Great Side Hustle Ideas

Here are good ideas you could implement on the side for some extra income as you plan to exit employment and join self-employment.

1.Door Dash

Get paid to deliver restaurant food to peoples doorsteps.

How this works is that you drive your own car delivering food from restaurants.

The app developer realized a certain opportunity in the hotel industry. Most restaurants don’t have an in-house delivery system or delivery guys.

They came up with an application that links up restaurants and drivers to assist in delivering food to customers.

You can download the app here. If you are a good driver, you could start earning today.

2.Become a part-time proofreader

During your free time, you could proofread books, essays, academic papers, etc for a fee.

You could possibly earn up to $50 for every 1000words of the piece of content you proofread.

Read an in-depth description of everything about proofreading that we have written here.


3. Start a Dropshipping Business

You can begin your own e-commerce business just like Amazon.

All you have to do is set up an e-commerce website, add product pictures, product prices and begin selling today.

This could be your own products that you make or from other manufacturers out there.

A good place to source products is on There are many products on that website you could sell at a profit.

Just download images and descriptions of the products you would like to sell on the eCommerce website that you have just made. Then add a certain margin on the price(this is your profit).

Thereafter, market your products on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Then wait and see dollars trickling in.

Once someone makes a purchase on your site, head over to and purchase the same product.

Enter your customer’s details on the address page in the aliexpress site. Aliexpress will then send the item to your customer for you. The delivery time normally takes between 10 to 21 days.

We have just seen that you need an e-commerce system to start your business. A good platform to use is the Alidropship woocommerce WordPress plugin.

Alidropship plugin integrates with woocomerce easily.

The good thing about Alidropship is that it will reduce the work of importing products from

You can upload hundreds of products to your site in a matter of minutes.

Alidropship designers can even assist you in setting everything up.

Click here to head over to the alidropship website.

4. Sell services on Fiverr

Do you have a skill you can sell online? Fiverr is the platform for you. You can sell services from as low as $5 to as much as you like.

Some of the services you could sell includes;

  • Advertising copies.
  • Graphic design.
  • Article writing.
  • Proofreading Documents.
  • Data entry.
  • Music production
  • Train People on a particular skill you are good at.

And many more, click the image below to visit Fiverr

5. Affiliate marketing: Start a blog and promote peoples products(High possibility to earn $4000/month)

Affiliate marketing involves marketing other peoples products on your blog or social media pages for a small commission.

Now, just imagine how many people are using the internet today, Millions.

If your website gets 100K visitors a month and 10% of those people purchases products through your links, how much would you earn?

Let us say a merchant is paying you a commission of $2

That would translate to $2 *10000 = $20000 in your account.

Where do I get merchants to promote?

Viglinks is a good place to get numerous merchants that are currently running affiliate programs.

On the Viglink dashboard, there is a search engine. You click the merchant tab where you can search the merchant in your niche to promote.

You canLearn more on how to start a blog here

6. Start a YouTube Channel.Make as much as $4500/Mo

You could start a youtube channel. Record what you like doing. You never know what people will like. Just come to think of it, people always are watching silly cat videos on youtube.

What if you came up with useful video series that entertain people?

Gather a following and you could start earning today.

You don’t have to be doing youtube recording daily, you could shoot videos during the weekend when you are not that busy.

Ways of earning with youtube are;

  • Through google youtube ads
  • Sponsorship by companies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • or even selling your own products. (You could sell on youtube Merchandise shelf
    once you reach  more than 10,000 subscribers threshold )

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