How to make money from podcast

Can Podcasts Make you money

Here are a few ways to make money with a podcast

Before we begin if you don’t already have podcasting gear, you can find some awesome collection here

So let us dig into ways to make money with podcasts

  • Promote your own product

Whatever you do, be it cooking, gardening, blogging, There are products in there you could come up with and champion them through your podcasts.

Podcasts are good marketing avenues because you give advertising a human touch.|You easily engage with the audience and effectively drive your sales pitch home.

Compared to text-based ads, promoting your product yourself -using your own voice is much better.

  • Reach out to sponsors.

If you have a solid audience, very engaged with your content and you are sure that they could spend a certain amount of money, reaching out to sponsors can go along way in adding an extra coin into your wallet

People who have niche following have much more success than the general audience because they already know exactly what their followers want.

Therefore, it will be pretty easy to identify sponsors and quickly sell your idea to them.

Sponsors love niches. They know that a person with a specific niche audience will easily sell their product way more than a general audience. It makes

  • Affiliate marketing

Almost similar to sponsorship, but rather, here you don’t reach out to anyone.

You just identify products or services from other companies or producers that could solve your audience’s pain points and gain a commission.

Advice your audience to follow affiliate links that you should place at the bottom of your podcast audio.

  • Sell episodes

There exist online platforms that have droves of traffic, ready to buy your awesome content.

You have to provide real value for you to continue selling your episodes online, otherwise, if you get bad reviews, you are out of business and gone.

So you wanna put more work and care into the preparation of content, recording and producing the content.


  • Run ads on your podcasts(use ads insertion technology)

Reach out to people selling products in your niche and interest them with an offer to run audio ads within your podcasts.

You could as well host your podcasts on platforms such as podbean where ads are automatically inserted to your audio content. You earn commissions whenever people listen to your content.

Most podcast hosting companies will usually pay on a RPM basis(Revenue per a thousand impressions.).What this means is that you only earn a specific amount, say $3 for every 1000 listenings or podcasts downloads.

  • Make use of Patreon

What is patreon?

Patreon helps creators and artists to get funds from fans who follow them. The benefit of partnering with patreon is that you gain fans trust. They can easily donate cash to you because patreon is a well-known company. People contributing through patreon knows that they are not being scammed.

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You can partner with them to monetize your podcast. Once you signup with them, you will get a link that you then post on each of your podcasts and ask your followers to contribute.

Just inform your audience that you need their contribution to support your efforts in producing awesome content that they consume from you.

You will be amazed by how many people are willing to contribute to your cause.

  • Convert your podcast to text or ebooks

People consume content differently,

Some would like podcasts while others will want the text version.

Converting your audio into text then repackaging it into an ebook could add the extra needed cash. Sell it on Kindle or on your own blog.

You could as well put the text version of your blog below the audio. You can actually inform your listeners that there is a text version of your podcast on the podcast record.

You can then run affiliate links on the text or direct them to products you sell on your blog.

  • Public Speaking

If you are a good orator, good at what you do and your audience loves your content, consider giving public lectures at a fee.

Many companies are looking for influencers in certain fields to give insights on different topics they are interested in.

Why not get paid doing what you like doing, speaking!

Public speaking is a lucrative venture, particularly if what you teach is in high demand.

Your new audience at public speaking gigs will become your new podcast audience, a huge percentage of them. Make sure to direct them to where your podcasts live on the internet.


Tips on Podcasting
  1. Do in-depth research before going live or recording an episode
  2. Use quality podcasting equipment
  3. Do quality production of your audio content
  4. Be consistent, otherwise, you will lose the audience
  5. Engage your listeners on the comment trail