work from home non phone jobs

I know most of us don’t like to be on phone talking to people trying to convince them of things.

We want jobs that have little interaction with people.

Here we list of work from home non phone jobs.

1..Dropshipping work from home non phone jobs

work from home non phone jobs
Working from Home

Who is a dropshipper?

As a dropshipper,your work will be to sell physical items online.

But where do you get the products?

You can work with manufucturers so that you get items on wholesale and at a lower price.This way,you can be able to add your margin and make profit.

How to sell online

You must have a website.

To be able to sell products,you will have to create an eCommerce website.

But there are ready made platforms that you can use to speed up the process e.g ,Woocommerce,Shopify.

This is one of the best work from home non phone jobs.There is a possibility to earn a profit of over $10,000 per month in profit.

But the very first thing to do is gettting a domain name and a hosting service.

When starting out,you do not need an expensive hosting service.You can always upgrade later when your traffic grows.

We recommend you try out Blue Host. 

They have a good hosting service at only $3/month only.

After buying a domain name,you have to install wordpress software.

WordPress will allow you to add Woocommerce plugin to your website.

Woocommerce is an eCommerce plugin that will help you list products and accept payment.

Start uploading the products and assigning prices.

So,how do you get customers to come to your website?

Two ways

  1. You can run Facebook ads
  2. You can run Google ads

Once you get an order,you supply the products if you already have them at your home or you can order directly from a supplier’s website.

Most dropshippers order products from

When you go to purchase the product on a suppliers website,input the customers address.

All this work can be done at home without using a phone.

2.. Online Surveys work from home non phone jobs

work from home non phone jobs

This a quick way to earn income online.You dont need to make a caal to anywhere,it is another one of those recommended work from home non phone jobs.

You participate in online surveys where you answer questionares about the products you use.

You can make upto $50 per survey just sitting at home.

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2..Amazon FBA

work from home non phone jobs

This is similar to Dropshipping,only that in this one you dont sell on your website,you actually become aa selller on

This is a perfect work from home non phone jobs because you amazon handles all the marketing and shipping for you.

Your only task is to supply amazon warehouse with your products.

So you just work from home checking your amazon FBA account for orders everyday.


work from home non phone jobs

Writting can be done any time.You can work even at night after you have finished working on your chores during the day.

This is a perfect work at home non phone jobs.

However,you must be a good writer so as to get writting gigs.

People hiring want quality writers only,so you must be good at your thing.

Here is a list of websites you can source jobs from and work from how ,no phone involved.

  • TextBroker
  • Scripted
  • Zerys
  • WriteAccess
  • Great Content
  • Crowd Content
  • London Brokers


work from home non phone jobs

Looking for the best non phone work at home? 

Transcription is one of the sought after work at home non phone jobs.

It involves listening to audio files from your computer.All you need is a good headset to lock out external sound so that you can concentrate on your audio files.You also need quick typing speed too.

  • GoTranscript
  • Accutran Global
  • TranscribeMe
  • Scribie
  • Tigerfish


Do you know that you can make $38,000 pa just by doing proof reading jobs.


This is another work at home non phone jobs that can enrich your life.

Your work will be to proof read eBooks to remove grammartical errors before they are released to the public.’

If you love reading,this can be a perfect work at home job for you.

6..Virtual assistant

work from home non phone jobs

You can support businesses and individuals remotely (seated at home) through online means.

Tasks for virtual assistants include:-

  • Business email account management.
  • SEO
  • Content management for websites.
  • Appointment management.
  • Calls answering.
  • Digital Marketing.

You can get virtual assistant jobs from and

7..Start a Blog

You can start a profitable blog that can earn you full monthly income and afford you the life that you yearn for.

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8..Food Delivery jobs  with Door Dash

work from home non phone jobs

Click here to learn how you can make $100 per day by delivering food to customers,you dont need to make or receive any calls,you just use an app to connect with customers.

9.. Dog Sitting

work from home non phone jobs

There are avenues for Dog lovers to earn $50 a day.

Are you a good Dog sitter or walker?

Click here to learn more on dog sitting jobs at home.

10.. Data Entry Jobs

These are the best work at home non phone jobs to try.this is because they are very easy to start and do.

You can get data entry jobs from the following websites.

  • Dion Data
  • ClickWorker
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • The Smart Crowd
  • Working Solutions