Survey Jobs that pay well online

Filling in surveys from research companies is one of the quickest ways to earn bucks online.

Most surveys will pay from $20 to $50 per survey.

Participating in surveys won’t take much of your time. Many of them take between 20 minutes to an hour to accomplish a single survey.

If you have spare time say at the weekend, you could use it to answer survey questions online and earn cash to enjoy.

If you are hardworking enough, you could make enough to settle some of your utility bills.

How about that!

Survey Jobs

But to ensure you continuously earn and you are regularly paid for your efforts and time, you should only work for legitimate companies.

Also, participate in survey companies that appreciate your time by compensating you handsomely.

Many think that survey jobs are a scam. This is because of some stories on the net of how people were never paid after answering a survey set of questions.

Truth be told, there exist scam companies out there, they only gather data without actually giving something back to its participants, or sometimes they pay very little.

However, there are good, legit companies that really pay.

We have prepared a list of some of them below to simplify your journey of earning money online.

But before we begin, what are online surveys and why should I even participate?

Companies all around the globe want to continuously improve their products. They want to keep up with competition and therefore, they seek feedback about their products from clients who use their products.

The data they pick help them analyze what needs to be changed and what needs to be added.

They enlist the services of survey companies to assist them in gathering this data. The survey companies then hire you or at least they reward you for taking part in these surveys.

The big reason to engage in online surveys is the rewards and packs that come with them.

Though you will not become rich by doing surveys, you will at least add some little money to your pocket

Top Legit Survey Sites for you to start working today.

1.Survey Junkie

Among all the survey sites out there, this one tops our list.

First, they pay good money per survey,

This is how it works,

Survey junkie operates on a points award basis. What that means is, you are awarded points whenever you successfully complete a given survey.

Usually, a single survey has between 200-500 points.

You have to accumulate points to earn good money.

The points can then be converted to cash and paid out to your PayPal account

The minimum points payout is 1000 points valued at $10, How cool is that.

Survey junkie does have a good dashboard that is very easy to interact with compared to other survey sites, that is why its the most popular.

Want to join Survey junkey? Click this link.


Swagbucks is another big leader in the survey industry.

You can participate in their surveys both on the site or on their mobile app.

Swagbucks, apart from surveys, there are other easy ways to earn money with their app.

This includes; watching videos, discovering products, surfing the net and many more.

Before you even begin working at Swagbucks they send you $5 on sign up, plus you get to earn whenever you send a referral their way.

The best thing about participating in a survey on Swagbucks is that you can do it anywhere with your phone. Anytime you feel bored or have some extra time, open their app and finish a survey.

You can as well redeem Swagbuck points with gift cards that you could use in SwagBucks appointed Store Merchants.

Want to join Swagbucks? Click this link.

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are voted as among the best well-paying survey companies today. In fact, we recommend trying them out first before any other survey companies


This is another one of the best survey sites on the net today.

How about earning as much as $75 per survey.

Yes, it is possible!

How vindale works are in three ways.

By answering survey queries, Participating in a group discussion or Reviewing products.

The beauty of reviewing products at vindale research is that you get to keep them once the review is over.

Vindale is a host of hundreds of surveys. You will; never lack something to do to earn you money. You just need time and a little bit of extra effort to earn big with vindale.

4.American Consumer Opinion

One unique thing about (ACOP) is that they have short surveys running up to 10 minutes. You could do several of them on your way to work instead of seating back in the car or tram watching traffic roll slowly.

With an active member count of 7000000, you can’t go wrong.

Your data is combined with other peoples opinions and only analyzed as statistics, they don’t reveal individual responses, talk of information privacy.

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5.My Points

Swagbucks operates and owns Mypoints.

So the legitimacy of this company is out of the question.

As the name suggests, they work with a point rewarding based system. Anytime you complete a survey, points are credited to your account.

You can then cash them in,(minimum payout is $10) or get gift cards.

Other ways to earn through my point is by

        • Opening Emails
        • Shopping on Amazon(you get a $10 gift card for purchases above $20)

6.Pinecone Research

One thing about PineCone Research is that they are careful about who they allow to their survey site.

They have a rigorous joining process to ensure they get the correct focus groups into their survey system.

But once you manage to get your foot in, this is among the best survey sites out there.

They have both surveys and product testing opportunities.

They also pay very well, $3 per survey, and you get the first-hand experience of products heading to the market for the first time. That is if you choose to do product reviews.

7.Harris Poll Online.

This is an old boy in the survey industry, it has been around for a while now.

Just like most of the survey sites we have reviewed above, Harriss poll works on a points reward basis.

Points will be cashed in and paid via PayPal or gift cards.

Detect Scam, Check this red flags 🚩🚩

  • Scam sites will ask for a registration fee, if you see this, run for the hills
  • They will ask you to participate in sweepstakes and promise you to win big, Nah!, that will never happen.
  • They spam your email with a new survey every minute.
  • Some may impersonate popular companies or claim to have been subcontracted by a popular company.
  • Others will ask for your sensitive data such as SSN or credit card details.
  • They ask you to pay for a big payment that is about to hit your account.

Now, if any one of these flags pops up, exit the survey site and unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Final Thoughts

Surveys are an easy way to earn income online at home or anywhere. They don’t require much knowledge for you to join.

If you really want to make money doing surveys, consider joining multiple networks to take advantage of different offers and get to choose the ones that pay well.

Most companies get jobs occasionally, meaning, if you join only one, you will stay for a long time without surveys to participate.

Joining several of them will put you at a vantage point of always having something on your table to do.

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