Best blenders in Kenya

The Best Blenders In Kenya

When it’s the fruiting season in Kenya, there is usually a sudden bump in supply and a corresponding price drop. For any household, you can get a lot more fruit at such times of the year.

If you have the best blenders in Kenya, you’ll be sipping on your juice, puree, and assorted treats for a while longer. Before stocking up on affordable fresh produce, a blender is a must-have inside your modern kitchen.


best blenders in kenya
blending coffee in Kenya


Our Top 3 Picks – Best blenders in Kenya

Here are our THREE best picks to serve your needs adequately.
      • Redberry RB-103 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blender- Why do we like it? -Has a robust mechanism and it is steady on your table as you blend your fruits.(We like its color too) Click this link to buy it  on Jumia
      • Philips HR2106 – Blender, Glass Jar, Chopper-1.5L-Why do we like it?-Its whipping mechanism is so powerful to cut everything into minute pieces. It has a 400W Motor for the action. Click this link to buy it on Jumia
      • Sayona 4-In-1 Blender/Juicer/Mincer And Grinder-Why do we like it?- Has got 4 in one capability. Saves you cost on multiple blending machines. It has got a Meat mincer too. Click this link to buy it on Jumia


You can also see other amazing blenders below that you could buy on Jumia today.

The top 10 blenders in Kenya

1.      Binatone BLG-403 – 1.5L Blender

best blenders in kenya

This little-known kitchen appliance brand features some of the best blenders in Kenya. The Binatone BLG-403 stands out from the rest with its strengthened pitcher, adequately powered motor, and robust functionality.

The blender is versatile enough and can grind up coffee berries in a jiffy. A 2speed operation ensures any ingredient going under the stainless steel blades is quickly broken apart.

There is a large 1.5 L jug that allows you to prepare enough juice for the entire family. On top is a nifty interlocking lid that prevents spillages, accidental or not. And all of this sits pretty in an affordable package.

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2.Signature Quality Nutri Blender / Bullet – 900W

best blenders in kenya

Arguably the most powerful juice blender on this list, Signature’s offering allows you to make seamless smoothies and juices just enough for one. One of the best blenders in Kenya, the Nutriblast blender ensures wholesome blending with zero wastage.

The appliance comes with a trio of jars inside which fruit skin, pulp, nuts, leaves, and seeds are broken down without fail.

The blender is driven by a state-of-the-art 900W motor that takes apart anything in its wake. There is an additional chopper included in this blending set for softer ingredients. You do not want to miss out on such power in one of the best blenders in Kenya.

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3.      Philips HR2113 Jug Blender + 2 Mini Choppers – 1.5L

philips blender in kenya

When looking for the best blenders in Kenya, check out its ergonomics in addition to the motor capability and overall functionality. The Philips HR2113 Jug Blender combines a beautiful design with optimum functionality into one of the best juice-making appliances you can find on the market.

It is armed with a sturdy 400W motor that ensures efficient mixing and blending of kitchen ingredients. This motor drives an impeccable set of serrated blades that excels at slicing and dicing, chopping ingredients, and blending.

The engine is driven through multiple speeds allowing you the capability to break down different food ingredients. The design principle features a soft grip on the side of the pitcher to prevent accidental slips after blending.

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 You may also be interested in the best commercial blenders in Kenya,click this link to learn more 



4.      Redberry RB-103 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blender 1.5L


redberry blender in kenya

Redberry is a famous kitchen appliance company that also makes some of the best blenders in Kenya. The Redberry RB-103 Heavy Duty Stainless steel blender is your perfect bet for both home-based food processing and even commercial.

If you want a strong blending machine that will handle anything you throw its way, the RB-109 gets the job done.

It is powered by a 1 HP watts motor coupled with a 4-speed operation. This power is sent through equally heavy-duty razor-edge blades tucked inside stainless steel jars and an ABS pitcher. If you are thinking of breaking down frozen and other tougher ingredients, look no further than the RB-103.

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5.      Philips HR2106 – Blender, Glass Jar, Chopper-1.5L – 400W-White & Beige

phillips juice blenders in kenya

When selecting blenders to buy, the brand ranks highly in your selection criteria. Philips has been in the electronics business for some time and offers one of the best blenders in Kenya.

For starters, the Philips HR2106’s blending mechanism is driven by a vigorous 400 W motor with 2 speed and pulsing capability. This engine of sorts drives steel blades that effectively whip p food particles with ease. Even if you are out to crush ice and dry ingredients, there is a 125 ml chopper to get the job done.

The blender jug is made from soda-lime glass and will serve you a lifetime. Additionally, it has an 85 cm power cord allowing you to set it practically anywhere in your modern kitchen.

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6.      VON 3 In 1 Tabletop Blender

juice blender in kenya

While not the most expensive appliance on this list, the VON 3 in 1 Tabletop blender offers impeccable value for money. It is a recognized brand that deals in a wide range of home gadgets and if you are looking for the best blender in Kenya, VON would be a good place to start.

One of the key components of any blender is its motor. This is the powerhouse and VON equipped a robust engine coupled with stainless steel blades. This matchup ensures that most ingredients in your kitchen can be processed.

Moreover, the blender comes with a miniature cup in addition to the 1.5-liter pitcher for grinding dry food bits.

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7.      Ramtons RM/219-Juice Extractor 450W – White

extractor in kenya

While it is not technically a blender, the Ramtons juice extractor also allows you to make delicious fruit juices when the season has come around.

Ramtons is a world leader in home appliances and assorted gadgets and the Juice extractor features all the tenets to ensure you are left with high-quality juice. The machine is powered by a 450W motor coupled with a stainless steel strainer. Its miniature design ensures that it fits just about anywhere inside your kitchen.

The lid includes an interlocking mechanism to avoid spillages. You can juice anything from fruits and even vegetables and still expect fiber-free juice with the Ramtons Juice extractor.

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8.      Signature 5 In 1 Food Processor /Blender/Juicer/Grinder

juicer grinder in Kenya

For a wholesome food processing experience, versatile food processors are the go-to appliance for both home and commercial usage. The Signature 5-In-1 Food processor has a wide array of functions and rightly ranks as one of the best blenders in Kenya.

It has one of the toughest jars in the industry, a robust polycarbonate pitcher. The stainless steel blades have a six-part arrangement. They are driven by an equally capable 500 W motor that can crush ice, nuts, coffee berries, and other dry ingredients.

Stainless steel ensures that your blender’s cutting mechanism lasts for long. What’s more, they can be detached for easy cleaning.

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9.      Ramtons RM/568- Nutririse Blender 2 In 1- Black & Silver

nutririze blender Kenya

You can never go wrong with a Ramtons kitchen appliance and a blender for that matter. The RM/568 is a mini blender with an impressive 1000 W motor despite its size.

The jars provided are small enough for the blender. They are also transparent so that you can get a front-row view of all the action.

Its power is the major selling point. Also, the Ramtons mini blender is portable and won’t constrict your blending to your kitchen.

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10.  Sayona 4-In-1 Blender/Juicer/Mincer And Grinder – 400W

best sayona blender in kenya

A blender isn’t used exclusively for fruit juicing and boasts a wide array of functionalities. The Sayona 4-In-1 Blender combines up to four different functions for your kitchen appliance. With it, you’ll probably skip out on buying some other appliances.

There is a dedicated grinder on hand to crush any stubborn ingredients. A juicer is also in place to ensure you get the highest quality syrup from your fruits minus the pesky fibers so common with regular blenders.

Besides the mill is a mincer for your meats. Who knew that Sayona allowed you to kill several birds with one stone?

One of the best blenders in Kenya is powered by a vigorous 400 W heavy-duty motor fitted with 3-speed levels and overheat protection.

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Blenders; The Basics

A blender is a machine that turns fruit into juice.

Any simple blender has three essential parts that make food processing possible.

  • Blender jug
  • Blades
  • Motor
  • Pitcher

The pitcher holds in place any ingredients set to be whipped up by your blender. The motor is the powerhouse driving your appliance’s blades. The latter part repeatedly cuts up fruit, food bits and ultimately mixes everything up into thick juice.

But that’s not the only thing these appliances can do. The best blenders in Kenya can grind dry ingredients, crush ice, and mix up ingredients besides making juice.

What else can they do?

The best blender in Kenya is a crucial appliance to have in your kitchen. You’ll be surprised by all the things you can do from simply juicing to crushing ingredients and even warming up other simple foods.

●       Mixing

When you start up your blender, the blades spin quite fast. Besides slicing food bits, they also spin around and mix them up to a uniform consistency.

While the blender isn’t intended solely for mixing ingredients, it comes in handy if you aren’t feeling like working your forearms. Get your cakes, pancake batter, and purees done in seconds with the best blender in Kenya.

●       Making Juices

The commonest means of juicing used by most blenders involves breaking apart fruit chunks into a thick soup-like consistency. Once done, you may add water or skip the process. But if you’re not a fan of fiber bits prominent in the juice that’s been processed this way, a dedicated Juicer is the appliance you need.

●       Crushing & Grinding

A robust blender featuring tough blades and a powerful motor will break down most food ingredients. Thinking of grinding your dry spices? The best blender in Kenya will get the job done. Even frozen ingredients won’t be spared the crushing might of your blender.

●       Slicing and dicing

A blender’s principal operating mechanism involves slicing up food bits. If this is done fast enough, you’ll be left with juice, purees, and soups. Blenders with speed control are perfect if you just want sliced and diced ingredients for your fruit salad.

●       Heating soups

Hardly a common function of any blender but did you know this nifty appliance can heat some simple foods? As the motor is engaged, it produces heat as it spins the steel blades. Fortunately, this heat is adequate to warm soup.


Features to check out on your next blender

Choosing your next blender is not a straightforward affair partly because of the extensive selection to sift through. Also, as many different manufacturers are joining the fray of home appliances, you need to be careful in your selection.

Here are some of the critical features the best blenders in Kenya have

●       Stainless steel blades

No two ways around this because stainless steel is strong and will last you a lifetime, provided the motor doesn’t give in. also, stainless steel hardly rusts, unlike other metals. This is crucial since blenders are used to make food.

●       How powerful is the motor

A powerful motor might be the obvious choice but then again, you need to consider your blender usage.  Strong motors can take down just about any food ingredient. However, they are power-hungry and if not checked, will significantly raise your power bill. Overheating is another issue synonymous with such potent engines. The sweet-spot for the best blenders in Kenya happens to lie between 350W – 500W.

●       Size

Unless you plan to carry your blender around the house, a regular-sized appliance fits the bill. Blenders are simply meant for kitchen tops. Bigger machines offer increased functionality but will take up more space. Additionally, their power requirements will also balloon.

●       Operating mechanism

In the modern age, the best blenders in Kenya are automated. They work at the press of a button, unlike previous manually operated iterations.

●       Versatility

Most of the best blenders in Kenya can do more than just make juice. Versatility is the name of the game and the best feature the flexibility to process different kinds of foods. A dedicated blender means that you will eventually have to get a grinder, a juicer, and a mixer to process your food.

●       Cost

Home blenders can cost anything from KES 1,000 up to KES 10,000. However, cheaper blenders are often made from poor quality material and their motors are frail. A more expensive appliance rarely has any defaults save for power consumption. Also, the higher up you go in blender cost, the longer your appliance will last.

The Takeaway

While the best blenders in Kenya do not come cheap, you don’t necessarily have to splurge a fortune for this kitchen appliance. As with the examples above, you can still get excellent value for money with these notable home appliance brands.

Click here to learn more about blenders in Kenya

Also, take a look at some of the most loved blender brands in Kenya.

Best Blender Brands In Kenya

Blenders are increasingly becoming a prominent feature in numerous homes across the country. It has not been missed on Kenyans the need to make kitchen work convenient. Blenders are versatile appliances and can get a lot done in such a short time.

Regularly, most people will buy the next blender on a supermarket shelf. This is because blender prices are nowadays friendlier than in the past. But buying the wrong appliance could prove costly. That’s why you need to consider the parent brand.

best blender

Top home appliance brands offer the best blender features guaranteeing years of satisfactory usage. Next time you are on the lookout for a blender, keep in mind these best blender brands in Kenya.

Sayona Blenders

top blenders in kenya

As one of the newest brands to grace the local market, you would be hard-pressed to believe they are one of the leading makers of home appliances.

Founded in the early 90s, Sayona has risen to become one of the top blender brands allowing it to compete with global manufacturers. As a result, Sayona has gained significant market share in the Gulf region, Europe and Africa.

When it comes to blenders, Sayona has impressive examples especially if you are in the market for commercial machines. The Sayona Commercial Professional Unbreakable Blender will give your business a mega boost.

It boasts impressive specs aimed at withstanding the daily demands of a commercial kitchen. The professional blender is powered by a robust 2200W motor. This can operate at speeds of up to 4500RPM. For commercial entities handling massive loads, power is essential.

A 2-in-1 stainless steel blade is fitted over this engine and is capable of blending juices, slicing and dicing food, and even grinding tougher ingredients.

Expect longevity with Sayona’s commercial blender. It is practically unbreakable owing to the premium quality materials extensively used in its makeup.

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Ramtons Blenders

ramtons blender in kenya

Another recent entrant into the home appliances sector, Ramtons has proven its mettle among the big players in the market in the last two decades. As with all kitchen appliances, Ramtons envisions innovativeness as well as affordability in its range of appliances.

The Ramtons RM/246 is one perfect example of a perfectly priced blender for the Kenyan household. It is driven by a hefty 700W motor rocking its equally robust stainless steel blade. Such power is adequate for most blender users across the country. You can blend just about any soft ingredients in your kitchen including moderately harder stuff.

The blender operates with a 5-speed configuration inclusive of pulse function. This allows you to meter the power to suit your blending needs.

Ramtons are set on achieving functionality in conjunction with modernity. That is why they fitted a 1.5L jug to go with the blender.

Moreover, the pitcher is made from stainless steel that not only looks the part but ensures your machine’s longevity. Expect nothing less from one of the best blender brands in Kenya.

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Kenwood Blenders

kenwood blenders in Kenya

Kenwood is a global home appliances maker and one of the top blender brands in Kenya. Founded in post-war England by Kenneth Wood, the company’s first appliance was a toaster. Today, they boast a wide range of products ranging from breakfast and kitchen machines and food and drink prepping appliances like blenders.

Kenwood blenders are impeccably designed and solidly built all around. All of the brand’s appliances come with steel blades as standard. Expect several years’ worth of flawless usage.

The Kenwood BLP10.AOWH Blender best represents Kenwood blenders. It has a solid 500W motor driving not only the blender blades but also a mill. The secondary grinder will break apart ice and other tough food ingredients like spices and coffee beans.

The blender is well made with a solid slip-proof bottom. There is a filler cap on its cover that allows you to continuously add ingredients without having to stop the machine.

The pitcher is pretty massive at 1.5L and will hold enough juice for the entire family. What’s more, it graduated on the sides making it easy to watch your portions as you prepare food.

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Lyons Blenders

lyons blender

While considering kitchen work, Lyons is a world leader manufacturing items destined for both commercial and home use.

Stainless steel is an essential component of the gastronomic sector and Lyons has mastered the art of fabricating this critical metal. Couple this with their extensive experience manufacturing high-end kitchen appliances and you have a recipe for success guaranteeing its spot as one of the best blender brands in the region.

The Lyons 5-In-1 Blender and Grinder reflects the company’s prowess in both design and functionality. It is a solid piece of machinery that guarantees energy efficiency as well as thorough food processing. The blender is driven by a 350W powertrain that includes overheat protection.

Fitted with a 3-speed configuration, the Lyons 5-In-1 allows you to tailor your blending. There is a grinding machine shipped with the appliance which you can use to crush a wider range of tough ingredients. If you are looking to make smoothies and need solid ice, this blender will take it apart stress-free.

Lyons, a company famed for its high-quality home and commercial appliances is now in Kenya. Order online and have Jumia deliver your capable and versatile blender to your doorstep.

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Bruhm Blenders

bruhm blender in kenya

Originally based in Germany, Bruhm is one of the best blender brands in Kenya and the world. They boast a vast selection of home appliances from entertainment gadgets like TVs as well as kitchen-specific appliances.

A Bruhm blender like any German machine is solidly built, gets the job done, and will last you quite a while.

The Bruhm BBP – 1535PPG, Blender & Grinder is not the most expensive piece on the market. On the other hand, the specs paint a different picture. Powered by a 350W motor, the Bruhm BBP will process up to 1.5L of juice in its extraordinary pitcher.

You also get a grinder with the Bruhm blender for your dry ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, and spices.

The appliance is well made with an anti-slip rubber at its base. The kitchen space is notoriously slippery and this helps keep your blender secured as you work on processing food.

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Rashnik Blenders

top blender brands in kenya

Rashnik is a recognized home appliance maker in the country and boasts an extensive portfolio that includes blenders, gas stoves, cooking pans, kettles, and other home appliances. Their blenders are affordable, solidly built, and offer extreme value for money.

If you are budget conscious, the Rashnik 2 In One blender is just what you need. It has an adequate motor rated at 350W. This power is channeled through a 4-speed configuration that ensures all your blending needs will be covered with the Rashnik 2-in-1.

With the blender, you will also get a grinder that handles harder materials like dry spices and ice. Steel blades are in place to take down most ingredients found in modern kitchens across the country.

The jug has a safety lock at the top that prevents your juice from spurting out as you blend. Additionally, the bottom is fitted with rubber feet that increase grip levels with your kitchen countertop.

Rashnik blenders do not match the popularity enjoyed by other global brands. Nevertheless, the company offers the best bang for your buck and has earned its spot as one of the top blender brands both locally and regionally.

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1.      What is the best brand of blenders to buy

Kenwood blenders combine global appliance standards with the local market demands. These machines are well designed and built to last. Additionally, examples like the Kenwood BLP10.AOWH Blender is powerful enough to get a lot of kitchen work done.

2.      Which blenders are recommended

Blenders are multipurpose appliances. When shopping for your next piece, get those that include a grinder, juicer, or mincer as an extra component. The Lyons 5-In-1 Blender and Grinder and Sayona Commercial Professional Unbreakable Blender will allow you to kill several birds with one stone in the kitchen.

3.      Where can I get a good blender

As long as you have in mind the best brand to buy, you can get good home appliances online on Jumia. Jumia has a wide inventory of the best blender brands in Kenya. What’s more, the company does home deliveries. This allows you to check out the best blender you can buy, place an order, pay, and wait for your delivery to be made.

4.      What is the best inexpensive blender

Rashnik takes the crown when you are looking for the best deal in town. It is a tough machine that will handle most food processing demands in the modern kitchen. Furthermore, you will get a grinder alongside the appliance enabling you to get a lot more done at a go.

5.      How much should I spend on a blender

Depending on the kind of features you are looking for, you can get the best blender brands in Kenya across different price ranges. A typical inexpensive blender starts at just under KES 2,000 on Jumia’s online store. If you are looking for a commercial purpose machine, be prepared to fork out as much as KES 20,000 for a Sayona heavy-duty blender.





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