How to effectively buy a good bed.

How to Buy a Bed- Step by Step guide
Do you really need a new bed?
Change is inevitable, that is a given, some situations will call for you to acquire a new bed.
• Are you receiving guests on a continuous basis and always end up taking them to a guest room nearby only because you do not have an extra bed. Or them sleeping on the couch
• You may have increased in weight, your current bed can no longer hold your weight, well if you are not ready to hit the gym, then you surely should purchase a new bed
• Recently married and your twin bed can’t accommodate the two of you.
• You are no longer comfortable on your current mattress and sometimes you wake up with a stiff neck and physical pain.
• You have had a better sleep elsewhere.
• Your bed is old enough now and you want to move to newer trends and look fashionable to people you invite to your bedroom
• Your family is growing and your kid can no longer fit in the small cot bed.
Its time to make that transition to improve the outlook and comfort of your bed.
Sleep is important, you spend a considerable number of hours asleep .Studies have shown that enough quality sleep is a necessity for maintaining good health;
So why not make this place a heavenly abode by selecting an appropriate bed for you, your partner and Kids.
That said, it’s not always easy to identify, evaluate and finally purchase the best bed for you. Mind you, there are numerous manufacturers of both beds and mattresses. All are eyeing the money in your pocket. The beds and mattresses are all made to attract and easily convert you into a buyer.
This only adds confusion to the prospective buyer.
Well, all of them seem to be fit for your taste and money.
So, how do you go about solving this dilemma?
We have prepared pointers of features you ought to look out for when you are out “hunting” for the next best bed for you. Remember, this is an investment. You want to be cautious not to buy a bed or a mattress and dispose of in less than three months of purchasing it.

What to look for when in the stores

You should start with ideas of what you want from a bed. Here is a list to consider.

1. Size:
Size matters a lot. If you are a tall person or your partner is so, then a bed with longer lenght is a must. Ensure there is an approximately 10cm gap between the tallest person’s feet and the footboard. You should also be able to roll without disturbing your partner. You should be able to lie side by side with your hands held behind your head without touching your partner.

Simply, the bed should have enough room for the two of you.

If you are single, then width is not that important.

The height of the bed should also be factored in; beds with storage tend to have longer heights.

2. Type:
There are different types of beds out there. The difference can be defined by the structure of the bed, the material used to make it, strength (sturdiness) and sometimes color. It all depends on the purpose of the bed. Wooden bed frames tend to be sturdier than metal bed frames. Although metal bed frames can be easily repaired and outlives the wooden beds. I remember one of my parent showing me the bed they used to sleep on when they were young back at my grandpa’s.It is still there to date. Metal beds are specifically good for raising Kids in my opinion.

3. Check the bed’s dimensions

Even though all of them are tagged with “King size” slogan, they all do not have the same dimensions especially if they come from a different manufacturer or country of origin.

4. Buy the bed frame together with the Mattress.

Sometimes the bed manufacturer might accompany the bed with a mattress.The manufacturer might have done a test of the bed with a variety of mattresses and settled with the one that performs best with it. Changing this may alter the performance. Although am not saying you should not accept the offer all together.

However, the mattress plus the bed might be gimmick by the sales stores representatives to try and sneak other product to customers. I advise you insist on only buying what you really want.

5. Assembling and disassembling the bed.

The easier it is to do this the better the bed. Most beds are delivered in pieces especially if you ordered online. Consult your retailer on this, check if they provide an assembly service.

6. After sales services
Check the retailer’s return policy, extra services including delivery and assembly. If the bed does not perform as described, the retailer should be able to cover for this with minimal effort from you.

Buying the bed
1. Test:
Test the beds and mattresses before buying. It is like buying a car. You want to be sure it will serve you the longest of time. Lie on the bed for a minimum of ten minutes while conversing with the sale person;
That way, your body has enough time to analyze the feel of the bed and the mattress

NOTE: Some retail stores do not permit this. If so, feel the quality of the mattress with your hands. Try to shake the bed to determine the sturdiness of the bed

2. Shop with someone else:
This is particularly your partner. You will be sleeping in the same bed. You want to come up with a mutually agreed decision. Both of you will be happy with your final choice.

If you have a relative or a friend with a superb bed back at their place, you can request them to join you and assist you to get the exact same bed or mattress they have.

3. Don’t be in a rush.
Set enough time to do the shopping, possibly a span of 2-3 days. Visit different stores, to familiarise yourself with a variety of beds out there. As I mentioned above, sleep is important and buying decision should be similar to an investment decision. You do not want to go wrong on it.If the stores allow, you can take photos of different beds to use them for comparison later in the evening with your partner. The reason I advocate for more days is to allow more time to” separate wheat from chaff”.

4. Mattresses
Depending on what you like, manufactures provide a firm, medium and soft options for mattresses. Test them all to ascertain the type of mattress you want.

Buying online
Buying online is the new trend nowadays.It has reduced the hustle of moving up and down from one retail store to another. It has saved a lot of time, you can do it wherever you are and have it shipped and delivered at your doorstep.

However, there are a lot of online stores out there. Too many stores to choose from, each with tempting prices and offers. This can be confusing at times.

What do I do in such a situation?
• Check out reputable stores, those that have consolidated consumer trust.
I recommend
They have been in the industry for long and have established themselves as a reputable online store. Feel free to experiment with other online stores, some retailers in your hometown or neighborhood might also be running an online store. Buying online is way cheaper than buying directly from the shops.
• Choose reputable product manufacture. They produce quality products. Though you should also check out other manufacturers that have been suggested to you by friends or relatives or a trusted review website like this one.
• Find out if the product description is accurate. How do I do this? Read other people’s reviews of the product. Check out the people who have actually purchased the product. You will get unbiased insight on what you are about to buy.
• Ensure that the online store is secure. How do you do it?
A secure website’s URL always have a prefix HTTPS. If it is only HTTP without an “s” then it is not secure enough to use your card. The “S” stands for secure.Also, check for a green padlock before the URL. This two are indicators of a secure website.

NOTE:A secure website does not necessarily mean that it is not just another scam website. Scammers use all trickery to get at your card. Online scammers could also be running a very secure website.

So what do you do?

There are other websites that reviews authenticity of other websites. People leave review comments about their experience with a particular website. Google for such review website and do your research. A good example is
• Check the online store user policy to familiarise with their rules.
• Be cautious of really cheap products. They are that cheap for a reason!
• Do not forget, even though you are shopping online; remember to tag your partner along so that you agree on what to buy.

Caring for your bed
Now you have enough knowledge on how to easily buy a bed anytime.Once purchased, good care for your bed will mean comfortable sleep and longer bed and mattress life span, to say the least.

Always change the bedsheets regularly if not daily.

Flip the mattress every seven days. Flipping the mattress ensures that it does not assume your body shape impression. Also, rotate it from right to left. If the mattress takes up you impressions, then your sleep will be distorted as the mattress forces you to one position.

Use mattress and pillow protectors to prolong their life span.

Again, if you can no longer enjoy a comfortable sleep, it is time to purchase another bed.

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