How to grow you own Moss

What Is Required

Get some samples of the moss from the garded,dead or alive.
Equal parts buttermilk and water

Get a  blender
Have a paintbrush


1. Put two cups of water and two cups of buttermilk.

2. Put them both into a blender.

3. Top up with moss in the blender.

4. Blend until everything is refined and mixed up properly.

5. Paint your mixture on rocks,fences,trees and even on the ground.

Here are some of the best apps to make money fast.

1.Survey Junkie 

Companies are looking to learn how clients to the products they make actually feel about them.

They want to get data on various aspects of their products and services, what are real customer views concerning a given product or service they have used.

Survey junkie comes in to simplify the task of collecting data by taking such data on their behalf,

With the help of an app which anyone seated anywhere in the world can download, the process of gathering data becomes simpler.

Survey junkie doesn’t just get data from target clients for free. They pay you to participate in the set of individual company surveys they have in their system.

We can confidently say that it is among the best and legitimate survey companies that really pay participants.

It enjoys the highest ratings on trust pilot, meaning, you can’t go wrong by choosing to work with them on their future making apps

How does the survey Junkie app work?

The system works on a point awarding basis.

Whenever you complete a task, you are awarded some amount of points. The range per survey is in the mid of 50 to 200 points.

The minimum points to receive payment is 1000 points with a value of $10.

How much do I expect from surveys completed?

Well, it all depends on the client hiring survey Junkey to conduct research. If their budget is big, you should expect a better cut and vice versa.

You can expect a payoff of as high as $50 dollars. This mostly possible when you participate in group discussions.

How do I receive payments?

Survey Junkey will deposit money on your PayPal account or you could alternatively redeem your point with gift cards that can be used in popular merchant stores such as Target, Amazon, Groupon, Starbucks, Sephora,  Walmart, and iTunes.

Ok, sign me up already!

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2.Swag Bucks

This is another best app to earn you money fast online. We like the way swag bucks have a variety of ways you could earn while using their app.

Here is the list

  1. Cash Back system.
  2. Participate in surveys.
  3. Watching Videos.
  4. Discovering Offers.
  5. Surfing the web
  6. Playing games


You have various options to choose from.

You can actually pick what you like and works for you.

They actually give you a $5 for just signing. How good is that?


Best apps to earn money fats

How does Swagbucks work?

Just like survey Junkie above, they work by awarding points for tasks completed.

You can then redeem your earned point through gift cards at any merchant store affiliated with swag bucks.

Earning more on Swagbucks really depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it.

It is easy to make $300 a month with Swagbucks. 

Most tasks in Swagbucks are easy, earning at Swagbucks is like getting someone to buy you free lunch for participating in simple activities.

Think of it, you watch a movie or play a game or even discovering offers, someone is willing to pay you for that.

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One of the ways Ebates works is by sending customers to merchant stores they are affiliated to. They get a commission off any purchase the customers make. If you buy through their app, you get a share of the commission.

Another way to earn is through referrals. If you refer your friends through your referral links you get to earn $5 for each sign-up. You also get a $10 for just signing up with them. 

They also have got a cashback system where you get discounts for purchasing items through the ebates app.

How this works is that you get a certain percentage of cash out of the selling price back to your pocket.

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This is a smart idea that Acorns came up with.

What is it?

It is a neat idea to save change and invest it for later profits in the future.

This is how it works.

You head over to your favorite store. Make a purchase of 3.75 dollars. Out of a full amount of 4 dollars, you have a balance of $0.25.

Acorns come in and lift the balance and invest it for you.

See, we make purchases every day with this kind of balance. If we come to think of how much that could stack up to in a year, you will come to realize that you will be investing a lot of cash with Acorns.

This a way, you are investing for your future effortlessly. You just connect your cards with Acorn and leave the app to do what it does best.

You actually get a $5 for just signing up.

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Well, this is just a bonus, but not a make money app perse.

How it works is that it keeps track of subscriptions of services all your services.

Its main purpose is to find those that you no longer use and cancel their monthly subscription.

We all forget some times, while the subscriptions keep on eating into our accounts without our knowledge.

Trim will help a great deal in saving you money and use that money in other beneficial things.

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The way Paribus works is almost similar to trim.

The app checks for price changes for items you may have purchased in the past. If there is a fall in those prices, the extra money that you spent on them is credited back to your account.

It is like getting unexpected cash from time to time.

You could use this cash for fun or pay some house bills.

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