Pick of the bunch in Flattering clothes for big stomachs

There are unlimited options of flattering clothes for big stomachs in the fashion market, plus size women will not miss something appropriate for any occasion.

In this post, we are going to feature top flattering clothes for big stomachs to assist you in your frantic search for something that will hide your belly. We know that your intention is to look smart and appealing.

Read on,all the way to the end to see some of our best flattering clothes for people with large tummies.

Flattering clothes for big stomachs
Example of flattering clothing for big stomachs

Here is a curated list of 11 ideal flattering clothes for large stomachs that will give an idea of what to wear to really disguise your belly

  • Plus size flowy dress with a waist tie belt
  • Wrap Dress for Plus sized women
  • plus size maxi dress for women
  • Tank swing dress
  • High Waist pants
  • Plus size asymmetrical tops
  • Palazzo Pants
  • Spanks for plus sized women
  • Plus Size Body suits
  • Corsets
  • Fur coats



A deep dive into Flattering clothes for big stomachs

Plus size flowy dress with a waist tie belt

A flowy dress is wide and not tight at all, hence your stomach will go unnoticed. Check out flowy dresses that have waist breasts.

The waist tie does the trick of flattering your large stomach.

You should tie it just above the tummy but too close to your breasts. This leaves the bottom part of the dress kind of hanging on to your stomach. But since this part is wide, the waist tie point all the way down hides your stomach.

Or you can play around with the waist tie till you find a comfortable fit.

This is the greatest idea up our sleeves on how to conceal a large stomach, These types of dresses are sexy too and on top of that, they offer a relaxing mood all day.

Click this link to view more options.

Wrap Dress for Plus sized women

Wrap dresses are also flowy. They are ideal for women with large bellies. Just get a fitting wrap dress. Once the dress anchors well on your breast, the bust pushes the wrap dress leaving the large stomach a few inches behind hence your belly remains incognito all the time.

This type of dress is best worn for occasions such as weddings, dates, or just casual day wear.

Most wrap dresses have got a deep V from the kneck, you can match them up with a thin chain and some adhesive bra beneath.

Plus size maxi dress for women

Maxi dresses resemble maternity dresses. They are long and simple.

Do you have a large stomach?

This one works wonders when it comes to flattering. The front part of the dressing rest on your breast, if you are a lady with a big bust, a maxi dress is an ideal pick for you. The breast pushes the dress forward and your large stomach disappears from view.

Tank swing dress

Do you want to look sexy by having your stomach less prominent ?

Then a tank swing dress solves all your visible stomach problems.

Swing dress has a flowy nature and creates enough room for your large tummy. It is not clingy too. Hence your belly stays hidden underneath.

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High Waist pants

Have tried high waist pants?

These pants help in hiding the belly by tucking it in a little.

To draw attention away from the stomach, try wearing high heels and match it up with a flowy top.

Do not tack in the top. Also, make sure that the pants are not tight.

Plus size asymmetrical tops

Looking for flattering tops to hide the tummy?

Then an asymmetrical top is a good solution.

The design for people with big stomachs is flowy to ensure that everything is disguised.

Some are made of soft stretchy material so that the top doesn’t cling to your skin.

Palazzo Pants

These are the best trousers to hide the tummy. A Palazzo waist can be tied almost in the middle of your belly. Since it is loose towards the bottom, it will do a great job of hiding the stomach and other huge parts of the body. You can pair it up with an asymmetrical top or a flowy top.

Spanks for plus sized women

Spanks do a great job of organizing your hanging stomach. It allows you to wear a variety of outfits as though the big stomach was not there at all.

If you get the right size, you will look great even in trousers.

Check out these spanks

Waist Belt

The good thing about this belt is that it is wide enough to capture a bigger part of your big stomach.

A waist belt will do a great job of tightening up your big stomach. Once the waist belt is tightened, the belly no longer protrudes. If you wear a flowy top, the big stomach will go unnoticed.

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Waist trainer

A waist trainer will help you lose some of the fat around your stomach and eventually reduce the size of your belly.You can the easily fit into smaller clothes.

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