Ingenious places to hide your spare Key

Do you know you can keep your spare key safe by disguising your spot.

No one can know where you have kept your spare key.

The following ideas are great

Tom & Co. Garden Snail Key Hider

What about the snail, no one can really suspect that the key is in there.

Have a look at it.

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Furniture Creations Garden Frog Outdoor Hide A Key Hider Cast Iron Charming

Frogs are also scary animals that most people would not want to come close to let alone touch.

Therefore, it is an ingenious place to put your spare key outside.

Take a look at this one.

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Evergreen Garden Medium Portly Frog Painted Polystone Outdoor Statue and Key Holder

The color on this frog can coumerfrage with the green nature of your backyard.

So not easily recognisable by intruders,Check full size on amazon by clicking the button below.

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RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

A rock is the least item that anyone would think that a key could be in there.

Plus,this fake rock can easily blend with other rocks in your back yard.

By keeping your spare key here,you are guaranteed of your key’s safety.

Have a look at it.

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TRENTON Gifts Hand Painted Bird House Key Keeper, Hide a Key Bird House

People are least likely to suspect anyone could keep a key in a bird’s house.

That means, only you know that it is in there.

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Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe

A bottle could work to as a hiding location for your key.

This one has a screwable bottom for easier access to your valuables.

Have a look at it.

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Pinecone Hide Keys Box

This has a great look. Just make sure that you place it among other objects that are of the same color so that it doesn’t stand out and attract attention.

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WAWIPLEX Faux Rock Key Hider

This disguises itself as a stone.But however, it has an opening at the bottom where you can safely store your spare key.

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