How to start a blog

It is easy to start a blog nowadays for everyone with something to tell the world.

Read on to learn how

1.Select a niche

You could write about anything and post it on the net, but not every content is a money maker. Select a niche that will give you money.

Not unless your idea is to entertain people online, you should select a niche that gives you good returns for your efforts.

Most people will tell you to select a niche to blog about that reflects your passion. That way you will have an easy time writing content.

While there might be some truth in that, a question arises. What if that niche has little or no income to be made?

You don’t have to follow your passion to make good money online or elsewhere.

Your focus should change. Engage only in niches that are already proven to be lucrative.

Don’t waste time and effort.

Given that you are good at conducting researches, you should be able to easily come up with content to write pertaining to a particular topic in the niche of your choice.

So, what are some of the niches you should give a shot?

So here we go,

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Women’s Lifestyle
  5. Working From Home
  6. Survival tactics
  7. Homesteading
  8. Parenting
  9. Beauty and Fashion

Chose one or two from those and start a blog today.


2.Stalk other blogs 

Once you have settled for a niche, the next step is to closely monitor other bloggers in your niche to learn what they are doing, their success areas to copy them and do even better.

Jot down like 10 domains of successful blogs in your niche. Start observing their traffic sources, how they write their content, how they are monetizing their content and mostly check their income reports to get the idea of how much to expect.

To find blogs on your niche, type keywords people would normally use to find content in that niche on Google search engine.

Check blogs on both page one and two. There is a reason they are ranking on top in the search results -they must be doing very well in that niche.

Or visit Pinterest and type your niche’s keyword of the search bar. Click on the pins that come up. You will be taken to the pinner’s site.

Pick several and plug them in on a site called similar web

This site gives you all the metrics concerning the traffic source of the site you have just plugged in.

If possible, try getting traffic from the same sources.

Most popular sources include

    • Google
    • Social Media(FB, Twitter, and Pinterest)
    • Adverts

Pinterest is our best source of free traffic(you could start getting massive traffic the first month of joining Pinterest)

To succeed in this, you will need a tool known as Tailwind. It is actually free to use in the first month.



Connect with bloggers in your niche.


    • Emailing them
    • Commenting on their blog posts
    • Joining Niche related forums/FB groups
    • Follow them on social media platforms

This way, you will be able to learn a lot from people who have gone ahead of you and made it in the niche of your choice.


Now, here is where the real work is

You got to entertain, educate and challenge your target audience with valuable content.

If your blog is without value, your blog is bound to fail.

Therefore, it is upon you to do the right thing, research extensively. Come up with thorough content that answers every pain point of someone reading your blog.

Now, if writing ain’t your forte, especially if you don’t have any passion in the niche you have selected, you could hire someone to write content.

Popular sites to hire writes

    • Upwork
    • Fiverr
    • Pro-Blogger 

You won’t lack a competent writer in there. Pay them well though.


5.Set up your blog

Once you are contented with the choice of your niche, its time to set up your blog.

You will need to purchase a domain and a hosting space where your blog will live.

Check out this website  where you can  purchase a domain and hosting service  at a price of  $3 per month only

After you purchase the domain and host and gotten Cpanel login details in your mail, head over to and enter those details.

We want you to install WordPress on your domain.

Once you have installed WordPress Click on and enter login details to access your WordPress dashboard.

You can install a free theme for now by clicking on the Appearance link on the left-hand side of the dashboard and select theme.


Now, if you want to purchase a WordPress Theme Right away, we recommend the Schema Theme from mythemeshop. Its made with bloggers in mind. It has a neat medium font, well spaced out characters and line height. Its SEO ready and mobile phone friendly. Check it out here

Inspect the left panel of your dashboard to learn what each control does.

But the most important part now is adding posts to your pages.

Click on post enter your content in the text area and hit publish on the top right corner.

There are many tutorials online on how to set up a website on WordPress. Make sure to do some learning.


6.Market content

Most people think that once they build a blog and put awesome content on it, its a done deal. That clients will start coming in droves!

This is a common mistake not for individual bloggers but for big business too.

For you to make an impact, your blog should reach your target audience.

Unfortunately, this is not an automatic process.

You have to put in the effort of spreading the word across the internet about your new venture.

We have listed above some popular sources of traffic above, make sure to check on them again.


But, we would want to point out that the hardest source to get traffic on is on the Google website.

You must rank number one for your site to make any business.

We have prepared a free SEO eBook to guide beginners like you here,

Check it out.

If you are having trouble installing WordPress, Check out our service page

7.Monetize your content

Once you start driving enough traffic to your blog, Its time to monetize and earn passive income –“sleeping” – month after month.

How do you monetize

  1. Affiliate Marketing-Market products related to your blog from other vendors for a commission. You can join Viglinks or FlexOffers to source for products and merchants to promote.
  2. Run sponsored posts.
  3. Sell your digital products
  4. Run ads on your blog, you could join these networks to insert ads to your blog (Mediavine, Mgid, Adthrive)

  VigLink banner


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