Steps for Making money on Pinterest.

Is it possible to make money on pinterest?

Is pinterest not a platform where you only go to discover things?

Of course yes!

But there is more than just discovering new things,you could earn money too on pinterest.

There are people making over $5000 per month on pinterest alone !

But how………Well,read the following steps to see how you too could start earning from pinterest.

1..Start a Blog

You will have to create a website where you will be writing content you want your readers to read.

To have a blog online will require you to have a domain name and a hosting service where you will be storing your web pages.

Examples of a domain names includes, ,

You get the drift right?

A little advice

When starting,choose a cheaper web hosting service so that you can be able to manage your blog without the stress of huge capital outlay.

We recomend Blue host,they are cheap and have good customer service.You can purchase both the domain and hosting service as well.

Click get started button below to learn more.

2..Write Interesting and helpful information

Do not bore you audience.Write the way you naturally speak.

Do not be too formal.

Be interesting so that you keep the reader engaged and stick on your blog more.

Research widely on the topic you are writting on so that you come up with a well refined content.

This creates authority as the reader will now lable you as someone who know her stuff and should be trusted.

Good informartive content  will make your readers to be comming back more and more to see whats new on your website.

If you are not a good writter or you do not have time to write,you can always hire a writer to do the dirty work.

You can get writters on platforms such as Upwork and

Write as many web pages as possible,interlink your pages a lot.this ensures that you keep your web visitors around long as they click through.

3..Create a Pinterest Account

The next step is to create a pinterest account,yes,the content you view on pinterest has been created by people like you.

Head over to pinterest and signup for a business account.

You can sign up using your facebook account,Its easy this way.

The best thing is to name your account simillar to what you have named your website so that your readers can easily relate the two.This also helps the reader in remembering your blog and pinterest account.

While we are at this,make an effort of researching for a short and memorable domain name and consequently the pinterest account name

Finally,link your website domain with pinterest.

4..Create Topic Specific Boards

Create at least 10 Boards.

Each board should have a unique title which usually signifies the topic that you mostly talk about in your blog.

For example,if your blog is about Dogs,you woul for example have the boards naming done as follow

    • Dog Food
    • Dog Grooming
    • Dog Health Care

What we mean here is that,its not cool to mix up everything into one board.Have everything (Pins)put into its relevant topic board.That way,readers can easily manoeuvre within your account.

Also,dont forget to give a unique  description for each board.And a cover image too.

Lastly,give each board a category on the category section.

5..Drive lots of clicks to your Blog

The most important part in success of pinterest business is the creation and pinning of pins on pinterest.

You dont have to be a very good graphic designer but try your best to create eye catching pins.Beatiful pins attract alot of clisk which is actually your endgoal,you want a lot of click going to your blog from pinterest.

You can use to create your pins.

Just look around in pinterest and see how other people are designing their pins.Make as such or even better pins.

How do I pin?

Usually,pins should be of 600 by 900 pixels in size.

Once you have made your cool Pin,head over to pinterest and click on create pin on top right of your screen.

Upload your pin,Give it a good title and at the next section,write a good description of what your pin is all about in a few words.In the last section,input the url where you would want your readers to land once they click your pin.

You can either choose to pin immediately or at some later date.We find pins do well when you pin them at around 11AM USA time.But this depends on the niche you have choosen.

Last but not the list,you will have to choose the board you want you pin to exist in.Actually,this is the first section on the pinning window.Pinterest usually chooses a board for you but you should always make an effort to change it to fit the topic board for your pin.

6..Monetize your Traffic

Now this is the juicy part.

Pinterest can drive you alot of traffic.This traffic can earn you alot of money as we have mentioned above.

There are many ways you can earn from this traffic which include but not limited to

  • Ads
    • Here you partner with ads networks.They show ads on your website and you get paid an amount for every 1000 page views.
    • Ad networks includes
      • Google ads sense
      • Mediavine
      • Ezoic
      • Media.Net
  • Affiliate Marketing.
    • Depending on your niche,there are very many affiliate products you can promote.Checkout to learn a thing or two on this.
  • Own Products
    • You could sell Ebooks
    • Printables
    • Podcasts
    • Virtual assistant services