The best stand mixers in Kenya

The Top 6 Stand Mixers In Kenya

Over the years, the culinary industry has undergone a great revolution. Along the way, the machines invented gave rise to new possibilities in baking eventually expanding the horizons. The local gastronomic sector has not been left behind and you can grab the best stand mixers in Kenya and realize optimum baking results.

Hand mixers are convenient appliances small enough to allow you the freedom to mix your dough anywhere. But they are small and will take more time to get the job done.

The best stand mixers in Kenya have a significant power boost. And you are going to need every joule to get the perfect dough for baking products.

Stand Mixers Versus Hand Mixers

stand mixers in kenya

The two operate similarly only that the hand mixer is smaller and highly portable. A hand mixer is bigger with a mixing bowl provided. Each one has a mixing paddle attached at the end driven by a motor.

The best stand mixers in Kenya have a significant bump in power over 1000W unlike the minuscule range of 200-250W common in hand mixers.

All that power is essential when combining ingredients especially frozen items. Butter would hardly break apart under the hand mixers paddles. But a stand mixer will easily run through it and combine the same to achieve a uniform consistency.

So, here are the best stand mixers in Kenya you need in your kitchen.

Rebune Stand Mixer

The Rebune brand is an international entity that specializes in kitchen appliances. The globally recognized brand delivers high-quality products to customers worldwide. For the modern Kenyan home, it is a company worth considering especially if you are looking for the best stand mixers in Kenya.

best stand mixers in Kenya

For most mixers, power is a crucial element of the mixing action. The Rebune Stand Mixer is driven by a robust moor rated at 1400W. It is more than enough grunt to get your pastry dough mixed up seamlessly.

The mixing bowl can hold up to seven liters of fluid. It allows you to mix an adequate amount of batter for the entire family. With a capable engine on hand, you can quickly throw in all your ingredients and let the machine do all the work.

The bottom has anti-slip rubber feet to keep things stable during mixing. Additionally, it is a solidly built appliance that will not leak oil into your batter. There is an oil-proof cover on hand to ensure this doesn’t happen.


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Sokany Multi-Pro 5-Speed Stand Mixer

The Sokany Stand Mixer combines the best of two worlds. It has a 2-in-1 architecture combining a hand and stand mixer. You can place the mixer in the stand for more convenience or easily use it independently if you are a more hands-on person.

best stand mixers in Kenya

The mixer is driven by a capable 200W motor. This provides adequate power to combine most ingredients for your pastry products. Additionally, it is equipped with a 5-speed setting that allows you to regulate the speed to match your mixing requirements.

The mixer comes with a 2L capacity bowl that can also hold up to 1kg of dry ingredients. While it is not the biggest in the industry, the bowl is big enough for the regular Kenyan family. What’s more, it is stainless steel and will last you quite a while.

You will also get dough hooks and beaters alongside the mixer’s additional food processing capability. There is a wide range of things you can do with the Sokany stand mixer so order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.


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Ramtons Stand Mixer

Ramtons is not new to the culinary industry. Their extensive catalog of kitchen appliances and litany of rave reviews speak of their successful appliances. The same can be said of the latest Ramtons RM/369 Stainless Steel Stand Mixer.

Powered by a 300W motor, this Ramtons mixer is capable of combining multiple ingredients into pastry batter. It has a 4.3L stainless steel mixing bowl. Whether you have a big family or just running a small cake shop, the Ramtons will help you prepare multiple pastry products.

best stand mixers in Kenya

The mixer features an ergonomic design with a handle that’s nice and comfortable to hold. All the buttons are easily reached on top of the mixer.

The motor combines a 5-speed setting with Turbo for an added boost. This Ramtons mixer ships with dough hooks and beaters that are ready to get the job done.


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Generic Edison Stand Mixer Kitchen Machine

While the best stand mixers in Kenya are tailored to mixing pastry, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of versatility when purchasing a stand mixer. This Generic Edison Stand Mixer affords you a large degree of functionality by combining several other kitchen essentials into one machine.

best stand mixers in Kenya

The mixer has a large capacity stainless steel bowl holding up to 5L of fluid. The engine is robust and will whip everything inside the bowl into one. The 1200W motor will not disappoint you with its 6-speed setting which allows you to vary the power delivery.

With the stand mixer, you will get a balloon whisk, a pair of dough hooks, and a trio of beater whisks – an extensive arsenal for your batter and dough processing needs.

In addition to the stand mixer, the Edison appliance ships with a blender and grinding mill. These two give you incredible value for money. They allow you to have everything in one place and make wholesome cakes and pastry products.


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Moulinex Stand Mixer

While it is not a common feature in most Kenyan homes, Moulinex holds itself well against other top brands across the country.

The Moulinex Stand Mixer has a capable motor rated at 300W with a 5-speed setting. It has a large 3.5L stainless steel mixing bowl with an auto-rotative function. This makes mixing delightful and quite thorough.

You will get whisks and dough hooks that are made from stainless steel. With these, you can get a lot done like whisking egg whites, mixing pastry batter, and even preparing pizza dough.

The mixer is detachable from its stand. You can use it on its own anywhere around your house for added convenience.


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Black & Decker M700-B5 Bowl And Stand Mixer

The Black & Decker Stand Mixer is an attractive appliance that will quickly blend into your kitchen space adding not just its functionality but also improving the overall aesthetics of your home. Get it in white and you’ll thoroughly enjoy meal prep times.

best stand mixers in Kenya

It is driven by an adequate 300W motor with a 5-speed turbo setting. The engine will easily mix up any ingredients you throw inside its bowl. The speed setting available allows you to vary the motor output for efficiency. When needed, you can bump the speed to quickly get your ingredients stirred together.

The large-capacity bowl features geared automatic rotation. This improves its blending capability and you don’t have to mix ingredients in different steps.


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The best stand mixers in Kenya ought to be adequately powered. Motors with power ratings over 1000W should be your first choice. These allow you to take up larger loads of dough. With a bigger mixing bowl of up to 5L, you can mix as much cake batter as you want.

For home use, this power is more than enough. Furthermore, small pastry shops will appreciate the convenience and power offered by such mixers. Since they aren’t handheld, you have the freedom to get a lot of things done as the mixing takes place.

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