How to make Cash FAST online

You need cash fast to cover for some basic needs but dont know how to do that?

Here we discuss some potential ways you could make income fast,possiby between one to two days,you could make upto $100 fast.

With the advent of technology,things have become easier.Making money is now faster than before.

With the internet and mobile applications,you can easily conect to potential customers and employers who are ready to pay you for doing simple task.

Payment is sometimes done in the next day or sometimes can be afer a week.Either way,you still make your money fast.

Here are quick ways to make money fast.


Do you know that you can earn upto $50 per survey task?

Yes you can.

Some survey sites pays really weel.You can easily make $100 a day by seriously focusing on survey tasks.

We have found the Survey Junkey to be a legit,well paying survey site.

Some survey websites gives you $5 for just signing up and an extra $5 for every person you introduce to their platform.

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Door dash

Door step deliveries is becoming popular.Most people dont want to get out or even go for shopping.They just want to sit at home watch TV,play games or sometimes they are busy working on a project.

Its for these reasons that such people turn to apps like door dash.Door dash is an app that links restaurants to their customers.

But restaurants dont have their home delivery means.That is where you come in.

Read our full review of the door dash app here

Teach English

Millions of people from non English speaking countries are looking to learn English first hand from people in countries where english is their first language.

They want to speak it as well as the EFL people.

Therefore,there are websites online that connects these students to trainers in USA and UK.

You can earn as much as $25 per hour of training session.

Click here to read our full review of the popular Teach English online Platforms


One of the greatest ways to earn cash instantly is in the article writing business.

Are you creative and a good write?

Can you write articles that are captivating?

Can you write content lenght of upto 3000 words in a day?

There are people who are willing to pay top dollar to the best article writer.

You can get article writting gigs from the following websites,

      • Fiverr
      • People per Hour
      • Upwork
      • Text Brokers
      • Zyrys
      • The Content Authority
      • Writers Domain
      • Iwriter


This involves transorming audio to text through typing whatever you here from the audio.

Companies will send you pieces of audio for you to work on.

You can make as much as $200 per audio hour.

This is an amount you can make in a day if you seriously concentrate on your work.

Here is a list of companies that you can work for as a transcriptionist.

      • SpeakWrite
      • 1-888-Type-it-up
      • Speech pad
      • TranscribeMe
      • Daily Transcription
      • Tigerfish
      • Casting Words
      • GMR Trancription
      • 3Play Media
      • CrowdSurf

Virtual assistant

Do you want to make $100 today,then concider becoming a Virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant,you do clerical work for your clients remotely using just you internet connection.

You could be working for a client in NewYork while you ara actually living in sanfransisco.

Some of the tasks you could be doing include.

  • Data analysis,data entry,data cleaning.
  • Website update and fixing
  • Answering custommer calls
  • Customer support online