Reliable proofreading jobs at home

Do you love reading – almost anything you find to accumulate your knowledge?

Do you have a keen eye to spot errors in scripts at an instant?

Do you feel bad that someone did not take time to correct their scripts before publishing or posting?

Do you have a feeling that they could have done a better job?

Have you lost trust with the writer or a publication you read just because it was ridden with typos and bad grammar?

If we have just correctly described you, then you are a perfect candidate who qualifies for Proofreading jobs at home.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is exactly what we have just pointed out above.

It involves a closer look at the context to identify possible errors that would make the writeup hard to read and understand.

You simply check grammatical errors, typos and missing words in a context and recommend possible correction.

A proofreader is the last person the text goes through before the book or any other text is taken for publication.

This means that the person entitled to this task must possess top-notch skills to be able to clean up the text and return it in perfect order.

The proofreader should not have less than a hawkeye for detail. Nothing erroneous should escape the proofreader’s eye. You have to scrutinize the content word for word and pick rotten items within.

We will appreciate it if you found any typo on this post. Please put it on the comments section below.

Continue Reading to find out some Proofreading jobs at home you could take up.

Proofreading jobs at home.

Who needs proofreader services?

There are innumerable opportunities you could exploit out there. Here is a list for just but a few

  • EBooks.

This is a big one, lots of eBooks are being released daily on online ebook sales platforms. Everyone wants their eBook to be of the best quality.

Proofreader skills come in handy here, to verify that everything reads correctly.

  • Student Essays.

Professors want nothing less than a properly written copy with zero grammatical errors and punctuations.

A huge number of students across all universities in the US are looking up proofreader services daily online.

  • Website articles and blog posts.

Businesses want properly written contexts that sell or draw clients to their sales funnels. A good copy is a prerequisite for this to happen.

  • Legal transcription.

Courts never lack case proceedings.Most legal practitioners head over to the internet to seek services of a proofreader.

  • Self-published novels.

This is similar to ebooks. Novels are in high demand and many people are purchasing a paperback version of online ebooks. Clients going for this version would want properly written copies.

  • User manuals.
  • Press releases.
  • Newsletters.

Want more proof that people are getting hired as proofreaders? Check out this link

Check this other proofreader on Fiverr and how he is thriving in proofreading business.

proofreading jobs at home

Have you seen how many reviews he got?

Also, click this link to check on how much he is charging his clients. Not peanuts!

Head over to and see how much clients are willing to pay per hour or on a  fixed terms rate.

See, lots of well-paying jobs are waiting for you, the proofreader. And these proofreading jobs at home pay really well.

What do you need to start?

A laptop and an internet connection. That’s it!

The ground is set for you to run.

Clients will send you files already typed on MS Word together with instructions to follow.

And there you go, you have gotten your self connected to hundreds of proofreading jobs to work at home.

How do I get clients?

Start marketing your proofreading services. You could run facebook ads, google ads or even cold pitch companies and individuals online whom you feel would need those services.

A good place to start and land some jobs quickly is on job board platforms like the once we have highlighted above. Here they are again.

Visit them and while at it, check how much already established proofreaders are charging and how often they get hired

Do you need a degree to be a good proofreader?

No, not at all.

Though we would like to point out early on that this ain’t an easy job. Do not judge it by face value.

There is a lot of work that goes into it. It demands lots of care and keenness to meet the clients’ requirements. There is a lot of reading, pages upon pages of proofreading work awaits you.

Proofreading isn’t a job for just anyone. You will need to be passionate and possess some of the qualities we pointed out at the beginning of this post.

With some bits of learning and adequate practice, you are cut out for the job.

Remember, the client doesn’t want to hire an amateur. They are business. They want to make business with their content.

So, there is no room for error, excuses and poor results. When they decide to hire you, they believe in you. Their mind is set to getting 100% accuracy as is expected of a good proofreader. Don’t disappoint. If you do, you will be out of business within no time.

To become a master in this field, you will need the guidance of someone who has been in it already. Someone who has been in the murky waters and back and knows the ins and outs of proofreading business.

What we are saying simply is, you need some sort of coaching.

Ok am in already, where can I get good training in proofreading?


Let us introduce you to

Caitlin Pyle started this site to assist people just like you with an interest in remote proofreading jobs.

She has been in the business for a long time, both engaged in proofreading and coaching new people on how to become a freelance proofreader.

She used to make as much as $43,000 per year doing proofreading jobs.

She has got a wealth of knowledge in this area, you will get to become an expert in proofreading business with her course.

Its a thorough course with walkthroughs, practice exercises and tests that are meant to sharpen you in all angles pertaining to freelance editor jobs

The neat thing about trying out proofreading anywhere is that you get a preview of what to get in the main course by attending a free virtual training at proofreading anywhere. Click the image below to enroll in the free workshop.

Once you join and complete the course, you will be awarded a certificate that will act as proof of expertise in proofreading.

Proofreading anywhere has a blog that is updated regularly for more learning and motivation.

You can as well join their Facebook page and communicate with the proofread anywhere team whenever you need clarification. is the leader in training proofreaders in the market today for providing quality service to its students.

At least with a proofreading  certificate from a reputable organization, you have a high chance of landing proofreading jobs without experience

Want to join the Caitlin Pyle course?

Click here to join.Or click the image below

After you have completed the course, make sure to check the following companies that hire proofreaders every now and then.

Here are some reliable proofreading jobs at home.

Our philosophy is that life is always better when you employ yourself.

Established companies will require you to have a degree in the specific discipline for them to consider you.

Well, if that is not you, you don’t have a degree, then you can set out to get clients of your own.

As we have seen above, there are a number of job boards(Freelancing sites) you can score clients that pay well. You actually dictate what you want to be paid. Although you have to be reasonable in your pricing.

Such places include; Fiverr, Upwork, ProBlogger and Flex Jobs.

You can build a business empire from proofreading just like Caitlin Pyle did.

All it takes is patience and determination.

You can also check out the following companies for jobs, they don’t require you to have a degree;

  2. Book Editing.
  3. Polished Paper.
  4. Wordfirm Inc
  5. Reedsy.
  6. Scribe Writing

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For those who have a Degree, here are a few jobs you could apply to

  1. Scribendi

editors jobs

This one requires you to have a degree If you possess one you are lucky. Even if you have a degree, its good to show your prospective employer that you have an edge over other applicants by presenting a certificate in proofreading.

Scribendi is based in Canada, so Canadians have an upper hand in getting freelance jobs with this company.


CACTUS has got both full time and freelance openings.

Requires a Ph.D. or Masters in related discipline

Other companies requiring a degree qualification.

  1. WordVice
  2. Proofreading Pal
  3. English Trackers
  4. Wordsru

Frequently asked questions

Is proofreading the same as copy editing?

There is no much big difference in copy editors job and a proofreader. Both jobs involve checking for typos, grammar, good sentence construction to give a perfectly written text.

The difference is just the job title.

So, when you come across any of these job adverts, go ahead and apply. Besides, you got nothing to lose.

How much do proofreading jobs pay?

You can earn as much as $50 for a 1000- words of proofreading work done. It all depends on the experience you have in the profession and the ability to provide verifiable references for previous similar work done.

How to find proofreading jobs?

You can use various terms on the search engine to ensure that you get many different jobs showing up on search engines.


  1. Jobs for proofreaders
  2. Proofreading jobs freelance
  3. Proofreader from home jobs
  4. Proofreading jobs remote
  5. Online editing jobs

Try as many variations and see what kind of companies come up in the search results.

Apply to as many as possible to maximize the chances of landing a number of jobs.

Most companies are looking for proofreaders to work on tasks remotely.

Proofreading jobs are available all over the world. from the USA to Europe to Asian countries.

Just ensure to throw in your country name in the Google search bar as a combination of other search terms to get companies that are hiring near you.

How to apply for proofreading jobs?

It is easy to apply for proofreading jobs.

Read keenly the job requirements. Apply to the job according to the requirements needed. If they need some portfolio, for example, ensure to indicate what you have done in the past in your application.

Show your academic achievement(certification in proofreading) in your application and include some of the work you have done before as an attachment to the application mail.

Make sure you attach both before editing copy and proofread copy(we are talking about previous work that you have done before )

Make sure your application letter and your resume are on point – Properly proofread. Remember you are applying for a proofreading freelance job. If you fail to impress at the application point, how sure is the hiring manager that you will deliver once given the job?

If you have a blog where you post regularly, provide a link in your resume for the hiring manager to scrutinize your language skills and proofreading capability.

Do not make your application too long. Make it short but try and communicate everything relevant to the job requirements.

People hiring remote workers want nothing less than a perfect person for the job since in-person supervision is impossible. Therefore, put your best foot forward when applying.

If you still doubt your proofreading skills, consider sharpening them by taking up a course.

Click the image below to join Caitlin Pyle course

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