Sayona Blender prices in Kenya

Top 6 Sayona Pps Blenders In Kenya

The Sayona brand is well recognized across the country for making solid home appliances. In recent years, Sayona blender prices in Kenya have become somewhat favorable for regular Kenyan households. More families are thereby taking advantage of this by incorporating blenders into their kitchens.

When selecting appliances from Sayona, blender prices in Kenya offer a good starting point if you want to gauge the quality of the product. Expensive items have more features, are robust, and can get a lot of things done.

sayona blender prices in kenya

On the other end, lower Sayona blender prices in Kenya point to a compromise that you’ll have to live with. This may be an inadequate motor or simply poor build quality. Nevertheless, price shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.

Your family’s needs are an important issue and these six top Sayona blenders will satisfy your household. Check them out below.

1.      Sayona SB-3555 High-Quality 4-In-1 Blender/Juicer

Blenders are easily accessible nowadays as Sayona blender prices in Kenya have been dropping every year. There is so much variety to choose from. Households are spoilt for choice given some of the glamorous blenders available. But this Sayona blender 4 in 1 is a simple yet functional appliance.

sayona blender prices in kenya

It is driven by a robust 400W motor that spins stainless steel cutting blades. This pairing effectively cuts up anything you throw inside the blender jug. The heart of this blender doesn’t overheat and ensures that you can keep processing food for longer periods at a time.

Besides the blender, this multipurpose 4-in-1 appliance also ships with a mill for grinding harder ingredients. Additionally, you will get a mincer and a juicer that gives you the immense capability to work with your food.

While it is not the most stylish item on the market, the Sayona blender 4 in 1 is an entirely functional piece of machinery. It has a capable engine driving an equally robust set of steel blades. Your juicing needs will be met once you have this blender sitting pretty on your kitchen counter.


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2.      Sayona 2-In-1 Blender And Smoothie Maker

Blenders are capable of a wide range of tasks besides making juice. With this versatile appliance, you can make smoothies, ice creams, and an assortment of treats with a Sayona pps blender.

sayona blender prices in Kenya

The Sayona 2 in 1 Blender and smoothie maker is a capable appliance fitted with a 300W motor. This engine is guarded against overheating allowing you to blend for extended periods. It is perfect for when you are processing large batches of food because you don’t have to cool down as often.

The pitcher is large enough and holds plenty of fluid. Additionally, the Sayona 2 in 1 blender ships with a smaller jug that you can carry. Simply blend your food and take it to work, school, or the gym.

Moreover, this jug is made of toughened polycarbonate. You will be hard-pressed to find a way to crack it, let alone break the pitcher.

The blender is incredibly easy to clean and you no longer need to worry about making a mess in the kitchen. It also incorporates vacuuming technology when making smoothies guaranteeing you the highest quality product.

As Sayona blender prices in Kenya continue to favor households, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible Sayona pps blender.


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3.      Sayona Heavy Duty SB-4212-P Commercial Blender

Heavy-duty blenders are necessary for any commercial operation. All that power is needed because most businesses will process a lot more food than the regular Kenyan household. Sayona blender prices in Kenya allow families to grab sweet deals like this heavy-duty blender that you can use at home and enjoy the commercial blending experience.

sayona prices in kenya

The Sayona Heavy Duty SB-4212 is one of the best commercial blenders. It has more than enough grunt with a 1500W motor sitting under the jug. Needless to say, this appliance will pulverize anything you throw inside it with ease.

With such immense power, users are afforded a highly versatile machine that does more than making juice. This heavy-duty blender will grind dry ingredients with ease and even crush ice for your smoothies. It has a tamper that you can use to push down ingredients while blending.


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4.      Sayona 350W 3 In 1 Blender

Versatility is a highlight of most blender appliances on sale. These items can make juice, grind dry ingredients and ice cubes and even prepare some simple meals like soups. The Sayona 3 in 1 350W is a capable blender that will handle anything you throw at it.

sayona prices in kenya

It ships with a substantial 350W motor with 4-speed provisioning. This engine drives a trio of stainless steel cutting blades that are adept at blending and grinding most food ingredients found in the regular Kenyan kitchen.

What’s more, the blender’s pitcher is an unbreakable piece. It can withstand regular drops from your kitchen countertop.

The blender has a neat silvery finish on its exterior. Even though the Sayona blender 3 in 1 looks simple, it is a capable appliance that won’t let you down while processing fruits and other food ingredients.


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5.      Sayona SY88 2-In-1

While shopping for a blender, most Kenyans lack a preferred set of requirements they need to satisfy. Typically, shoppers will pick the next blender they find as long as their needs are met. Luckily, the Sayona SY88 2 in 1 will satisfy your home needs in a nifty little package.

sayona prices in Kenya

The blender lacks the usual bells and whistles prominent in other heavy-duty commercial blenders. But it makes up for it with out-and-out functionality. It has a 350W powerhouse driving stainless steel blades.

This corporation ensures precision blending. What’s more, the hefty motor leaves no stone unturned when it comes to pulverizing food bits.

Customers are afforded a 4-speed metering mechanism allowing them to effectively dial in all that power.

Regulating the blender’s power allows you to save valuable energy and effectively deliver the appliance’s power to your food ingredients. Additionally, the 1.5L jug allows you to process enough juice for the entire family.


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6.      Sayona SB-4171 Unbreakable Blender

Any blender worth its salt must be as powerful as it is tough. While you cannot prevent accidents from occurring, having a robust blender should mitigate the extent of the resulting damage.

Sayona is a globally recognized brand specializing in home appliances. Sayona blenders, as such, are top-of-the-range appliances that afford Kenyans a convenient means of food processing.

sayona blender prices in kenya

The Sayona SB-4171 Unbreakable Blender is an ideal appliance for the regular Kenyan home. It has a toughened pitcher that is resistant to breaks. This should prove useful in case of accidental drops while working in the kitchen.

The blender is fitted with stainless steel blending knives that efficiently slice and dice food bits. Moreover, these blades will hardly corrode, are equally strong, and will last quite a while before you have to replace them.

The blender jug can hold up to 1.5L of fluid. It allows you to blend a significant amount of juice at a go; just enough for the large Kenyan family.

Price KES 3,300

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The Takeaway

There is a large selection of appliances to choose from for your kitchen from Sayona hand blenders to heavy-duty commercial examples from Sayona. These top six blenders from the same company represent the best in the business and you cannot go wrong with either appliance sitting neatly on your kitchen countertop.

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