect all occasions gift for your toddler or friends kids, good for cuddling and playing with when awake.
elephant pillow for babies
Baby elephant pillow
Consider this infant elephant pillow as a thoughtful baby shower gift for your friends baby. Experts have identified that plush toys help bring out kids social emotions like love, cuddling, and sharing. Plush toys can also help develop kids talking capability fast. You will find them making conversations with the toys even if the toys are silent. They act as good listeners.

Safety standards for the Elephant Pillow

The Baby elephant pillow  is absolutely safe for your baby to use and sleep on. The material is soft enough to ensure that it does not affect the babies teeth or gum. It also doesn't attract lots of dust and therefore safe to bite. But we would like to mention that this pillow should be used with care for kids below the age of one. This is so important to avoid the chances of your baby suffocating on this elephant pillow when left alone. Always keep an eye on your baby as a good mum would always do. [divider style="icon-center" border="medium" color="#43dba3" icon="bell-o"]

Cleaning the elephant pillow.

The elephant is machine washable, but we would recommend cleaning it yourself to retain its construction. Wash with cold soapy water, then hang it on the line in the sun to dry. Leave it for a day or two to ensure this cuddle elephant pillow dries out completely.

Baby elephant pillow features

To ensure that it is safe, there are no removable parts that kids can swallow on this elephant pillow for babies. It is crafted very well to depict a real baby elephant, hence the name-baby elephant pillow. A long nose is an outstanding feature that your kid will cherish What Sizes for this baby elephant pillow? The sizes of all our plush elephant pillows are 60 cm in length. The length is almost the height of a one-year-old kid What are the Colors They come in a set of a variety of colors We have:-
  • Blue elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
  • Grey Elephant pillow for baby
Baby  elephant pillow Grey
  • Purple baby elephant pillow
Elephant pillow for baby
Baby elephant pillow
  • Yellow baby elephant pillow
Elephant pillow for baby
Elephant pillow for baby
  • Pink baby elephant pillow
The choice of color depends on the Kid taste. Girls usually go for purple and pink colors. Choose a color that is not similar to other toys you have for your kid so that the baby can easily tell each toy apart.

Where to buy this baby elephant pillow

We sell them at a fair price of $29 with free shipping globally. We have all the five colors in stock for this cuddly plush toy You can go ahead and visit the product page to check on the different colors and sizes available for sale. [divider style="icon-center" border="medium" color="#9d58e2" icon="github-alt"]

Frequently asked questions on plush toys

  • Can plush toys be dry cleaned
Yes,Use a dry cleaner mesh bag to insert your plush toy before putting it in the machine. This will protect it from possible damage by the dry cleaner. We would, however, recommend a hand wash for all your plush animal toys.
  • Are plush toys safe for babies?
This cuddly toys should be given to babies ages 1 or older. At least at this age kids are self-aware and have skills in handling items. At a younger age, do not give them big toys to avoid the chances of suffocating on them. Also keep them clean always, kids like chewing stuff. and they will be chewing the plush animal toys too.
  • Can plush toys have bed bugs
Just like any other hiding place, plush toys are a perfect hideout for bed bugs. Ensure that you have sprayed your home with insecticides that kill bed bugs. Soak your plush to in an insecticide solution for a day to ensure all of them hiding in there are all dead.
  • What are plush toys stuffed with
Plush animal toys are stuffed with polyester since its very light and can easily be compressed and expands quickly as well.
  • How to clean plush toys with batteries.
Please remove the batteries first before cleaning. Most manufacturers will protect the electronic parts from being affected by water as you clean it.
  • How to wash plush toys by hand.
Rub the fabric coat against another soft cloth or its self-using both your hands. Use soapy warm water to remove oil and other stains. Rinse and put it on a clothing line to dry in the sunlight.
  • Where to donate plush toys.
A good place to place your donation is finding your nearest charitable organization that caters for the well being of the children. Don't just donate the used toys, consider buying new ones too for your donation.