Magic tracks car not working

Solutions to magic tracks car not working

Sometimes the cars may not work as expected, they may refuse to move at all.

the solution to Magic tracks car not working
Magic Tracks Cars
Here are four reasons why your magic tracks car is not working.
  1. Batteries are dead: Please check the expiry date of your magic tracks car batteries. In most cases, they are already expired. Another thing about the batteries is that you may have wrongly fixed them or two, you did not put them all in. Please read the batteries slot on the proper way to slot in the batteries. Thirdly, ensure the right type of batteries is used. Does it use AA or AAA? Check the appropriate one needed. Buy strong batteries such as energizer. they last long.
  2. The electronic system may be faulty: If you are not into electronics repair, you can’t possibly fix your kid’s toy. Visit your nearest electronic device repair store for fixing. To avoid future failure, instruct your kids not to put the toys in water or knock them over. If this happens so often, it distorts the electronic components.
  3. Start Button: Maybe you are not pushing the start button. It is either on top of the toy car or at the bottom.
  4. If the cars have totally died out, consider purchasing another magic tracks car for replacement by clicking Here.

Do you need extra cars for your Magic tracks Set?

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Yes, absolutely.
There is no much difference between the two products. It is just that they are made by different manufacturers
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