Is strapless bra comfortable ?

Is strapless bra comfortable really?

Well, It all depends on the design of the strapless bra you choose to buy.

The following are some upsetting issues with a strapless bra.

  • They will not stay up.

Due to poor design, the strapless bra has a tendency of pulling down all by itself. You will have to keep on adjusting them every now and then during the day

  • They swing around.

Because they do not have straps to keep them in place, you will constantly experience them not staying in position and the cups may move to the back.

  • They come off.

If the closure is not properly designed, your strapless bra will come loose and come off.

  • The silicone lining doesn’t stick.

The silicone lining is meant to stick on your skin in order to keep your strapless bra up. However, the silicone lining may not be strong enough to ensure that the bra stays in place.

Now, having learned about this, is a strapless bra still comfortable?

Of course yes.

We totally recommend that you should go for a strapless bra as they are very convenient especially for specific occasions like a wedding or a date.

You will comfortably wear a shoulderless top or even a strapless dress when you put a strapless bra in the mix.

Here is what you should consider when purchasing your first strapless bra. When you get things on this list right, you will never again have to ask – is a strapless bra comfortable?

  • Correct cup size

When ordering a strapless bra online most ladies make the mistake of ordering too large cup sizes while others order down.

Take a tape measure and correctly jot down your measurements. Check the sister sizes chart to affirm what your bra size is before you order a strapless bra online.

If you are making a purchase from the shop near you, it becomes easier as you can always try things out.

However, you could find a strapless bra online that you really like but aren’t available in your local store.

So the best obvious thing to do is confirm your boobs measurement and then order

  • Silicone coating

Ensure that the silicone coating is strong enough to stick properly on your skin. Those that stick well are very comfortable and reassuring. You will not have to worry about instances where you will be required to pull them up.

  • Boning

Designers insert a plastic piece on the side wings to make the bra sturdy and to prevent the strapless bra from sliding from left to right.

Boning ensures that you have peace of mind as you concentrate on the activities of the day.

So, the next time you go shopping for a comfortable bra, check whether it has boning on the sides.

  • Breathable wings

Most ladies wear a strapless bra during summer when it is hot. This means you may sweat.

Given that a strapless bra sticks to your skin using an adhesive component, it is advisable to have a breathable bra to reduce the amount of sweating.

Sweat will make the adhesive weak and eventually detach from your skin.

  • Hook and eye closure

It is hard for a hook and eye closure to come of. This means that once you are tightly in your strapless bra, the bra will not come off.


This is because the hook hangs firmly on the eye as the two push into your body.

This design feature makes the strapless bra a comfortable accessory.

  • Soft material lining

Choose a material that is not itchy or rough on your skin.

But how will you be able to assess this when purchasing a bra online?

  • Padding

Padding helps hide the nipple and adds fullness to your bust.

It gives a good look at your bust.

Frequently asked questions

You can choose to go for a sticky bra that works the same way as the strapless bra.
They have an adhesive component that makes the cups stay put.
Click here to see some examples.
It is not a good idea, and you might look a little bit off.
But if you have clear straps, they can make you look even look cooler.
Make sure that the adhesive on the Cups’ top edges is strong enough for it to stick to your skin.
The silicone coating helps the bra stick to your skin.

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