Chicken coop automatic door openers


Cheeper Keeper Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener – Complete Chicken Coop Door Opener and Closer Kit

The picture to the left represents Cheeper Keeper Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener.

Key pointers include

  • Runs on battery,therefore no worry on chicken geting electrical shock due to short circuit.To that effect,No tedious wiring work needed
  • Full proof against weather changes like rain and snow cannot penetrate into the machinery
  • Has got high sensitive sensors that detects chicken below so that it doesnt slam on your chicken
  • Features a quite motor,an aluminium door that is dirt and other chemicals resistant guaranteed to serve you for long

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Chicken coop automatic door openers

There are a variety of Chicken coop automatic door openers in the market today,most of which will perfectly serve the purpose.

We will detail Chicken coop automatic door openers for you to make an informed choice of an automatic opener appropriate for your coop’s door.

chicken coop automatic door openers
chicken coop automatic door openers

Lets start with the most popular in Chicken coop automatic door openers.

Cheeper Keeper Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener – Complete Chicken Coop Door Opener and Closer Kit.

Chicken coop automatic door openers
Chicken coop automatic door opener by Cheeker Keeper in action

The Chicken coop automatic door openers from Cheeper Keeper, is the most convenient, durable and efficient in chicken coop door control.  Why?

  • The set is designed with durability in mind.Ability to withstand any hash weather conditions makes this device stand out.
  • Rolled Aluminum Door and Rails repels dirt for a smooth opening.
  • The door is made of aluminium which will always repel dust and most chemicals.It easily rolls up and down to ensure that the safety of your chicken is guaranteed and are not scared away.
  • The device will not be hard  on your batteries and may last up to 2 or more years before replacing.Its like a set and forget automation.
  • Easy installation,since the device uses batteries,no wiring is required.It comes with an easy to follow installation manual and no programming is necessary from you.
  • The 60 pound test nylon cord is hard enough to withstand breaking or tearing
  • Predators like Coyotes, Raccoons,Hawks, Mongooses, can not gain entry as the  Rail Guard restrains lifting of gate by any predators

Products Specifics

  1. Weight : 3.1 pounds
  2. Dimensions :23 x 9 x 3 in
  3. Batteries : 4 AA

Product Cons

Although this is a top notch technological product,we find it a little bit pricey. However,as the benefits are clearly visible,its an asset worth investing in.


ChickenGuard Extreme Automatic Chicken Coop Pop Door Opener & Door Kit Combo | Outdoor/Indoor Auto Door Opener

Manufactured by Chicken Guard Company to military standards that makes it withstand the craziest of weather conditions such as coldest time of the year,this is the best solution for people living in this very environments.

  • It features a timer based mechanism where it opens and closes the coop depending on the set timings.
  • A light sensor is another aspect that is incorporated to detect night and day and act appropriately.You could also adjust the light sensor  to determine how early or late to let in or out your chicken.The LCD display is designed to make it easy and visible for you to operate on.
  • To work in all weather,a powerful motor is a must.This automatic chicken coop door opener does not disappoint on this.Its motor is strong enough to roll up and down the door any time no mater the weather condition outside.
  • The LCD display is designed to make it easy and visible for you to operate on.
  •  It uses battery power or you could also power it using a USB cable though its not included in the package.

Products Specifics

  1. Weight : 4.7 pounds
  2. Dimensions :24 x 3 x 16 in
  3. Batteries : 4 AA batteries required. (included)

Product Cons

Its also as   pricey as cheeper Keeper automatic chicken coop door opener, but again the benefits outway the cost.

Brinsea Products Chick Safe Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener, Grey/Yellow

chicken coup automatic door openers

The first thing noticeable on this chicken coop automatic door opener is the yellowish colored buttons.The advantage of this is that they will be visible even in not so well lit areas especially in the back yard.It makes it easy for you to operate on.

Here are some key out standing features of Brinsea Chicken Safe automatic door opener.

  • Use of both Timer and Sensor:The timer integrates the use of both controls,time and light sensing for greater efficiency.The farmer could  utilize both light sensing and at the same time predetermine at what particular time the coop should close down no matter the light level outside.This is particularly important in that time of the year when the days are longer than night.The timer module and a LUX-Motor eliminates this dilemma by ensuring that it only closes when all your birds are all in.
  • Failsafe Mode:What this simply means is that,the farmer has an option to set a specific time when if for any reason the light detector doesn’t close the door,the fail-safe Mode will activate closing anyway.This comes in handy in the summer season when its not dark yet well up-to 10 pm. Chicken are birds of habit and will always go to sleep earlier than this,whether its dark or not.You will have instances where they are all in,but the door hasn’t closed yet as the light sensors haven’t detected dusk yet.You,the farmer could set the Fail-safe Mode to around 8:00 PM to secure your birds from predators who are still roaming around
  • Mixed operation capability:You could set your chicken coop opener to open the door at certain timings or through light-sensing and at the same time set it to close manually in the evening.This comes in handy when you have birds that dont conform to a habit such as duck and would require you,the farmer ,to close the coop manually.
  • Full manual control:You could to choose to be opening and closing the door manually as well.The buttons are also made fairly large such that a person wearing gloves can easily press.
  • Door closed signal: Comes inbuilt with a signal light that flashes every 30 seconds.The signal light is visible as far as 100 yards.This assures you that the door is closed and intact.
  • Batteries:Uses 4  AA batteries.The device is not too hard on your batteries.Its recommended that you use strong batteries like energizer batteries that will last almost an year.The good thing about this automatic chicken coop door opener is that it has a battery low indicator,meaning,you will always be on the know when the batteries are almost out.
  • Electric power option: You could opt to use electric power instead of batteries.A USB port on the device would enable you extend this capability by using an A to A USB cable and mains charger.

Products Specifics

  1. Weight :11.2 ounces
  2. Dimensions :5 x 2 x 3 In
  3. Batteries : 4 AA batteries

Product Cons

It doesn’t come with a door but you could purchase from the same vendor on amazon.It won’t cost you much.

All automatic door openers we have detailed above comes with an easy to read and follow manual.They also have after sales customer support to help clarify all queries that may pop up.

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How to select the best automatic chicken coop door opener.
  1. Size of the door: Make sure that the size of the sliding door perfectly fit the coop’s door.
  2. Choose a device that has multiple operational options like,manual option,Timed option and Light sensor option.This gives you more freedom to use it according to your needs and the dictates of the environment.
  3. Harsh Weather resistant:Make sure that the manufacturer of the device has put some guarantee on this and they have a warranty covering a longer period.The device shouldn’t at all allow water to permeate in an destroy the electrical components. Mind you,the device will be operating outside where contact with water is highly likely.
  4. Elaborate manual:Select a device that has easy instructions on how to install.A company that have live support on how to install will be the best option to go.

Two reasons  you should purchase an automatic door opener for your coup

  • You could be out for long and no one is around to let out your poultry.
  • The weather conditions ,especially snowy times may not allow you to make trips to your coop to open it especially in the morning.