How to start a blog with $24 only

Today we are going to guide you on how to start a blog cheaply.

Don’t spend 1000’s of dollars when starting your business online, you haven’t seen any success yet, why should you then invest in all that cash in the first place.

Though It will only cost you $24 to start doesn’t mean that the quality of the service or blog performance will be poor


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First read: How to start a blog easily.

After you have learnt how to set up a blog, you will then go ahead to implement what you have gathered.

To do this, you require a website, a domain name and somewhere to host your blog.

We know that most beginners in blogging and tight on their budget and an easy route will be appropriate for them.

Some opt to start a free blog where no cost is involved at all. But there is a downside to this.

With free blogs like WordPress or blogger, you don’t have room to scale. Whenever you want to add extra functionality to your blog, the free blog hosts would demand some amount. They will sell you packages every now and then

Your blog visitors will not take you seriously,at all!

Your content will not have any impact on them. Because every tom dick and harry can start a blog with free blog hosts.

To indicate some seriousness to your online business, you will have to do some kind of investment.

Buy a domain and a hosting space as well.

Does it have to be expensive to start a blog?


Not at all.

There are companies that charge an arm and a leg just to host a simple blog.

Today we are going to give you a secret most people are not willing to give you.

Most bloggers will direct you to expensive hosting companies just for the sake of earning a handsome commission off your purchase.

But for us at online fast media, we understand the pain of starting a blog as a beginner, and one of them is the huge upfront cost in hosting your website

You can easily start your business online for as low as $24 and enjoy quality service, similar to premium hosts.

Get me in already!!

Let us introduce

It is a web hosting company with a reputation equal to other hosts such as:-

    • BlueHost
    • SiteGround
    • GoDaddy
    • HostGator

and you can add yours to the list.

Why are you advocating

As we said at the beginning, it is an appropriate hosting company for beginner bloggers.

Two, most of our sites are hosted with NameCheap.

This website is hosted with NameCheap as we speak.

Three, out of experience, the service has been superb over the years.

Four, Excellent customer support round the clock to attend to any technical issues that may arise or any general query that you may have.

Five, you have the option to go with the monthly plan or the yearly package.

We go with the yearly plan because it is cheaper and reduces the chances of the websites going down if we forget to pay when we were to choose the monthly payment method.

We would advocate that you go for the yearly plan.

Six, With the stellar hosting package($15), you get an opportunity to host two other domains. They are called add on domains. What this actually means, you get to host 2(two) other websites for free.

Where else can you get such an offer?

Seven, Domain cost is fairly cheap compared to other sellers. At a cost of $9 its cheap enough for you to hit the road running.

Eight, you get 1-year free SSL for all your websites the first time you register the domain.

So, to add it up, the total cost for hosting your website comes to $24(domain-$9+Steller Hosting $15=$24)

What resources do you get for stellar hosting?

Well, check the detailed description on the image below

Ready to join Namecheap, click the button below to join.

When your blog is up and running and is bringing in a good income, you can then consider joining premium programs such as Blue Host or Hostgator