No waste hay feeder for cattle

Looking for a No Waste Hay Feeder for Cattle?

In this post, we are going to look at suitable solutions that minimize wastage on your farm.

Hay may sometimes be expensive and any loss eats up into your pocket resulting in marginal profits from your stock in a year.

Cattle do waste a lot of hay when feeding on uncontrolled feeders such as basic cattle manger. They may draw hay to the ground or whip it around when attempting to remove flies from their back. Anything dropping to the ground is never consumed as it gets mixed with faeces and urine.

Therefore, having a No waste hay feeder for cattle is an ingenious solution to save you cost on your farm.

There is two ideal No waste hay feeder for cattle.

These are

  • Metal No waste hay feeder for cattle
  • Hay nets

All these work wonders in terms of conserving hay feed although with slight limitations.

In this post, we are going to list several No waste hay feeders for cattle in these two categories of feeders that do their job pretty well.

Here is the list of No waste hay feeders for cattle

Metalic Hay saver feeders.

These types of hay saver feeders are excellent in terms of controlling the cattle head’s movement when feeding on your hay.

Let us now look at the best hay savers in this category.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Bale Feeder

This tops our list of no waste hay savers for a number of reasons.

First, it is metallic. This indicates that the hay saver lasts a long time as metal items are known to withstand the hard conditions of the farm.

It has a metal skirt all around its bottom section. This is purposely designed to restrict hoves from entering into the feeder as well as maintaining the hay within the feeder at the same time. This reduces wastage a great deal.

The design of the metal bars is slightly diagonal to prevent your cattle from swinging their heads back as they feed. Cattle are known to chase away the flies with the feed still in their mouth. Since our goal is no waste of the feed at all, then this hay saver feeder is ideal for feeding your cattle.

The upper circular ring can also suffice as a holder of a hay chain. Hay chains ensure that the hay is slowly fed to your cattle since they only draw what they can eat at ago.

Finally, this hay saver feeder is wide enough to accommodate even the largest round bale hay size.

TARTER GATE CO 3 Piece Round Lightweight Bale Feeder

The second one is metallic. It is strong and sturdy as well. It does the job of controlling your cattle access to the hay pretty well.

It is easy to install on the ground as well as move around on your farm.

The size is big, it is actually designed to accommodate large hay sizes.

The only downside of this hay saver feeder is that it lacks the bottom metal skirt as compared to the first feeder. Small calves could find their way into the feeder and ruin the hay.

However, if you do calves separate from the herd, then this feeder serves its purpose 100 percent.

Hay Nets

Hay nets control how much a cow can draw from the hay nets. They have a small opening to allow the cattle to insert only their nuzzle. Therefore, the cow can only draw the amount of hay it can consume at a go.

Let us have a look at the best hay saver nets

hay chix Large Bale Net

This net has got smaller openings to control the rate at which cattle draw straw from the haystack. This way, your cattle consumption is moderated and wastage put to a minimum.

Texas Haynet Livestock Round Bale Hay Net

This net is super easy to wrap around your hay and can accommodate varying sizes of hay. Though made primarily for horse feeding, it can serve cattle too. The mesh design controls how much hay leaves the net and therefore manages to reduce wastage at a huge percentage.

hay chix Large Bale Net, 5 ft – 1 3/4 in, Original, Oat

This particular feeder stretches and can work with even the largest round bale hay.

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