How to Raise Chicken

It is easy to raise chicken in your backyard.

You only need some know-how on raising chicks up to when they mature. And ready to be turned into a delicious meal, or let them stay a little longer so that they can lay eggs for your family.


If they don’t have a mother chicken to look after them, it is up to you to take up its role.

  1. Heating:Use a bulb to heat the room.A 100 watts bulb will do just fine.The only thing you have to do is to readjust the height of the bulb to increase heating or to reduce it.You will know when to adjust as for example,if the chicks are tucked away in a corner,it means the brooder is too hot There are special bulbs too for heating that you can purchase from your local farm equipment supplier.
  2. Food: supply the chicks with fresh food daily. Keep clean water in a waterier. Constantly check the chicks to see into it that they don’t drown into water or get chocked with food.Or if the water is depleted. Feed them a particular type of feed known as “chick starter”. It is specifically made for their dietary needs and may be medicated or not. Medicated feed has a small amount of Amprolium drugs that prevents Coccidiosis
  3. Play Time:Move the chicks outside for them to enjoy sunlight.keep an eye on them though to fend off predators.You could use a chicken run instead.This allows them to exercise,an important aspect for their healthy growth.
  4. Chick Health:Some time their poop may block its exit which might end up killing it.Keep on checking this and wipe them off.
    apply a little Vaseline or vegetable oil to the area. Also ,apple cider vinegar put in their drinking is found to prevent this condition

Why chicken stop laying Eggs

  1. Hen Age-just like humans,animals slow down as they age.Lifespan of chicken is about 8-10 years.As they approach this age ,they start laying less eggs.
  2. Molting-at around the age of 18 months,chicken dedicate most of their energy in development of more feathers .At this time,you will experience less eggs lays than normal.Molting will normally last for a month or two after which eggs laying will resume after they have developed a new set of feathers.
  3. Too much treat-Chicken only need 4 grams of calcium per day.Too much of it will result in diluting of nutrients.Give them
    complete formulated layers feed that gives them every nutrients they need.
  4. Stress- This may greatly affect eggs laying pattern.Forms of stress include:-
    predators, over-crowding, aggressive hens, loud noises, too much heat or cold, poor nutrition and illness.As a farmer,strive to minimize these stress.
  5. Lighting-Chicken need longer lighting for optimum egg laying,16 hours actually.Ensure that your chicken coop is well light for success in laying eggs especially when the days are shorter than the night in winter.

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