Types of blenders and their Prices in Kenya

The 6 Types Of Blenders You Need To Know About In Kenya and their prices

In this post, we intend to educate you on the types of blenders and their prices in Kenya.

Blenders are quickly becoming crucial appliances for the modern Kenyan kitchen. There are a lot of foods you can process with the different types of blenders.

Besides the usual juices, a blender is useful when making waffles or pancake batter, sauces, and soups, and protein shakes. If you have a robust piece of equipment, then you can break down harder stuff like nuts and make some homemade peanut butter.

As the demand for these nifty gadgets soars, the opposite holds for their price. Kenyans now more than ever can consider shopping for the different types of blenders and their prices are quite friendly. But consumers need to know what they are taking home to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Here are our top picks and their prices in Kenya

Here are our TWO best picks to serve your needs adequately.
      • Commercial Heavy-Duty BlendersWhat are their prices? -They are robust and can crunch huge amounts of vegetables. Therefore their prices are slightly higher than those for home use. The prices range of these heavy-duty blenders is between Ksh 6000 to Ksh35000. Some better commercial blenders cost up to 60K Click this link to buy them on Jumia

You can check more types of blenders and their prices by scrolling below.


What Are The Criteria For Classifying Blenders?

Blenders come in several shapes and sizes and are typically classified according to their functionality. While the gadgets boast unmatched versatility, not all blenders are made equal. Buyers need to understand the different types of blenders and their price ranges to know what they are getting into.

The different classes of such gadgets have varied features on power rating, capacity, and speed. A powerful blender uses its potency to handle tough ingredients. Additionally, the added grunt means it can process food for extended periods.

But regular households do not need all that might for their weekly or bi-weekly juicing needs. Therefore, buyers should have in mind their blender requirements.

6 types of blenders and their prices

1.      Commercial Heavy-Duty Blenders

These are the crème of blenders. They are often fitted with the largest motors, the sturdiest jug, and all the fancy speed controls that regular kitchen blenders lack. They are therefore quite demanding of electrical power needed to process enormous amounts of food in commercial kitchens.

Commercial blenders are quite powerful and will handle just about anything you throw at it. Whether it’s ice, dry coffee beans, or spices, any commercial blender worth its name will not fail.

Additionally, they have a sturdy build in part to withstand the powerful motor fitted inside them. You will encounter these money-making gadgets with a motor rated at more than 1000W with some pushing past 1500W.

Understandably, the powerful heavy-duty appliances do not come cheap and might not be the best buy for a regular Kenya household. But for investors, the Signature Heavy Duty Commercial Blender is the perfect purchase.

signature blender price

Signature Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

  • 1500W motor powers this potent commercial appliance
  • Variable speed control lever allows different usage modes for various ingredients depending on their degree of toughness.
  • Long-lasting steel blade that will last your kitchen a lifetime’s worth of usage.
  • Ergonomic design allows quick and easy cable management after use.


The signature brand is recognized both globally and regionally and this machine won’t break down no matter what you throw at it.

Price KES 14,700

Click to View Price on Jumia

2.      Kitchen Countertop Blenders

A kitchen countertop blender is ideal for those looking for a blender’s minimum requirements. They are moderately equipped to handle most food ingredients in a Kenyan kitchen and often lack the bells and whistles prominent in commercial appliances.

A countertop blender doesn’t boast impressive power figures but this also means that you won’t have to fork a huge sum to cover your power bill.

Also, they are affordable but you’ll have to be keen on the brand to avoid poorly built appliances. The Signature 2-in-1 blender will quickly eliminate any blending hitches without breaking a sweat.

types of blenders and prices in kenya

Signature 2-in-1 blender

  • 3-speed with pulse
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Tough polycarbonate pitcher that can hold 1.5L liquid
  • Additional grinder

Signature appliances are reasonably priced for various markets. The 2-in-1 is affordable, has high-quality parts, and is reasonably powered to handle most household food processing needs.

Price KES 2,899

Click to View Price on Jumia

3.      Immersion Blenders

Not all blenders come with a traditional jug for holding your juice. The immersion blenders, also called stick blenders are simply the mixing element of a blender. Only this time the blade is placed at the end of a ‘stick’.

Stick blenders are quite small and delightful to handle. There aren’t many buttons and all of them are placed along the handle for an easy-to-use setup.

An immersion blender will not make your juice as regular kitchen blenders but rather work as a mixer of sorts. They are perfect for soups more so when hot. The extended handle gives you ample room to escape the heat and spurting soup bits.

One of the best immersion blenders you can get locally is the Fashion Mini Handheld Immersion Blender.

hand held type of blender

Fashion Mini Handheld Immersion Blender

  • A potent 800W engine will efficiently combine your ingredients and soups without fail.
  • Stainless steel mixing blades and shaft ensure optimum hygiene while processing your food. Also, stainless steel is long-lasting and you’ll hardly need to replace the components.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with optimum grip levels. This guarantees comfort, safety, and confidence when working on your food

Price KES 2,499

Click to View Price on Jumia

4.      Full-Scale Kitchen Blender

Unlike the straightforward kitchen countertop blender, a full-scale option is designed to get a lot more done. Moreover, it is equipped with secondary attachments to help you with food processing.

A full-scale blender will ship with the blender component, a juicer, a grinder mill and some will even include a mincer for processing meat.

This type of appliance has a potent motor to handle the various demands necessitated by the various secondary attachments. If you are looking for a solution to most of your food processing needs, then the Signature 5-in-1 blender will serve you best.

types of blenders

Signature 5-in-1

  • A capable 500W motor that will comfortably power the blender, juicer, and grinding mill.
  • A truly multipurpose piece of equipment capable of processing food in different ways. It will make juice, smoothies, baby food, crush ice and grind tougher ingredients.
  • Robust appliance with a polycarbonate jug and stainless steel blades. These ensure that it can withstand the demands of processing different types of food ingredients.

Price KES 7,799

Click to View Price on Jumia


5.      Single Serve Blenders

Is the standard 1.5L jug a tad too much for your liking? Do you live alone or are you yet to start a family? If so, there is no need to get a blender with a large pitcher and let all that juice go to waste.

Single-serve blenders, popularly called NutriBullet blenders were designed to process a single serving of juice or other types of drink at a go – just enough for the reclusive bachelor or spinster.

While they do not have a standard size, most manufacturers will ship several jug sizes but nothing as large as a 1.5L jug.

Locally, the Signature Heavy Duty High-Quality Nutri Blender will whip up your Nutri shakes, cocktails, and juices whether single or double served in minutes.

nutri heavy duty blender

Signature heavy-duty high-quality Nutri Blender

  • 900W powerful motor that will get the job done. Whether you are including harder components like ice and nuts, the Nutri blender is up to the task.
  • A trio of exchangeable jugs with different capacities. You can use either container for mixing or drinking.
  • Stainless steel working components. These guarantee superb power delivery from the powerful motor.

Price KES 9,499

Click to View Price on Jumia

6.      Portable Bottle Blenders

Portable blenders envision convenience. They are small devices just like the single-serve types. But the two are a tad different because you cannot take your NutriBullet to the gym, office, or even have it in your car, unlike the portable one.

If you are on the road and would like some fresh juice, this kind of blender makes that possible. Fitness aficionados often require an energy boost after an intense workout session. A portable blender will quickly get that done.

This Portable Blender has adequate features to ensure you don’t miss your energy boost at the gym. Even if you are traveling with a child, you can easily use it to whip up something to eat quickly.

portable blenders in kenya

Portable Blender

  • In-built rechargeable batteries with USB cable attached with every purchase. The stylish blender allows you to give it a power boost at the office, in your car, or even the gym as long as there is a USB outlet.
  • 6 Stainless steel blades clocking 22,000RPM. For such a small appliance, it sure punches well above its weight. It will crush your fruits and veggies and give you incredible smoothies.
  • Easy to take apart the cup and blender bottom. This allows for easy cleaning to ensure no food bits and pieces get stuck and start to rot inside the machine.

Price KES 5,000

Click to View Price on Jumia

Well, there you go, that is our list of types of blenders and their prices. We hope we have assisted you in making an informed decision.

The Takeaway

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to blenders, households should consider their needs. Large capacity blenders are best suited for extended families as there will be much more juice to go around as compared to NutriBullet-type blenders.

Additionally, different blenders have different capabilities. Some are equipped to crush hard food bits while others will fail when exposed to such. Heavy-duty commercial appliances excel at pulverizing tough materials.

Moreover, where there is a greater demand for blended products, you’ll need a tough motor that can take in all the work without breaking down.

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