Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps origin can be traced from the Himalaya Mountains in Pakistan.

Why are these lamps so dear to most people?

We have sought to gather enough knowledge on Himalayan salt lamps and provide you with an in-depth researched piece to educate you on what they are, their benefits to your health and why you should own a few pieces.

Right on set, the Himalayan salt lamps provide a candle like glow that will render your bedroom appealing and creates a traditional lamps lighting feel. You will fall asleep faster that you normally do as the lighting is dim to a standard level.

When the bulb within is lit, the heat emanating from the bulb excites the negative ions within the Himalayan salt rock lamp. It is said that these ions combines with positive ions in the air. The positive ions carry pollutants, but when they combine with the negative ions from the salt lamp, they fall down to the ground as dust

Negative ions from Himalayan Lamps Helps in cleaning the air Click to Tweet

These leaves the air cleansed off impurities that previously existed. You have lighter, pure air in your room to breathe making your sleep more comfortable.

With this in mind, let’s examine the chemical composition of the salt lamps.

Chemical composition
Himalayan salts are a mixture of several minerals including magnesium and iodine.
1.White-This color is hard to find, no wonder people prefer it over other colors. There is a believe that they work better in cleaning the air and provides better room lighting compared to other salt lamps on the list
2.Pink – It provides a beautiful light for your bedroom creating an impression of pink roses glowing in the dark. It has been rumored to excite emotions like love, passion and some sense of partnership.
3.Orange– they emits a burning molten magma impression mostly seen on volcanic craters. It covers the room with a warm feel associated with day light sun.
4.Red-it excites the heart making you happy.

The salts do not disappoint in terms of aesthetic characteristics. It comes in a variety of colors depending on the rock that it was cut from.

Depending on the person mining and carving the salt lamp, different sizes are abounding.
Most people prefer the 5-7 lbs lamps for their small size and portability.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

These are not just your normal electric lamps or candles, they have an added advantage of cleaning the air as we mentioned earlier.
Have you ever experienced the scent at the sea shore, it was nice was it? The expect the same occurrence when you bring these fine piece of art into your room. It’s advisable to have these lamps in all your rooms to create a uniform feeling throughout the house of clean air and nice scent.
Many people have indicated increased level of happiness and overall mood when these lamps are around. How about that? These lamps glow as pointed earlier create a warm comforting feeling that facilitates relaxation, you finally feel at home.
Himalayan Salt Benefit

Where to buy Himalayan Salt lamps
Due to a proliferation of fake Himalayan Salt Lamps out there,it counts to have a good supplier of you lamps.So where would we advice you to purchase the himalayan salt lamp.Well,the best places to purchase these lamps is on online platforms where tyou can read reviews from actual sellers with experience with the items you are interested in.Check out this store.

Its important to purchase the salt lamps online.
Why do we say so.
You are exposed to a wide range of lamps
You get to evaluate numerous reviews from buyers who have already made a purchase.
This way,you are able to pick the original lamps from theonline shelves.
Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved Natural Glow Pink Hymalain Salt Lamps

The lamp has a smart steel base giving it a modern look as well as controlled drainage.
It has a tap feature to dim the bulb,adjusting the brightness has been made easier.

WBM Himalayan Glow 1002 Hand Carved Natural Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base/Bulb and Dimmer Control, Crystal, Amber, 8 – 9-Inch, 8 – 11 lb

WBM are known for their original products.This item is sourced straight from pakistan.
You are ensured all the benefits that come with salt lamps.
The wooden base is well structured and gives your lamp a traditional look.Its termite free too.


Syntus Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Light Glow Hand Carved

The hand crafting of this salt lamp is just admirable.It presents a modern look and will blend with other
lighting systems in your room.Sourced directly from Pakistan,your are assured of the benefits we have highlighted above.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

The basket is adorable.The designer crafted flowery structures that look amazing when you light the lamp.
The good thing about this salt lamp is the ability to hold each piece block of the salt.
Meaning,you can always remove the salt blocks and replace them with new ones.

How to Identify a fake salt Lamp.
Due to high demand for the Himalayan Lamps for their incomparable benefits,Scammers have found another easy root to make a quick cash by selling you substandard himalayan lamps.

So,how do you avoid being ripped off your money right on set.

Here are crusial things to look for.

Is the salt lamp fragile or not

Salts structure is very weak compared to other rocks.Its crystals are bound to crumble with any instant of grinding or a fall.If you grind your lamp against a wall or something brittle and nothing happens,then your lamp seller has credibility issues.You have been sold a rock instead.

Something else to observe is the packaging.The Lamps must have a protective gear wrapped around it when you unbox. This is meant to prevent the salt rock from absorbing moisture.Its natural for any salt to quickly absorb water and dissolve.Immerse a piece in some water,if you do not get the same result then you have every reason to doubt the salt.

You have bought the lamp in order to experience the benefits that you have heard being talked about all round.If you do not in any way get a difference in your room environment or body response then you have a fake lamp in your possession. You should,at bare minimum, notice some change of state,be it sleeping or feeling relaxed or any of the benefits we have highlighted above.

Lastly,Compare the brightness of the lamp with normal lighting from the other rooms.If the difference is not noticeable,then its not a lamp from Himalayan you have there.If the brightness is excessive,most definitely,its a fake. Himalayan Lamps are known to light in a dim light,more like you are using a candle to light your room

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs

To get the maximum value of your Himalayan Lamp,its advisable to use specific bulbs to light them.The bulb should be economical in terms
Electric power consumption but not compromising on the energy they emit.

Enough amount of heat is a requirement to exit the negative ions and give substantial amount of light in the long run.

How to Care for the Himalayan Salt Lamp
The salt lamps are fragile and can easily absorb moisture from the air as well.

To maintain its shape for long do the following;

Keep it out of reach of small kids,mind you they are edible
Its advisable to keep the lamp lit for the longest of time.This makes the lamp maintain the appropriate heat to avoid collecting moisture
If switched off,wrao it with a polythene paper to guard against moisture
Make this observations and the lamps will serve you for the longest of time.

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